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– Jalapeno Cheddar Venison Sausage –Smoke HausJerky • Snack Sticks • Sausage

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– Sausage –1666 BuckshotBualoSausage$16Peppered lean buffalo meat mixed with pork for an award winning sausage! 9 oz.1665 CajunHoneyBBQGatorSausage$16The best BBQ Cajun gator and pork sausage you’ll ever taste! 9 oz.1664 JalapeñoCheddarVenisonSausage$16Venison mixed with pork, jalapeños and cheddar cheese for a delicious snack! 9 oz.1671 HickoryBeefSausage$16Our hard wood, hickory smoked sausage with special cuts of beef and pork. 9 oz.1667 CherryMapleElkSausage$16Elk and pork mixed with spices, maple and cherry flavors for an amazing snack! 9 oz.– Sna Ss –1650 HickoryBeefSticks$16Smoked over hickory chips, this delicious beef and pork stick is great for snacking! 7 oz.1652 CajunHoneyBBQGatorSticks$16Gator and pork done up in a special Louisiana-style seasoning. 7 oz.1660 JalapeñoCheddarVenisonSticks$16Venison and pork mixed in a special blend of spices for this amazing snack! 7 oz.1655 CherryMapleElkSticks$16Lean cuts of elk and a special selection of pork, maple and cherry flavor! 7 oz.– Jerky –2360 CherryMapleTurkeyJerky$16Tender cuts of turkey, with a maple cherry flavor makes this our #1 selling jerky! 3 oz.2301 OriginalBeefJerky$16The tender smoked beef in our blend of original spices is the perfect snack! 3 oz.2311 TeriyakiBeefJerky$16Our smoked teriyaki flavored jerky uses only the best cuts of beef! 3 oz.1666165023601665

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Hickory BeefSnack SticksCajun Honey BBQ GatorSnack SticksCherry Maple ElkSnack SticksJalapeño Cheddar VenisonSnack SticksJalapeño Cheddar VenisonSausageCajun Honey BBQ GatorSausageBuckshot BuffaloSausageCherry MapleElkSausageHickory BeefSausageOriginal Smoked Beef Teriyaki SmokedBeefCherry Maple Smoked TurkeySELLER’S NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________SELLER’S PHONE: ___________________________________________________________________________GROUP/SCHOOL NAME: ______________________________________________________________________TEACHER NAME: _______________________________________________________ GRADE: ___________EAGLE FUND RAISING • (800) 776-6989 NAME PHONETotal of Each Order$ enter total quantities for each item below the item number.SALES ADVICE:1. Identify yourself, your group and give the reason why you are doing a fund raiser.2. Ask family and friends for their help and support by ordering items from you.3. Please remember SAFETY. NO DOOR TO DOOR selling except with adult supervision.ank you  Suppng our Fundraiser! #1650 #1652 #1655 #1660 #1664 #1665 #1666 #1667 #1671 #2301 #2311 #2360 #1650 #1652 #1655 #1660 #1664 #1665 #1666 #1667 #1671 #2301 #2311 #2360Sausage $16Jerky $16Snack Sticks $16