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Dominique Skillen

Miss Armstrong

ELA 2 3rd period 

Denmark's traditions are rarely like our traditions they celebrate Christmas, and Easter they eat almost every time they have a special occasion and usually even at a funeral or birthday parties. but when there are no occasions then they either eat at a private home or at a family's house.

Denmark's traditions


the danish people rarely went to the Synagogue and if you don't know the synagogue is a place for Jewish people to worship the lord and have some time to come together and meet new families.


the danish food isn't slightly like ours they have a lot of different stuff like cod and goose but they also have some similar foods like pork and corn etc.


Danish people speak a Germanic language and has many different translators' for the purpose of tourists Journalists and Interviewers.

they have many different cultures for explorers to find and get money from.