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S is for The Statue of Liberty

A New York City Alphabet Book

by Khushi Goel

Arthur Avenue is a historical street made in the 1800’s, named after Chester A. Arthur, the 21st president of the United States It is the main street in an Italian community. Being in one of the most famous Italian communities in the City, makes people think it was named after an Italian figure. The truth is, the previous landowner of the avenue was an admirer of Arthur. In the late 1800’s, when people started building on the land, the landowner asked for it to be named after Chester A. Arthur.



A is for Arthur Avenue 

It’s in “Little Italy”

It is the Main Street 

There are many stores

With foods that are delicious to eat

People usually think that the Broadway theaters are all on Broadway. Even though the district is called Broadway, only 4 out of the 40 theaters are on Broadway. The theaters are placed all around the City. For example, the Ambassador Theater is at 219 West 49th Street. Some are on 6th Avenue and West 41st street.

Broadway shows have thrived for very long. Some shows, like The Phantom of the Opera, has been performed more than 11,000 times. The show Chicago has been performed over 7,500 times. Grossing more than 1 million dollars, The Lion King has become one of the most famous Broadway musicals. Fantastic Broadway musicals have been around for more than 100 years.



B is for Broadway

There are 40 theaters

With 500 seats or more

And no row “I”

With many stage doors

Central Park is so huge, it is bigger than some cities. It is 3.5 square miles(843 acres of land). It is larger than Vatican City. Not only is it bigger than cities, it is 5 times larger than the City state of Monaco. Amazing and huge Central Park brings awe to many people.



C is for Central Park

It is called home by a few

With greenery here and there

It’s bigger than some cities

And known almost everywhere

There have been many stories about ghosts in this famous building.  When John Lennon lived there he was shot by a crazed fan. Later his wife, Yoko Ono said that she saw Lennon’s ghost sitting at his piano. Another ghost sighting was when someone saw a “crying lady ghost”. In this building, there have been many other ghost sightings. Some say this is because it is so old and many people have lived in it.



D is for The Dakota

It’s an exclusive building

That’s historical and pretty

There's never any vacancies

And it’s famous in New York City

Despite the fact that the Empire State Building is one of the world's tallest building, it was built in record time. Only taking 12 months to make, the Empire State Building is an architectural masterpiece The design of the building took 9 more months. Being such a large scale project, it took 3,400 men everyday to build. Though it was so quick it did come with a price, at least 5 men died during construction.



New York’s most Iconic Building 

stands 1,250 feet high

4 million visitors visit each year 

And it almost touches the sky

E is for The Empire State Building

Ferries have a very interesting history. They were used as gunships in the Civil War. Tiny ships like the Ferries were very helpful when trying to get through small spaces.  Additionally, when a prison got overpopulated, they had to move prisoners to a Ferry. In the past there were things you could do that are not available today, for example you could park your car on the Ferry itself.  



F is for Ferry

It’s bright, bright orange,

Millions of people go on it each year

It was used for many things

It travels on water that is clear

The idea for Grand Central actually came from an accident. In 1902, a train crashed into another train, killing 15 passengers. This happened because the drivers were actually blinded by noxious clouds. The crash of these trains resulted in steam engines being banned. After this devastating incident, Grand Central was formed for only electric powered trains.



G is for Grand Central

It has 44 platforms

And 67 tracks

With many trains

That go there and back

The Hudson river got its name from the famous explorer, Henry Hudson. In 1609, Henry Hudson and his crew sailed into the river on the Half Moon. He was looking for a waterway that would take him all the way to the Pacific from the Atlantic. Slowly passing Manhattan, the crew traveled over 150 miles on the river. When they did not find the Pacific, they had to turn back. It was said that because of his failures, Hudson's crew left him in Hudson Bay in a small boat and left him there.



It is 315 feet long

It flows past the City

It is very famous

And it is really pretty

H is for Hudson River

The Intrepid Museum is a military and Maritime Museum. It has has a variety of ships and aircrafts. One of which is the Growler, a submarine that once carried a nuclear missile. The Museum now exhibits the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The museum also contained the USS Edison, but it has been transported.



I is for Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

It is a Museum in the City

It used to have one ship

But now it has many

And it is good for a trip

With music and dancing, the winter jazz fest is very exciting. Every year people gather for the Winter Jazzfest. You can hear songs from more than 150 artists. There are so many artists playing it goes on for 8 days in a row. It happens in Le Poisson Rouge.



In the City there is music

As people gather for Jazz 

It’s in the Winter

As artists show their Pizzazz

J is for Jazzfest

Keens Steakhouse is famous in New York City. It has a 4.5-star rating. Signature mutton chops and steak makes this steakhouse famous. Though it is a great place, it is probably above your budget. Some dishes are even more than $100.



K is for Keens Steakhouse

It's in the city

In 36 st. and 72 west

Though the food is costly

Some say it is the best

Liberty Island is known best to house the Statue Of Liberty, but there are many other attractions. After you see the statue, you can go to the museum on the other side of the island. If you are hungry, people like to go to the Liberty Crown Cafe. Fascinating Garden Sculptures are everywhere in the Sculpture Garden. Spectacular views of the city can be seen on the observation deck. 



L is for Liberty Island

With many tourist attractions

It is well known

It houses the statue of liberty

Which is clearly shown

There were actually 3 gardens before the current one. Northeast of Madison Square is where the first 2 stadiums used to be. Madison Square is on 23rd street. The third was opened on 8th Avenue between 49th and 50th st. The current one was opened in 1968. It is located between 7th and 8th avenue. 



It is named after James Madison

There are many games

Because it is an arena

It stands out like flames  

M is for Madison Square Garden

Covering over 200 acres, the Botanical Garden is one of the largest gardens in the world and has over a million different types of plants.  The twin white oaks are a beautiful and ancient pair of white oaks. They also have a tulip tree. Their sweet birch is their major tree in the Forest. They also have Sassafras, American elms, and many other trees.



N is for New York Botanical Garden

It is a lovely place 

With lots of trees

It’s 250 acres big

With many bees

One of the main things the world trade center is known for is the 9/11 attacks. At 8:46 on September 11, 2001, A hijacked plane crashed into the one world trade center. If fell after burning for 102 minutes. The hijackers attacked the second world trade center. They used another hijacked plane to attack the Pentagon.



It is a world trade center

There are 7 of them

It has been attacked

And it is as beautiful as a gem

O is for One World Trade Center

 This Cathedral used to be a college in a Jesuit community. In 1853, John Hughes claimed that he was going to build a cathedral.  This was built to replace the college. It was designed by James Renwick. He made it a Gothic Revival Style Cathedral. It was completed in 1858.



It is a landmark in the City

It started being built in 1853

It’s in midtown Manhattan

If anyone says it isn’t amazing, I disagree

P is for St. Patrick's Cathedral

Queens was established in 1683. At first, it was the 12 counties of New York. At the time Queens included what is now Nassau County. It was named after Princess Catherine, who was the queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Queens is the biggest out of all the 5 boroughs. 



Q is for Queens

It’s a borough in the City

With many things to do

It has 2 million people

And tennis tournaments, too

Rockefeller Center has many attractions. One of the most famous attractions in the center is the ice skating rink. There is also an observation deck with a 360-degree view of the City. They also have a tour of the Center. It is guided by a historian who will teach you about the history of the center.  



R is for Rockefeller Center

It has 19 buildings

It was made by Raymond Hood

It covers 22 acres

If you want to go there, you should

The Statue of liberty was built by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. It was a present from the country of France after America won the Revolutionary War. It took tons of workers to build. They needed to work for ten hours every day for 9 whole years. It was finally finished in 1884.   



There are many Statues of Liberties

But only one touches the sky

That’s the One in the City

Which is 305 feet high

S is for The Statue of Liberty

Shops are one of the many attractions Times Square has. There is a Disney store where you can by all sort of souvenirs. There are many chocolate stores. One of the most famous ones is the M&M’s world. Another one is the Hershey’s chocolate world.



T is for Times Square

It has many billboards
It is very fun
It’s where the ball drops
With lots of excitement when it’s done

Since the underground park, Lowline, has many plants, there needs to be natural sunlight. To do this they have created an innovative way to actually capture the sunlight. First, they have created a device that gathers all the sunlight. It is then turned into something like a fluid. Then it will go through a series of pipes. Finally, it will be let out underground so the trees can grow.



It’s in Botanical Gardens
It’s the first underground park
It has lots of greenery
They use sunlight so it isn’t dark

U is for Underground Park

Diego Velázquez is a Spanish painter. Some of his paintings are featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of these paintings is a portrait of Juan de Pareja, a Spanish painter who was taught by Velázquez. Another one of these paintings is a portrait of a man. Some other places where you can see his artwork is at the Wellington Museum in New Zealand.

Diego Velázquez is a Spanish painter. Some of his paintings are featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of these paintings is a portrait of Juan de Pareja, a Spanish painter who was taught by Velázquez. Another one of these paintings is a portrait of a man. Some other places where you can see his artwork is at the Wellington Museum in New Zealand.



V is for Diego Velázquez

He is a Spanish painter

Born in 1599

He has paintings all around the world 

And they really shine

Washington Park has been many things in the past. It used to be a marsh near a Native American village. In 1797, it was used for public executions. It became a public park in 1827. One year before this is was a parade ground for George Washington's military.



There are many events

In this 9.75 acre park

And  many statues 

It is dominated by a famous ark

W is for Washington Park

Xavier was founded by Father John Larkin. He was a Professor in a college that later became Fordham University. Xavier was founded in 1847 but was chartered in 1861. It taught boys from ages 8-21. It later had military training in 1886.  



It is only for boys

Its mascot is the knight

When it comes to sports

They put up a fight 

X is for Xavier High School

New York gets its name from the Duke of York. This happened when the English took control of New York( previously called New Amsterdam) from the Dutch. At the time, King James II was the Duke of York. It is a title of nobility. The title is given to the second son of the British Monarchs.



The title has been created 8 times
It’s where NY gets its name from
He even has a nursery rhyme
And he rules a dukedom

Y is for The Duke of York

Making it one of the largest zoos in the world, The Bronx Zoo has more than 600 animal. The zoo is divided into different sections. In the African Plains, there are lions, African wild dogs, and zebras. In the Baboon reserve, there are many animals other than the baboon,like the Rock Hyrax. Snowy owls, Bald eagles, and King Vultures can be located in the Birds of Prey section.



Z is for the Bronx Zoo

It is 265 Acre
It is a grand Zoo
With many animals
And no one says Boo


1. It cost 1 million dollars to get a license to become a city cab driver.

2. Toilet paper was invented in NYC.

3. Before World War ll everyone who wanted to move apartments had to move on May 1st.

4. In the City, a man mines for gold in the gutters and makes $600 a day.

5. Hog Island was never to be seen again after the hurricane of 1893.

6. Albert Einstein's eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in the City.

7. It can cost over $289,000 for a one-year hot dog stand permit in Central Park.

8. The 5 boroughs of NYC have so many attractions, that they could be there own city 

9. 15,152 forms of life have been found in the New York Subway system (these include insects and bacteria)

10. Except for emergencies, honking your car is illegal 

1. What was used to store prisoners when a prison got overpopulated?


2. Who founded Xavier High School?


3.  Who was Arthur Avenue named after?


4. How many Madison Square Gardens were there?


5. When was Xavier High School founded?


6. Who built The Statue of Liberty?


7. How large is Botanical Garden?


8. Where did Hudson's crew leave him?



9. How many living organisms were on subways?


10. About how many animals are in the Bronx Zoo?


11. How much money does the man who mines for gold earn in a day?


12.  How many Broadway theaters are there?


Answer Key

1.Ferry, 2. Father John Larkin, 3 Chester A. Arthur, 4. 3 gardens, 5. 1847, 6. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, 7. 250 acres, 8. Hudson Bay, 9. 15,152 10. 600 animals 11. $600, 12. 40 theaters