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S is for Statue of Liberty

By: Elie Kleidman

A New York City Alphabet Book

In 1869, Albert Smith Bickmore proposed to build a history museum. With support from William E. Dodge, Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Choate, and J. Pierpont Morgan, they got the governor of NY to construct this museum by signing Act of Incorporation. In that same year, John David Wolfe became the president. Then, in 1871, some of the museum's exhibits were allowed to be viewed for the first time in Central Park Arsenal. This museum also has a five-story-high Barosaurus (a type of dinosaur) and is now the highest freestanding dinosaur display! Now, this museum is the biggest history museum in the USA!


is for American Museum of Natural History

Some people come to learn,  

Some people come to see,    

But what it’s really about,      

Is American History!

Believe it or not, but this theater had a different name when it was first constructed in 1750. It was called the B.S. Moss’s Colony Theater and made for Benjamin S. Moss. Back then, there was only one Broadway theater located on Broadway street. They first opened the theater in 1829 and put their first show on in 1866. Their first show was The Black Crook. Now, Broadway has 9 theaters, 5 houses, and currently is performing 30 shows. Also, most theaters can seat up to 1761 people! This theater is now the most popular theater in NY!


is for Broadway

People come from near and far,

Just to see a show.

And when the music starts,

You won’t want to go!

This colossal park is home to many species of animals and plants. For example, they have over 230 different types of birds like the mallard, the green heron, the red-headed woodpecker, northern waterthrush, hooded merganser, wood duck and lots more. If you want to find out more about these birds, come to the central park zoo. This zoo opened in 1864 and has 7 exhibits and over 53 different animals! Also, this park has over 19,993 different kinds of plants and trees such as, the eastern redbud tree, Acer Campestre hedge maple, magnolia tree, okame cherry tree, Acer saccharinum silver maple, red maple tree, weeping cherry tree and tons more. And, if all you want to see is plants, come to the Shakespeare or conservatory gardens. They hold over 27 different plants, flowers and so much more!


is for central park     

In Manhattan,

There is a very big park,

There is a bunch of animals,

And a ton of bark.

This place specializes in kosher cookie dough of all shapes and sizes. They serve it in a cup like ice cream and they have over 20 unique and exciting flavors like confetti, brownie batter, fluffernutter and lots more. This place isn’t allergy friendly but has choices that are vegan, gluten-free, and nut free so everyone can enjoy!  If you don’t like just plain cookie dough, they have other options as well like cakes and cookies that can be shipped right to your door from just about anywhere! This cookie dough can last up to three weeks as long as it is refrigerated. The cookie dough is made with pasteurized eggs which is why it is safe to eat and really delicious!


is for DŌ

Cookie dough is a really great treat,

But this cookie dough is hard to beat.

It comes in all shapes and sizes,

And the dough is safe to eat!

This building was constructed during the race to establish the world’s tallest building in 1930. It was modeled after the 22 story Reynolds Building which was built the year before. It took 3400 workers to complete the 102 story skyscraper which took one year and 45 days to build and was finished in 1931. The skyscraper is made out of 200,000 feet of Indiana limestone and is 1454 feet tall. This was the tallest building in 1930 and it was so big that it even got its own zip code!


E is for Empire State Building

From up high,

You can see,

5 different states,

Surrounding NYC!

This building was originally built as the headquarters of the Fuller Construction Company. They named it the Fuller building but because of the unusual triangular plot, the locals gave it a nickname “The Flatiron Building”. Now, the official name is the Flatiron Building. This building is a steel framed skyscraper that is currently owned by the Sorgente Group. It took less than a year to build and is currently used for printing.


F is for Flat Iron Building

If you want to be amazed,

Come see this skinny sight.

It only has three sides,

But 22 flights!

 The celestial ceiling is located in the main terminal in grand central. This ceiling was painted in 1603 by Johann Bayer. It is a mural of all of the constellations and it was made before grand central even opened. After grand central opened, they realized that the pictures were backward, the east was actually the west and the west was the east. In 1924, the roof leaked making the picture all dirty and made the blue background have patches of black, green, and white. They started to repair it in 1944 and finished in 1945 revealing a brand new mural. Now, the portrait is brand new and in amazing shape.


G is for Grand Central

Come to grand central,

For a quick ride.

The train is hiding underground,

And is found on the east side.

This park was built by James Corner Field Operations. The park was inspired by a tree-lined walkway in Paris. This park opened in 2009 and was finished in 2014. It was built on the west side of Manhattan on a former New York spur. This park is located 2.33 km above Gansevoort Street to West 34th Street and is 1.45 miles long. Now, NYC owns it and a group of people called “Friends of the Highline” help take care of it. 


is for Highline

Come to this amazing park,

It’s 30 feet high.

There are many things to do and see,

So come give it a try!

Washington Irving had many jobs but he was mainly a American short story writer. He wrote a lot of books but they weren’t very long. He was also an essayist, biographer, and a historian. As he got older, he wrote many books. Some of his most famous books were, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, The Devil, and Kidd the Pirate. Even though these books were written a long time ago, they are still read today. His most famous book that is still read today is Rip Van Winkle.


I is for Irving

This man was really smart,

He wrote a lot of books.

The stories weren’t long,

But didn’t get any bad looks.

Jean Georges is a French eatery located in Trump’s international hotel and tower. It was opened in 1997 and has a great view Central Park. Also, it has ceiling to floor windows. It was named after Jean-Georges Vongerichten who is a chef and cookbook writer (he has 5 cookbooks). He was trained with the best chefs in France and has 10 restaurants around the world. The food was so good that it got four stars only three months after it opened!


is for Jean Georges

Come to NYC,

To find this French eatery.

In it you will find,

A ton of scenery.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was born on April 16, 1947. His birth name was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. He changed his name in 1973 to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In high school, he won 71 games for his team and because of that he got drafted by the one-season-old Bucks franchise in the 1969 NBA draft with the first overall pick. Then, 20 years later, he retired after scoring 38,387 points for his team. 


is for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

He played for two teams,

He was really tall,

He scored thousands of points,

Without a single fall.

Lincoln Center is a bunch of complex buildings dedicated to the performing arts. It is located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Manhattan. Also, it was part of the "Lincoln Square Renewal Project" in the 1950s and 1960s. At the Lincoln Center, they put on many different types of performances such as concerts, singing, orchestras/bands, plays, dancing, and tons more. In fact, the big apple circus is even held here!


is for Lincoln Center

Many shows, 

Bands and more.

But when the circus gets here,

Nothing is a bore.

This museum is the biggest art museum in the USA. It is so big that about 2 million people come each day making it the second most visited museum in the USA. This museum has 24 exhibits, over 2 million works of art, and over 20 structures. The most popular exhibit is Treasures of Tutankhamun. One of the many artifacts found in that exhibit is the base of King Tut’s sarcophagus. But, unlike any other art museum, you are allowed to take pictures to treasure your experience.


is for Metropolitan Museum of Art

24 exhibits,

Over 2,000 square feet,

Many works of art to see,

But only one place to eat.

Nicki Minaj was born on December 8 in 1982. Her name was originally Onika Anya Maraj but she changed it around when she started singing. At 5 years old, she moved her family to Queens. She has two siblings and is the youngest of both of them. When she got older, she went to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School and studied to become an actress and a singer there. Now, she is a Rapper/singer, songwriter, actress, and a dancer. She currently has 32 songs, 10 albums, 3 compilation albums, 3 studio albums, and 13 promotional singles.


N is for Nicki Minaj

10 albums,

32 songs,

When Nicki's around,

Nobody yawns.

Opossums live in urban areas but mostly NYC. Because they have such bad vision, they don’t make their own homes. So, if you are searching for them, you will most likely find them in abandoned dens, nests, or sheds made by other animals. They prefer to be near a river or swamp. You can also find them in old buildings, cavities in rocks, brush piles, hollow trees, or fallen logs.


is for Opposum

Over 103 species,

They eat fruit bugs and mice.

Although their eyesight is bad,

There hearing is nice.

This hotel was constructed in the 19th century and was finished in 1907. It was a dream of Bernhard Beinecke, Fred Sterry, and Harry S. Black to build this hotel. To pursue their dream, they purchased a 15-year old hotel instead of building a whole new one. By 1907, they had transformed it into a 19-story skyscraper that is worth millions of dollars! Now, this hotel has gold encrusted silverware and no less than 1650 crystal chandeliers. It is also known as one of the most elegant hotels in the world!


P is for Plaza Hotel

Come here to take a rest.

There is a food court inside,

Their room service is the best,

And it is located on the west side.

Located in Queens is the governing body for USA tennis called USTA (United States Tennis Association). USTA consists of 100 tennis courts and has over 700 thousand members. This famous tennis court was founded in 1881 and hosts the US open every single year. It has been hosting the US open ever since it opened in 2015. The headquarters for the USTA is in White Plains and the president is currently Katrina Adams.


Q is for Queens

This tennis court is really big,

It’s located in Queens.

Queens was named in 1683,

And it’s really, really clean.

This soccer stadium was first built in 1985 and was finished within the same year. The cost for this 3,500 seat soccer stadium in Manhattan was one million dollars! Recently, in 2017, they made it a year-round soccer stadium by purchasing the “Bubble at Baker” which is a heated bubble-like dome. It keeps out the cold and harsh winds. Because of that, the New York Cosmos, all Columbia teams, NY red bulls, and Old Blue R.F.C. can practice here even in the winter. The owners and caretakers of this amazing soccer field is Columbia. They inflate the bubble every winter and then take it down for the rest of the year to keep the soccer stadium in good shape.  


is for Rocco B. Commisso Soccer Stadium

Named after Rocco,

A girls soccer ffield,

Has a very big bubble,

That's acts as a shield.

This lady that stands on Ellis Island was sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Building her took 90 years (1875965). She is 305 feet tall and is made out of copper. Copper is usually a bronze-like color so why is the statue of liberty green? Well, over time, when copper starts to get old, it turns a greenish color. This statue is made out of so much copper that it could make more than 30 million pennies! This statue symbolizes liberty, freedom, and friendship between France and the U.S. It was first was a gateway for immigrants but now it is an immigration museum. Now, it is owned by New York City and New Jersey.


S is for Statue of Liberty

Made out of copper,

A lady stands,

On a very small island,

With a torch in her hand.

Turturro was born in 1957 and had two brothers. His full name is John Michael Turturro. Growing up, he went to SUNY New Paltz and Yale School of Drama where he started his career in acting. He is now an American- Italian Actor and he has been for 29 years so far. He was in the shows The Night Of, The Bronx is Burning, and The Fortunate Pilgrim. He was also in four transformer movies as Agent Simmons and many more. He is now 60 years old and lives in Brooklyn with his wife Katherine Borowitz and his two kids.


T is for Turturro

In 73 movies,

But only 3 shows,

He is six feet tall,

And wears fancy clothes.

Union Square is located in Manhattan and was built and dedicated to John Geary. This nine-acre wide town was opened in 2009 and is a public plaza. Inside, this town has high-rise buildings and 9,913 houses. This town is home to over 25,551 people. Also, they have a statue of our first president, George Washington. This statue was constructed in 1814, finished in 1886 and then dedicated in 1865. It is made out of bronze and is the oldest sculpture in the New York City Parks collection.


U is for Union Square

Opened in 2009,

This town was nine acres wide,

It's home for thousands of people,

And is found on the west or east side.

Vanessa Lachey was born in 1980 with the name Vanessa Joy Minnillo. She has one brother and is the younger sibling by two years. When she was a teenager, she was named Miss Teen USA in 1998. She is a Television Personality, Beauty Queen, Fashion Model, Television Host, and Actress. She has been working for 18 years and has been in three movies and 15 shows. She is married to Nick Lachey and has three children.


is for Vanessa Lachey

She is a T.V. star,

Born in 1980.

She was in 15 shows,

But only three movies.

This building is the eighth building of the eight world trade centers in the world. It is also the eighth most expensive building, the tallest building in the western hemisphere, and the sixth tallest building in the world. It is 1792 feet tall, has 94 stories, 200 feet wide, and has 104 floors. They began to build it in 2006 and finished in 2014. The architect, David Childs, is well known for doing work on the world trade center also known as the freedom tower. The cost to build this building was over three billion dollars! Now, a company called Port Authorities owns it.


is for World Trade Center

200 feet wide,

94 stories tall, 

this is the 6th tallest building,

So be careful that you don’t fall!

This game is a real-life escape room which basically means that you are stuck in a room for an hour with a problem or mystery and you have to find a way out. If after that one hour is up and you and your group are still not out, your assistant comes in and lets you out. You have to find a key or passcode with the objects around you. You get two hints and if you need more than that, you get deducted ffive minutes from the game for every extra hint you need. The minimum amount of people allowed in is six and the max is 13. When you play this game, it will be you and only the other people you came with and you can’t play if you are under five years old.


X is for X-room

60 minutes spent locked in a room,

You only have two hints.

You have to find a key or code,

So start looking for fingerprints.

Constructed in 1922 and opened 87 years later in 2009, was a baseball stadium that is home to the NY Yankees. This baseball stadium was constructed in 1922 and was opened in 2009. The first 23 games played there, there were 87 home runs made. This stadium can hold more than 54,251 people at a time! It is also worth 2.3 billion dollars! The Yankees own this stadium and play most of their games there.


is for Yankees

Founded in 1903,

Is a baseball team that’s meant to be.

They play at a stadium,

Where they all slide on their knees.

Zaros is known for one famous treat, their black and white cookies! These cookies are just regular sugar cookies but they have white frosting on one side and black frosting on the other. They have been using the same family recipe to make these cookies ever since they first opened in 1927! These cookies are so good that they get shipped all over the world! Also, each day, over 1.5 million people from all over come to buy them from Zaros.


is for Zaro's Bakery

Come to Zaro’s for a treat,

This cookie recipe is hard to beat.

Ever since 1927,

Over 1.5 million people come here to eat!


Proposed: (verb) to form or consider a purpose or design

Act of Incorporation: (noun) a certificate that acts as a chart to build the building

Central Park Arsenal: (noun) symmetrical brick building in Central Park

Pasteurized (past-er-ized): (verb) to expose a food to an elevated temperature for a period of time to kill all of the harmful ingredients that can cause disease

Reynolds Building: (noun) 21 floor skyscraper in North Carolina

Zip-code: (noun) used to assist the delivery of mail

Celestial (sell-est-chul): (adj) painting of the universe beyond earth’s atmosphere

Mural: (noun) a large picture painted or affixed directly on a wall or ceiling

Spur: (noun) an old railroad.

Eatery: (noun) a restaurant

Franchise: (noun) a professional sports team

Tutankhamun (King Tut): (noun) a pharaoh in ancient egypt 

Sarcophagus (sar-cough-i-gus): (noun) a stone coffin,

Cavities in Rocks: (noun) a hollow place 

Brush piles: (plural noun) a pile of broken branches

Pursue: (verb) to proceed in a plan 

Encrusted: (past-tense verb) to cover something with a hard layer

Chandeliers (shan-da-lears): (noun) a light that hangs from a ceiling.

Agent Simmons: (noun) a character in the movie Transformers

Plaza: (noun) a public square or open space in a city or town.

High-rise: (adj) a large number of levels in a building

Miss Teen USA: (noun) Beauty pageant 

Hemisphere (hem-is-fear): (noun) half of the globe

Deducted: (verb) to take away from something

Trivia Questions

1. What dessert is Zaro's Bakery most famous for?

2. Why is the statue of liberty green?

3. Who is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

4. Why was the empire state building built?

5. Why is the dough at DŌ safe to eat?

1. Zaro's is most famous for their black and white cookies. 

2. It is green because after time, copper starts to rust and it turns green.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a retired basketball player.

4. The empire state building was built to win a contest to build the worlds tallest building.

5. The cookie dough id safe to eat because it is made with pasteurized eggs.

Answers to the questions