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How the Sneetches Ate Christmas

It was three nights before Christmas Eve. All through a perfect town not even a pet peeve.


The three little sneetches were out and about. With very big bellies and very long snouts.


One red, one green, one blue, all not knowing what to do. They wanted to cause trouble and make the ground rumble.


By Hamid Khan and Derek Bowles





They left their cave ontop of the mountain, passed sodapop


fountain, and went to the town of zuckerberg. Coming through the town stumbling and tumbling.


Making the people and houses shiver with fear. The sneetches were very near.



The town's christmas tree got closer and closer.


The sneetches became more and more excited. Each one got more delighted.


They went up to the tree staring at it.


Admiring every single last bit. But they all knew it had to go.




They started to climb it in the winter snow.


Finally they reached the top and “crunch” “crunch” they all munched


down the golden star atop.


All of them were happy with glee.


At the top of the christmas tree.


The sneetches were like a dog being let free.


With the sight of an hawk they started to gawk.

That night they were so hungry they can


eat a whale.


A sudden sound came from their stomach as


if there were a lion roaring inside them.

“Gobble” “Gobble” The sneetches ate all of


the christmas decorations.


Trying to satisfy all their stomachs.


They sat on their buttucks, eating away


the christmas tree.


They finished eating the tree but, were


still all too much hungry.


They looked and looked but nowhere to


be seen was anymore food, ready to be eaten.

The sneetches walked out of town with


overeaten bellies.


They went to their cave and decided to


behave, they went to bed and started


snoring as heavy as lead.


The next morning, on the second day


before Christmas Eve, the sneetches woke


up one by one.There bellies were empty,


and they were sure they could eat a ton.


Time flew by and they only


got hungrier.Their bellies


went from a mumble to a




Until, the night had arrived.


They thrived at the thought of being


allowed to eat. The sneetches were ready


for a very big feast. They munched and


munched until all their hunger was done.


The decorations had danced along on


their tongue.


The next morning the town had noticed a



frightful fear. Something that made them


all go “oh dear!”


The town had noticed that all of the


decorations and even the star was gone.


No clues, no evidence, not even a hair.

The only evidence they found


was big footprint to that can


only be from a bear.


The people of Zuckerberg could not do


anything but stare.


As the sneetches woke up, in their cave, one kid had caught their glare. He had yelled, “look up there!” The whole town of Zuckerberg had looked up at the sneetches’ cave.


They had all started to rave it. It had such a commotion that a few of the people went up to explore.


The town had wanted to know more. The sneetches were very surprised, no one had ever dared to come inside.


They tripped and slipped


scared of what would


happen. But once the people


had come in, all they said


was, “hello”. To the




amazement there was no


hostility. For they never


thought there was such a



They replied, “hello” in a


kindly tone. “Why do you live


up here?”, asked the people.



The sneetches replied,


“because of your fear”.


“We fear you because you


destroyed our town” spoke


the town folks.



The sneetches have now all


put on a frown. The red, blue,


and green sneetches all said,


“ We feel bad and now we are




The sneetches felt bad so




went to all of the stores of


Zuckerberg and bought all of


the christmas decorations


that they could buy. They only


had three dollars and seven


cents so they couldn't buy




The sneetches had about an


ornament  with the three


sneetches on it. The town


was disappointed in them.


So the sneetches came up


with and idea.


They waited till the town went


quiet. Then they began. The three


sneetches made decorations with


the supplies they had.


In the morning the town came to a great


surprise. One that would knock their


socks off, it was better than ever. The


whole tree was decorated with beautiful


lights and ornaments