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Controlling my Emotions

By Ashley Hembertt

This story is for a preschool age child that has trouble controlling and regulating their emotions. It gives them strategies to use to help themselves when they get mad, sad, or scared. These strategies are examples that may help one child, but not another. Observing the child is the best way to find out which strategies works for them.

I like to be happy.

But sometimes I get mad. 

When I get mad, there are things I can do to help myself calm down.

               I can go to a calm spot.


                                                         I can use a stress toy.

I can stop and breathe while I count to ten.

Sometimes, I get sad.

When I am sad, there are things I can do to help myself cheer up.

  I can hug my special stuffed animal.

                                                                 I can listen to music.

                 I can color a picture. 

Sometimes, I get scared or nervous.

When I am scared or nervous, there are things I can do to help myself calm down.

             I can use a calming bottle.

                                                             I can talk to an adult.

I can keep my special stuffed animal with me.

Doing these things will help me feel happy again!

After using this book, make sure the child knows where and how to access the things in this story. Everything should be easily available to the child. For example, they should know where the calming bottles and stress toys are, they should know how to use the listening center to be able to listen to music, and they should know their special stuffed animal is in their backpack and they can get it if they need it. You could even let them keep a copy of this book so the pictures remind the of the strategies they can use.