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Social Media in the Healthcare


In the future, I would like to attend UW-Oshkosh for Nursing. I have always known that Healthcare is the job field that I would like to join, and I have recently decided that Nursing is the best job for me. I am excited to start that next step in my life and begin caring for others in a hospital setting.


My long term goal is to specialize in Labor and Delivery Nursing. I love being around babies, and working with families would be something that I am very interested in. I would also like to take the time to experience travel nursing. This would allow me to do my job while traveling the world.

Types of Social Media that maybe used in Healthcare

Pandora is beneficial in the workplace because:

  • It can help those with deskjobs stay focused or concentrated as long as it is only used as background music
  • It can be put onto a clean setting so that no explict language is used in songs.
  •  It doesn't cost the company any money and can be streamed to each individual computer so that each employee can listen to their favorite type of music.

Pandora is an internet radio used to stream music to listeners.


Pandora is harmful in the workplace because:

  • It can be distracting to employees. They may waste their time changing channels or finding the perfect song to listen to.
  • If it is not on the approriate setting, explicit content may be heard. If a customer overhears, may cause controversy in the workplace.
  • If a rap station or other innaproriate music station is playing it shows the company hires disrespectful employees.

I think that Pandora is okay to be used by workers in their workplace as long as they use it respectfully. Using it wisely by not playing music to loudly and playing clean, non-explicit content can only make the workplace more comfortable and friendly.

My opinion on Pandora

Twitter is beneficial in the workplace because:

  • Connect to your customers. You can share things that are going on in the company but posting links to the company website or stories written about the company.
  • Twitter can help promote the comany. By tweeting out positive things, it can draw users attentions.
  • It can also be used to find things about the company. If someone tweets that they are upset about a situation that happened employees can take to twitter in attempt to help solve the problem.

Twitter is a social networking website that allows users to send and read "tweets" that are at a maximum, 140 characters.

Twitter is harmful in the workplace because:

  • It can be distracting and addictive. You may spend the time that you are supposed to be working, on twitter instead.
  • Working in healthcare, you have to be very aware of what you post on social media. HIPPA laws are very strict and if you say anything about a patient you could be faced with a lawsuit.
  • If you say something innapropriate online, it an employer may find it, and it could come back to you

I do not think that it is okay for twitter to be used by individuals while at work. I think that it is okay if a company has a person or a team of people that run the companies twitter account. This way, the company can talk with customers over social media to learn how to better themselves.

My opinion on Twitter

LinkedIn is a buisness oriented social networking app and website. 

LinkedIn is beneficial in the workplace because:

  • Helps individuals find connections to buisness professionals.
  • If a person is working in Human Resources (HR) and are looking to hire someone, using their LinkedIn accound could be a good way to find a good match for the position.
  • Helps to stay incontact with clients or other necessary buisness connections.

LinkedIn is harmful in the workplace because:

  • Just because you know someones job title and name doesn't mean that they are a good hire or you really know them.
  • LinkedIn is not like facebook. It is not used to meet friends or post things about family, it is strictly used for buisness only.
  • If you are friends with co-workers or bosses on LinkedIn they may see or think that you are looking for a job if you are consistantly updating your profile.

I think that LinkedIn can be a great networking tool. Although, I don't think that it is necessary to be used at work. It can become distracting and if you consistantly update your profile, it could cost you your job.

My opinion on Linked In

My overall opinion on social media in healthcare

Overall, I think that social media is not necessary in healthcare. Although it can be useful to help you find a job, it is not necessary to be on it once you recive one. The only exception would be internet radio. Playing clean, friendly music can only make the workplace more inviting.