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"Good" sugar 


"Bad" sugar


-If you eat too much, the more stored fat you have

-If you eat too little, you have an increased risk of stroke

-If you eat the right amount you could lose weight


-Too much can cause physical discomfort

-Too little vegetables could give you scurvy

-Eating the right amount of veggies can control weight


-Too many grains can cause blood sugar spikes

-Too few grains can cause hypoglycemia

-The right amount can regulate bowel movements


-Too many proteins can turn into fat cells

-Too little protein can cause weakness

-The right amount can make muscles stronger


-Too much oils can cause cardiovascular disease

-Too little can cause dry skin and low bone growth

-Just the right amount can give you good vitamins

Carrots vs syrup

-Carrots help your eyes

-syrup is very full of sugar

-carrots provide vitamins

Pineapples vs Hershey's

-Pineapples help digestion

-Hershey's make you fat

-pineapples help the immune system

APPLES vs Mike and ikes

-Apples control weight gain

-mike and Ike's have 25 grams of sugar

- apples still taste good

Beets vs skittles

-Beets lower blood levels

-skittles have some bad sugars

-beets support your heart

Yogurt vs molasses

-Yogurt provides protein

-Molasses has no nutritional value

-Yogurt helps teeth and bones