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Plot Your
Fall 2015 Vol. 1
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Aviation Gifts
Auxiliary Tank
Travel Mug
Life Is Better Hat Some Landings
Shot Glass
$ 7.47$12.95 $ 5.25 Aviation Clock/Desk
Pen Set - Altimeter
Classic Instrument
Coaster Set
Coca-Cola Aviatrix
Tin Sign
$ 7.47$16.95 $ 5.25
The Life is Better hat has the
phrase Life is Better When you Fly
silk-screened on it with the image
of a biplane embroidered on it. It
is burgundy and black with yellow
accents and a velcro closure on
the back.
The proper fuel is crucial - for
plane and pilot! ASA’s new
double-wall insulated 16 oz
ceramic cup proves to be just the
right tool (at least for the pilot!).
The mug features the same
emblem that is on ASA’s standard
logbook as well as checkboxes to
properly ‘label’ your fuel!
Some Landings are Better than
Others silk-screened on this clear
shot glass with the image of a
biplane that has had a little more
than a rough time landing.
*Please drink responsibly.
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This Coaster set is made up
four aircraft instrument faces.
Any pilot will enjoy the great
conversations that will arise when
these coasters come out! Each
coaster measures 3.25 inches and
is a rounded square.
This Altimeter Desk Set includes a
clock that looks like an altimeter
and a spot to store a pen
(included) on a solid piece of
plastic that matches the clock and
gives it a sleek, professional look,
perfect for the oce.
This tin sign has the iconic Coca-
Cola Aviatrix image on a mint
green background and the Coca-
Cola logo. It is 12.5 inches by 16
inches and has a small hole in
each corner for hanging.
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Flight Tools
ASA Fixed PlotterASA CX-2 Pathnder
Flight Computer
ASA Color E6-B
Flight Computer
$ 6.44$67.46 $ 25.16 ASA Flight Timer Icom IC-A24 (VOR)$35.73 $ 349.99
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The ASA CX-2 calculates air and
ground speed, altitudes, head
and cross winds, and much more
on it’s large LCD screen. It has
16 unit conversions, including
nautical and statute miles and 2
timers and an internal clock. The
CX-2 requires 4 AAA batteries and
comes with a 5-year warranty.
The ASA Fixed Plotter is
constructed of sturdy clear plastic
and has easy-to-read numbers
and scales. It includes WAC,
Sectional, and Terminal Area
scales as well as a quick scale
reference is provided for both
statute and nautical miles.
The ASA Color E6-B is best slide-
rule-style ight computer on the
market, now enhanced with color
(red and blue) for even easier
readability. It is made with a
solid aluminum construction and
features all the information pilots
need and the performance they
have relied on for decades.
The ASA Flight Timer was
designed to be reliable and easy-
to-use. It has a large, east-to-read,
backlit LCD screen , Multi-function
clock, 3 timer options, and much
more. The stopwatch function
shows to the 1/100th second digit
and there are multiple ways to
mount the timer.
The IC-A24 (VOR) oers simple
operation through a backlit
screen and easy to read keys.
It has a dedicated 121.5MHz
emergency key and is water
resistant. Your IC-A24 (VOR)
comes with a belt clip, wall
charger, antenna, battery pack,
and headset adapter.
Improved Fuel Checker $14.95
The Improved Fuel Checker is
made of heavy butyrate plastic
and works on both conventional
and ush type fuel drains. It
includes a reversible screwdriver
on the tip, removable handle,
magnier to better observe
contamination, and strong metal
drain actuator pin.
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Kneeboards iPad Accessories
iPro Air Commander
iPad Air Kneeboard
iPro Aviator iPad
Mini Kneeboard
RAM iPad Window
Locking Suction Cup Mount
(3.69” arm option shown)
$ 79.95$79.95 $ 61.59
The iPro Aviator/M Kneeboard
was designed to support the
use of your Apple iPad Mini
in ight. It is made of aircraft
grade aluminum with an internal
foam padding for durability and
protection. The Aviator/M also
comes with a clipboard, notepad,
and lifetime guarantee.
The iPro Air Commander iPad Air
Kneeboard features rubber foam
internal padding in an aircraft
grade aluminum case. It has a
ip-over writing space and a
foldout kickstand for desktop use.
It was engineered for rugged use
and proudly made in the USA.
RAM oers several dierent
options to t all of your needs. At
SkySupplyUSA, we carry cradles
for your iPad (all editions), iPad
Mini, or Phone/GPS, as well as
various arms and mounting
options. Also available as a dash
mount and yoke clip. Price varies
by option selected.
Flyboys Black F-16
Viper Kneeboard
This black F-16 kneeboard is one
of the most compact kneeboards
available. It has seven eyelets,
several pen slots, a small pocket,
and a clipboard to provide a
sturdy surface. It has been
combat tested in Afghanistan and
Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is
also available in blue and green.
ASA Trifold
VFR Kneeboard
The ASA Trifold VFR Kneeboard
provides plenty of room for
papers, small books and more on
its left panel and a map pocket on
the right. The center panel holds
a VFR kneeboard and a pen on
either side. It is black with a silver
logo and has a velcro one-size-
ts-most leg band.
Jeppesen IFR 3-Ring
Trifold Kneeboard
Jeppesen’s IFR 3-Ring Trifold
Kneeboard includes an aluminum
clipboard with valuable IFR ight
information printed on it. It also
features three approach chart
pockets, three collapsible and
removable rings sewn into the
reinforced spine, and an elastic
holder for a pen or penlight.
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Jeppesen Professional
Pilot Logbook
ASA Standard Pilot
Log - Black
ASA Standard UAS
Operator Log - Gray
$ 25.11$7.78 $ 9.60
Like the ASA Standard Pilot Log
featured above, SkySupplyUSA
carries a full line of logbooks from
the industry leaders of Gleim,
ASA, and Jeppesen. Price varies
by logbook depending on brand
and color. The ASA Standard Pilot
Log (shown above) is available in
Black, Pink, Navy, and Burgundy.
SkySupplyUSA oers both
Jeppesen’s and ASA’s Professional
Logbooks. These are great for
airline pilots or those who y
frequently, as they have room for
more entries than a standard log.
Pilots are not the only ones
who need a logbook! From UAS
Operators to Flight Crew and
even Aircrafts, logbooks are a
necessity and SkySupplyUSA
carries them all! All specialized
logbooks were released by ASA
and meet their high standards of
ASA Standard Pilot
Master Log (not shown)
$ 16.18
FAA AeroNAV Charts
IFR Terminal
VFR Sectional Charts Airport-Facility
Directories (A/FD)
$ 4.50$7.50 $ 4.25
We stock the full line of VFR
Sectional Charts issued by the
FAA, as well as all of the VFR
Terminal Area Charts (shown in
purple above). At SkySupplyUSA,
we oer the ability to buy the
current edition of a chart, the
next edition, or subscribe to
receive charts when they renew.
SkySupplyUSA sells all of the IFR
Terminal Procedures in a variety
of options. You can order each
chart in bound or unbound and
with the option of current edition,
next edition, or subscribe. We
oer all of the books individually
or as a set of all books. Change
Notices also available.
We oer the Airport-Facility
Directories individually or as a
set for the entire United States.
These are released every 56 days,
so to stay current SkySupplyUSA
oers you the ability to subscribe!
You can also order the current
editions or the next editions on
all charts, including A/FDs.
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Test Preparation Aids
ASA Practical Test
Standards: Instrument Rating
ASA Practical Guide to
the Private Pilot Checkride
ASA Oral Exam Guide:
$ 3.58$13.16 $ 7.78
This book uses plain language
to clarify what you need to know
and be able to demonstrate for
the oral part of your checkride.
It combines what you learned
from your textbook with
elements from the PTS to help
you understand the practical
application of various knowledge.
ASA oers a full line of Practical
Test Standards (PTS) to help you
study for the oral part of your
FAA Practical Test (Checkride).
All of ASA’s reprints of the FAA
Practical Test Standards come in
handy cockpit-sized books and
detail the skills and knowledge
you need to master for your test.
All ASA Oral Exam Guides provide
you with common questions and
answers that you may face in
your checkride. These will help
you study and feel prepared
the day of your test. There is an
edition to cover each rating (see
site for details) and all come in a
convenient cockpit size.
2016 Products
Prepare for your
FAA Written Test
with ASA and Gleim!
There’s a product for
every test and an option
that will t your needs.
Explore all of the options
today at SkySupplyUSA!
ASA 2016 FAR/AIM $ 11.84ASA 2016 Private
Test Prep Bundle
$ 39.56
The ASA 2016 FAR/AIM covers
all of the new updates as well
as all of the current information
including the standard FAR parts,
the complete AIM, TSA rules, the
Pilot’s Bill of Rights and the new
“HR 5900” public law aecting
ATP training and certication.
The ASA 2016 Test Prep Bundles
include a physical copy of the Test
Prep Book and a download code
for the test prepware, as well as
practice tests and a copy of the
testing supplement you will use
for your written test. Book and
Prepware also sold individually
for each level of testing.
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Training Kits
Jeppesen Private
Pilot Kit (Part 141)
ASA Student Pilot Kit Gleim Instrument
Pilot Kit
$ 288.85$71.96 $ 121.85
The ASA Student Pilot Kit provides
you with everything you need
to work towards your rating,
including The Complete Private
Pilot, The Complete Private Pilot
Syllabus, a student ight record,
logbook, ight computer, plotter
and more. For complete details,
visit today!
Jeppesen’s Private Pilot Kit for
Part 141 training comes with
everything you need for your
private pilot training. Some of the
included materials include your
books, ight computer, plotter,
and logbook. For more details,
see Also
available for Part 61 training.
The Gleim Instrument Pilot Kit
includes all of your training needs
for instrument pilot training. You
will also receive a complimentary
ight bag and hat in addition to
your textbooks (including Aviation
Weather and Weather Services)
and online test prep and optional
online ground school.
Flight Bags
Flight Outtters’
Thrust Flight Bag
ASA AirClassics
Dispatch Bag
Jeppesen Black
Captain Bag
$ 79.95$43.16 $ 102.45
The ASA AirClassics Dispatch Bag
was designed for the pilot on
the go. It is lightweight and small
enough to easily t in the cockpit
and is super durable. It features a
contrasting blue interior to make
nding things a breeze, It easily
ts a tablet, headset, logbook and
a few personal items.
Flight Outtters’ Thrust Bag is
modeled as a sling backpack,
including a padded shoulder
strap, and has contrast orange
lining. The unique shape allows
for lots of storage without taking
up a lot of space. It has space for
a laptop or ipad, a headset, and
other necessary ight tools.
This duel bag-style ight
bag features two removable
headset bags and a removable
transceiver/GPS bag. It can hold
up to 6 Jeppesen 2 inch binders
and can comfortably t a 13 inch
laptop. It is fully padded and has
a PVC coating for added water
resistance and durability.
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Randolph Engineering Sunglasses
AF51614 $169.00
Randolph Engineering Sunglasses
are one of the most popular
sunglasses among pilots
everywhere. They are proudly
made in the USA and contracted
by the US Military as their Frame
of Choice where they are entering
their fourth consecutive ve year
term. Randolph Engineering
Sunglasses come with a lifetime
manufacturer’s defect warranty
on all of their frames. Their
lens are made of mineral glass -
making them extremely scratch
resistant. They protect from
98-100% of harmful ultraviolet
rays and help improve viewing
conditions. They are ground and
chemically tempered for extra
impact resistance and durability.
Randolph Engineering Sunglasses
oers a wide variety of styles and
color of glasses, but their most
popular pair is the Aviator (shown
above). When ordering your
Aviators, you have the choice of
ve dierent frame colors, 3 lens
sizes, and several dierent lens
variations including standard
mineral glass, polarized, and ash
mirror. Some variations will lead
to price increases. Below are
dierent options you can add on
to the standard pair.
Flash Mirror
American Opticals Serengeti
American Optical Sunglasses,
Original Pilot, Gold, 52mm
$67.00 Serengeti 6826 Medium Aviator
Sunglasses, Henna/Drivers Gradient
$ 140.00
American Optical Eyewear earned its reputation
for outstanding optics when they were the supplier
for the U.S. military. They have rugged, sturdy
structure and high quality nishing of the steel
alloy frame coupled with distortion free, toughened
and polished True Color® grey glass lens.
American Optical Sunglasses all come with a 1-year
manufacturer’s defect warranty.
Light changes all the time, continuously exposing
your eyes to lighting conditions that strain and
fatigue them. Serengeti Sunglasses oer the
ultimate protection. The unseen science behind
them is the most advanced in the history of
eyewear. Superior technology has been integrated
into lenses and frames that provide exceptional
protection and durability.
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Helicopter Training
ASA Helicopter KitH10-13H FARO G2 Helicopter
PNR Headset
$ 107.96$317.46 $ 199.99
The David Clark H10-13H oers a
certied noise reduction rating of
23dB and their ex boom M-7A
noise-canceling microphone. It
includes a low-prole volume
control, molded cord assembly,
and 5-year guarantee. It is FAA
TSO approved and exceeds RTCA/
DO-214 Standards.
This one-stop-shop combines
everything you need to work
towards obtaining your helicopter
license. The ASA Helicopter
Kit includes the Oral Exam
Guide, Practical Test Standards,
Textbooks, Plotter, Logbook, and
Flight computer.
The FARO G2 Helicopter PNR
Headset provides top-notch
comfort with precision audio
to bring you a headset
that surpasses many of its’
competitors in terms of weight,
noise reduction, and durability -
now backed with a 3-Year
Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Aviation Headsets
General Aviation Headset
with Free Bag
$ 349.99$107.96 $95.95
ASA’s HS-1A combines advanced
technology, maximum comfort,
and high-quality components
to make a great, inexpensive
headset. ASA is so condent
in the quality, it is guaranteed
against defects in materials and
workmanship for the life of the
original owner.
Some of the key features of this
headset include, a super-soft
head cushion, a noise canceling
electret microphone, premium
leather ear seals, and a volume
control for each ear. It has
29dB of active noise reduction
provided by the headset and
23dB provided by the seals.
Weighing in at only 13.4 oz, the
AC200 oers a light weight,
passive noise reduction option
that won’t break the bank. It
comes with Ultra-lite Neodymium
speakers and an M-65 microphone
with active ltering chip. You also
receive a free headset bag and a full,
ve-year factory warranty.
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David Clark
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H10-13.4H10-30 DC PRO X$ 299.70$ 248.64 $ 695.00
The H10-30 is one of David Clark’s
most economical headsets.
It features an M-1 dynamic
microphone and 24 dB of noise
reduction. It has a hinged wire
boom, molded cord assembly,
and undercut comfort gel seals.
It includes a 5-year guarantee
and is FAA TSO certied.
This popular model has 23dB
of noise reduction and comes
with undercut gel seals, a double
foam headpad, and ex boom.
It has a M-7A microphone and
molded cord assembly. It has a
5-year guarantee and is FAA TSO
certied. Also available with a
stereo option, search H10-13S.
The new David Clark DC PRO-X
oers superior technology,
comfort and performance
in a new supra-aural design.
It is the best in class hybrid
electronic noise cancellation and
Bluetooth® wireless technology.
It is TSO approved. David Clark
also oers a passive version.
Lightspeed Bose
Lightspeed Zulu PFX GA Headset $1,175.00 Bose® A20® Aviation Headset
with Bluetooth® Technology
$ 1,095.95
Lightspeed’s newest masterpiece! It provides
a unique personal ying experience by actively
conforming to your ears, preferences and
environment. By using cutting edge technology,
world class engineers and superior customer
knowledge this premium Lightspeed PFX headset
has leapfrogged the competition. If you want
to best premium headset available this is it. It
comes with Streaming Quiet™ technology, acoustic
response mapping, and FlightLink compatibility.
The Bose® A20® Aviation Headset is engineered
to be more comfortable and provide more noise
reduction than any headset we’ve ever made,
while still delivering the acclaimed clear audio you
expect from Bose. In addition, it has a Bluetooth®
communications interface, an auxiliary audio input
and priority switching. It meets or exceeds all TSO
standards and comes with optional exible power
circuitry that switches seamlessly from aircraft
power to battery. No other headset oers this
advanced combination of features and benets.
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The B7 is one of the most popular bags in the Flex
System. It is the new variation of the original B10. With
this new Flex System, you can create several smaller
bags without having to purchase other components. The
interior of each section is large enough to carry a 13”
laptop, 2 headsets, plus other items. There are several
other options available to customize your bag and make
it exactly what you
need. There are 7
precongured bags
(including the new echo
bags, which include
a new water bottle
pocket) comprised of
a variety of dierent
parts including 5 end
caps, 6 center sections,
and 5 pockets. You can
also build your own bag
by combining the parts
that suit you best!
B7 $218.00
406 Frank Farone Dr.
New Castle, PA 16101
Brightline Bags
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