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Simplebooklet sobre singing competition

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Leave your shame at home, come to the English classroom, take the microphone and sing!




It will be fun!


In this activity you can sing

with your friends your

favourite songs and imitate

your favourite singers! What

are you waiting for?


We will have a lot of


fun together!


We have a date on


Monday from 11:00


to 12:30




 If you want to participate, fill this

questionnaire and give it to the English


What's your name?



What are your surnames? _____________________________________


Hold old are you? ______________________________________


What's your grade? ____________________________________


What's your favourite song? ____________________________________


What's your favourite singer? ________________________________________________


Thank you for your participation!


It's a positive experience:


You will practice oral and written

English language!

                                                                                     You will have fun with your

friends and your teacher!


We will take photos during the



We will record videos during the



You will listen and sing your

favourite songs!


     You will

discover new singers and songs!