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The rainforest!

Dedicated to

The whole school and to all the teachers.

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May 25th 2017

Once upon a time me and my pets were walking in the rain forest. The fox is there. The fox pops out. He chaste us.

Then the fox pops out. And Sofia turned the fox into a koala.  And we played games like tag and hot potato.   

Koala met my pets. Koala liked my pets. Koala played with my pets. While the pets were playing the fox came and scared my pets.

Then Sofia saw that the spell broke and the koala turned into the fox! And the fox chaste us and I turned the fox into a ant.

And then the ant crawled away and we walk in the rain forest. And they lived happily ever after.

About the Author.

Name Sofia El-Chaar

Age 6

What i like to do most is play on I-pads.

My favorite book is little bunny goes to the moon

My best subject at school is math because i like equations

Hobbies playing with my little brother

When i grow up i want to be a ballerina.