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The Cabin by the Road

By: Razan Elsadi and Samantha Mincey

Ava and Hunter are very excited, today is a big day. They’re going to a Christmas party at their grandmas house. So they zipped up their jacket, put on their boots, and left the house.

“Buckle your seatbelts,” mom said and off they went to grandmas. As they were driving, the kids were planning what they will do at the party. Ava wanted to bake cookies and Hunter wanted to build a snowman, but most of all the children wanted to meet santa.

As they were driving, hunter noticed that it started to snow. “Hopefully it doesn't snow too hard.” dad commented. Right after he said that the snow fell like a running faucet. “I don’t think we can keep going,” mom said. “ we should stop now.” Dad agreed.

The kids started to pout because they weren’t able to go to the Christmas party. As they watched the snow fall they saw a cabin in the distance. “Look mom there’s a cabin!” exclaimed the kids.

Mom suggested that they should go see if they can stay in the cabin. As they opened the car door, snow danced and fell into the car. “Mom it’s like -100 degrees out here,” Ava complained. 

They walked through a tight trail with too many tupelo trees. As they came up to the house the children began to get excited. The house was decorated with lights, snowmen, bells, and a fake santa sleigh. Knock Knock knock. Then the door opened

Standing next to the door was a little man with pointy shoes and a santa hat.  “ you look like an elf.” the kids pointed out. “That's because I am,” chuckled the elf.

“ can we come in?” The family asked. "ofcourse" the elf replied with a smile on his face. Ava and Hunter followed the elf into the house, they were very excitd to meet a real elf.

The family was so surprised when they walked into the cabin. The cabin  was filled with tiny elves making and wrapping toys!

As the children walked around the cabin they walked into a small room. Inside the room was santa!

Then Santa looked up from his papers and asked the kids what they were doing in the secret cabin. Ava replied, “We were on our way to our grandmas party but it started to snow too hard. So we found this cabin and knocked on the door to see if we could stay in here till the snow dies down.”

Santa then said, “im very busy, I need some help.” The kids offered to help him. So they loaded up the sleigh. There were millions and millions of presents going to kids all around the world! 

It was almost midnight, its time for santa to leave. Santa then asked, “Do you guys need a ride?”  ava and hunter's parents agreed to let them go on the sleigh.  They jumped with joy, because were going on Santa’s sleigh. Their smiles stretched from ear to ear.  

The children soared across the sky in santa's sleigh.“Look Hunter there is our house!” yelled Ava. Santa then yelled over all of the bells to the kids, “Then I guess this is your stop!”

Santa dropped the children off at their house, and he flew off with a “ ho, ho, ho and a merry christmas.”

Even though Ava and Hunter missed grandma’s party, they went to sleep dreaming about their amazing day.