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The Smitty Werbenmen

Deltapolis was founded by an advanced nomadic culture of natives called the Tubbys. They found the rich fertile land on the river delta and used the techniques that they had developed to produce more food at their camps for when they got back to them. With this fertile land they were able to produce a surplus of food and quickly settled down and started developing a flourishing trade city which had a very keen interest in the way that the world worked and did not easily buy into the idea of the deities which could not be seen. Because of this the nation was not slowed down as far as the progression of the arts and science. Once they were well established their already formidable army would begin to conquer the surrounding area and claiming it, establishing colonies along the way and becoming an empire comparable to Rome in that the regions were allowed to keep their own culture and system of government, as long as a small tax was paid to fuel the progression of the state. This allowed everyone to have their full civil rights and all of the political freedoms they wanted. One culture within this new empire was very primitive and at points would have food shortages despite the integration of the technology from the empire. This lead to many food raids which would sometimes become violent. The deaths which were caused by this in the city of Windbley lead to the perceived culture and stereotype of the entire nation even though this was not condoned and quickly put to a stop. This made the surrounding nations think that the entire nation was cannibals for some reason. The nation nevertheless continued to grow and develop advancing all kinds of new and helpful technology. The economy flourished using the iron and coal present to fuel the infrastructure. This infrastructure made it possible to trade with everyone on the continents of Narnia and RonPaulLand. This made the economy even more consumer based and right into the last stage of Rostow’s Modernization Model. With this it is also a core country because of the high standard of living and political freedom. The nation in this development used a well structured socialist government to work on projects which would benefit all of the residents of the nation. The many ethnicities became more united because of the open and accepting culture of Tubby Town. This unity made the nation-state very productive and effective at solving complex issues and threats. One of these was the military alliance in the region. The government proposed a defencive position on the problem and imposed a defence tax and a mandatory military training for all citizens to make the country that could unite and defend. The other thing that the tax went into was digging into the mountains and making it incredibly defendable in a crisis. The already well established public transportation system made it very easy to get most everyone to the mountain bunker entirely in underground tunnels to keep them safe and un detected. This became the new urban model (called the Underground Utopia Model which is kind of like multiple district model but completely different, this is because it was designed in a FAKE WORLD) for the time period although above ground cities did still exist and promoted because of the problem Tubby Towns enemies finding and exploiting these strongholds. The rest of it went into counter strike weapons in space where they could not be destroyed and where they could be easily positioned over major cities and army encampments. This was easy to do because it did not have to be launched due to the already fully completed and heavily defended space elevator. This elevator also helped greatly in the exploration of the solar system and the colonization and claiming of much of the natural resources in space along with the land necessary for a planetary expansion. All energy in the war bunkers would be highly abundant and sustainable due to the fact that it was nuclear and the strong holds were heavily stockpiled. Each and every bunker would be self sustainable and defendable. The repercussions of this are obvious in that the landscape must be altered in some way to pathe the way for development and that is exactly what happened. The development of the infrastructure did destroy many things but technology for power and for many other things are inherently green with radiation scrubbers and carbon emission reduction and prevention at a high priority. This radiation scrubbing tech was also implemented at the bunkers to allow for the emersion of people after a last resort attack with possible nukes in play. History catches up here where there is a war between Tubby town and the other alliance. The winner is not at all yet decided and will probably go to Tubby Town because of the great foresight and planning done by the Tubby Townian government.


The Proud History of Tubby Town