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Sociology 4b

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Our Apocalypse 

By: Brett, Gihann, John, Rebecca, And Maurice



Major Features of Postindustrial Society

1. "For the first time, the majority of the labor force are employed in services rather than agriculture or manufacturing."  You can identify this in our country. Look around, You will see a fast food restaurant on almost every corner of Foley. You will also see car dealerships all over the place. Almost every building you see is providing a service.


2." White - Collar employment replaces much blue collar work."  We can identify this by looking at big businesses such as Mcdonalds or Walmart. They are relying on technology in every aspect of their work. Working isn't as hard anymore. 


3. "Technical knowledge is the key organizing feature in postindustrial society."  We can identify this by simply going to a doctors office, for example, and asking to make an appointment. They will immediately start typing ocomputer or some other device. 


4. "Technological change is planned and assessed." We are able to see the future of our inventions. 


5. " Reliance on computer modeling in all areas." We can identify this by simply looking around a classroom. The teacher takes role on a computer, we do work on a computer, and our social life is in our cellphones. 


In today’s world, we rely on technology to a point that we have become dependant on it. Everything from social interaction to ordering food has been digitized. There are even some services that are based entirely on the internet. And during a time of such technological advancements, we were blinded to the fact that society was deteriorating. Because everyone was more worried about when the next vlog would come out, it made it easy for other countries to concoct a plan to bring the United States down. Although many rival countries wanted to make a move, China was the first to do so. WIth our minds and bodies weakened by inactivity, the Chinese government figured that if they took away our internet, our electricity, that we would crumble within a matter of days. Sneaking their way inside our borders as immigrants, Chinese militants posted themselves near large and small powerhouses. Inevitably, they destroyed all of them, and within the next few days, the nation fell apart. Just as they had predicted. This story follows a group of young university students that managed to survive and thrive in this world reverted back to barbaric times. Almost immediately, those who had been planning for this sort of situation banded together and formed “tribes”. Basic rules then were this; if you were in, you were safe. If not, then you more than likely died very early on. Those who weren’t so lucky to be in the tribes, but still survived, were hunted by fellow man and animal alike. The group consisted of John and Gihann, the main hunter and gatherers. Brett, the one who made up strategies for them to use in the wild. Maurice and Adrian kept everyone from falling apart at the seams when times got hard. Rebecca, always kept everyone on task and level headed. In the beginning, they started out like everyone else, scared and clueless as to what to do next. One after another, group after group, the others around them died off. Whether it had been from starvation, dehydration, or even suicide. The six of them came together and eventually, after much talking and planning, they agreed to stick together. And with their ragtag clan put together, they learned to hunt, build housing and defences, and they thrived. Eventually they created their own “tribe” by taking in those in need of a safe place. Now they are one of the strongest and most massive tribes in the wasteland.