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Social Impact Report 2021

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2021IMPACT REPORTIntoductionI'm delighted to present our 2021 Impact Report forThe Shoebox Enterprises CIC (formerly Pop Up Enterprises CIC). The last year has been a period of substantial change and growth for our social enterprise. We have responded creatively to the challenges posed by the pandemic and transformed our small community cafe (formerly KindaKafe) into The Shoebox - a thriving community hub. I'm very proud of what our dedicated team of staff and volunteers have achieved in a relatively short space of time. The Shoebox offers a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment to meet new people, support each other and take part in a growing range of peer support groups and community activities. We have also expanded our traded activities, which support the operations of The Shoebox, and grown our small visitor attraction into a 7 day operation. We offer a range of popular experiences including Norwich's Hidden Street Tours, where customers can discover more about our city's rich history and explore the remains of the historic ‘hidden street’ below The Shoebox, as well as our thrilling escape game Secrets of the Tunnels. We've continued our partnership working with Better Together Norfolk and Norwich Together and launched a new partnership with Norwich City Council. This has seen us expand into other communities in Norwich by recruiting Community Connectors working in Mancroft and Mile Cross, with more planned for other areas!We have an exciting new vision to lead the way in creating inspiring, supportive and entrepreneurial solutions to build resilient communities and empower local people to make their mark on the world. We look forward to working with you in 2022 and the years to come to make this a reality!Thank you to everyone who supported our projects and activities throughout the year. A special thanks to Willow Farrell, General Manager for helping to prepare this fantastic report. I hope you enjoy reading it! Tom Gaskin, CEO, The Shoebox Enterprises CICThe Shoebox Enterprises is a registered Community Interest Company (Registration Number: 09911767) in England and Wales. Registered office address: 21-23 Castle Meadow, Norwich, NR1 3DH 01603 850309

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DigitalDigitalDigitalSupportSupportSupport100%100%100%80%80%80%60%60%60%4s o c i a l e n t e r p r i s e w o r k s h o p s u p p l i e r s66w o r k s h o p p l a c e s f i l l e d b y c o m m u n i t y m e m b e r s & v o l u n t e e r s2021IMPACT SUMMARYPeer Support Workshops7w o r k s h o p s1452p e e r s u p p o r t l e a r n i n g h o u r sKEEPSAKEKEEPSAKEcopies of keepsake given to members of the community1000+including425copies posted to people's homes during lockdowncommunity created articles & features70+volunteers on keepsake creation team63000+volunteer peer support hours1800+member visits375group meetings & events76%76%of members said their feelings of loneliness have improved because The Shoebox97%97%of members said they would recommend The Shoebox Community Hub to others

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Keepsake Community MagazineIn February the very first issue of Keepsake was released! Keepsake, our community magazine, features a collection of thoughts, inspiration and creativity from The Shoebox community including over 70 articles and features created by volunteers. Keepsake helped people to connect and keep in touch whilst we were unable to meet in person during lockdown. More than 1000 copies of Keepsake have been given to members of our community including 425 copies posted to people's homes during lockdowns.Thank you to DCMS and Aviva Community Fund for supporting this project. "I feel like no matter how small my contribution to the creation of the magazine, I am helping to make someone smile."- Nicole, Keepsake Creation Team volunteerThe Shoebox Community Hub launchWe started May with a busy few days getting the venue ready to officially launch The Shoebox Community Hub with a team of our amazing volunteers! We expanded our range of community groups and activities and launched our membership scheme.Throughout 2021 we hosted over 30 different community groups and activities, taking place over 375 individual meet ups and events. Our amazing community have given over 3000 hours of volunteer peer support across 1800 member visits."The Shoebox has been really helpful in giving me a safe place to go and helping with my wellbeing and feeling included in the community. The groups have been so helpful."- Shoebox Member2021IMPACT REPORTJanuary 2021Peer Support WorkshopsJanuary saw the launch of our programme of 7 workshops giving volunteers and community group leaders and members all the skills and information to start their own peer support group. We partnered with 4 local social enterprises and had 66 workshop places filled meaning a total of 1452 peer support learning hours were completed. Thanks to Aviva Community Fund for supporting this initiative!February 2021May 2021When asked, 67% of our members said that coming to The Shoebox has improved their feelings of loneliness. 97% said they would recommend The Shoebox to others.

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Thank You DaySunday 4th July saw our first big event since the pandemic began, a day thanking over 30 people who helped our communities get through challenging times by offering free tickets to The Shoebox Experiences Hidden Street Tour and a delicious packed lunch from the Baking for Wellbeing group. "Seeing people turn up not knowing what to expect, and then leaving with a big smile on their faces was very rewarding."- Shaun, Shoebox volunteer SUPPORTED BYDigital Drop InIn August we launched our Digital Drop In group in partnership with Voluntary Norfolk! During 2021, 80% of learners achieved their goal in theirfirst session, 60% improved their digital skills and 100% of learners felt they benefitted from the help the volunteers gave! FUSE Norwich LaunchTo celebrate the launch of FUSE Norwich we welcomed social enterprise leaders and supporters to The Shoebox as part of a city-wide tour of Norwich's thriving social enterprises.2021IMPACT REPORTAugust 2021Community ConnectorsIn December our team of Community Connectors was founded! Our first four connectors joined The Shoebox Team in a project funded by Norwich City Council."I applied to become a Community Connector because I am a people person and I wanted to get out and about and meet other people!"- Claire, Community ConnectorNovember 2021July 2021

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2021COMMUNITY GROUPCASE STUDYBaking for WellbeingThe Baking for Wellbeing group brings people together to improve wellbeing and build community while learning a new skill. Led by Mark Ahier, the sessions are for all abilities from complete novices to the more experienced to bake together in a fun and inclusive environment."I have a strong interest in mental health, having had episodes of anxiety and depression throughout my adult life. I’ve had lots of support over the years and have learnt a lot about myself and how to manage my mental health. One of the things that helps me is baking!"- Mark Ahier, Baking for Wellbeing facilitatorMeet MarkSince its launch in the summer of 2021, Baking for Wellbeing has provided over 230 hours of baking support. Over 22 sessions the bakers have learnt to bake 12 different recipes, developed a range of transferable skills and grown their confidence in the kitchen and beyond! They have baked thousands of delicious biscuits, flapjacks, cakes and more to share with friends, family and our community!"The Baking for Wellbeing group has shown me that I canbake! It has raised my confidence in baking and life ingeneral. Thank you to Mark and his lovely helpers!"- Shaun Upchurch, Baking for Wellbeing participantHear from our bakers2021 has been a busy year..."The thing I have liked the most is learning with everyone and going at a slower speed if I need to for my mental health or dyspraxia."- Alex Murray, Baking for Wellbeing participant"The thing I have enjoyed most about Baking for Wellbeing is trying new food, especially when we get to make it!"- Anonymous, Baking for Wellbeing participant

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2021SHOEBOX MEMBERSCASE STUDYWords from our members"This has always been such a welcoming place to come, thank you!""The Shoebox has been really helpful in giving me a safe place to go and helping with my wellbeing and feeling included in the community. The groups have been so helpful.""Really lovely team of people and would recommend to anyone experiencing loneliness or mental health problems. Wonderful place and community. It is now my happy place and I feel more confident since coming here.""I always feel safe and supported at the Shoebox."Nicole's journeyNicole first came to The Shoebox to attend the Bridges Creative Writing Group after finding it advertised online a few years ago. When Nicole first attended the group, she struggled with being comfortable when out of the house without the support of family or friends but decided to give the group a go.The Bridges Creative Writing Group has created a low pressure environment with opportunities to write, share writing and improve on these without judgement.“This group has improved my confidence so much. I am less afraid of others' thoughts or judgements and it has taught me to just do things I enjoy whether I am good at it or not! All that matters is that I get to try something new.”Nicole has since begun volunteering with us at The Shoebox as well as attending and facilitating other groups here!“This is the only place outside of my home that I felt safe and coming here has allowed me to try new things and expand my world.”