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of 0 - SMART Goals Template © Copyright Dutch Renaissance Press LLC
• Is this a worthwhile goal?
• Is this the right time?
• Do I have the necessary resources to
accomplish this goal?
• Is this goal in line with my long term
• How long will it take to accomplish this goal?
• When is the completion of this goal due?
• When am I going to work on this goal?
• What do I want to accomplish?
• Why do I want to accomplish this?
• What are the requirements?
• What are the constraints?
• How will I measure my progress?
• How will I know when the goal is
• How can the goal be accomplished?
• What are the logical steps I should take?

-Weekly group learning centers/small groups that will progress to daily learning centers/small groups. 

-My goal will be accomplished with I am able to offer students a learning center/small group lesson each day. 

-Meet the diverse needs of my math students to provide all students with the best math education. 

-Incorporate standards-based small group lessons into the daily curriculum

-Constraints:  meeting the needs of the different students in the class.  53 students will all different learning styles, academic levels, and disabilities.  


-Using resources from the internet, co-workers, class curriculum, books, texts to create a variety of small group activities and learning centers.  

-Small group activities and learning centers should be based on the concepts being taught in the current Engage NY module. 

-This is a year long school goal

-End date is 5/15/17 with targets (# of group activities per week) of Sept: 1x per week, Nov:  2x per week, Jan:  3x per week, March:  4x per week, May:  5x per week.  

-I will re-evaluate my growth measurements every 2 months.  

-Small group activities and learning centers are an important concept that is taught to teachers in PDP training.  Creating activities that meet the needs of the different learning styles of the students in the classroom is an important teaching practice. 

-I will combine this goal with my student based goal of mastery of (x) facts by incorporating a weekly (x) based center activity with the class.