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By: Noah Simpson

Mss Armstrong

11 / 30 / 17

English 2 (3rd Period)


     Chinas food is important to the Chinese culture. The food in china is a big part of the culture and diversity of the people. China's food has a big contribution of peanuts, sesame paste and ginger in most of their styles of foods. In China pork, chicken, or tofu are the main meats used in most meals. Rice is the biggest food source in China and is also heavily grown all over China. In China rice is pronounced “fan” meaning “meal”, it is the biggest food source, used in almost all meals as well as many other foods. China is known for their major amounts of rice in meals and their food is distributed and shared all over the world (Zimmermann).



     China has many days of holidays. Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in China. One of the biggest festivals is the Dragon Boat festival, it has been celebrated for many years, it is a day of boat racing and many foods. The Chinese celebrate the Qingming Festival a day of showing respect and celebrating the dead. Chinese also have a family day called Mid-Autumn day a time when families come together and celebrate and harvest. National day is the time when the republic was founded by the Chinese. The Chinese have 7 different holidays that add up to 11 days of the holidays and are celebrated big, spending huge amounts of money and lots of time and preparation is put into all 7 holidays (“China Highlights”).


     Chinese is a very important language and very complex. Chinese language has been around the longest time, it has been around over 6 thousand years. It takes a lot of knowledge to read, a big dictionary holds about 40,000 words/Chinese symbols. Chinese language is in symbols, or characters to explain the word’s meaning. China has 3 types of language; simplified, traditional, and phonetic. Chinese people speak differently but the written words are all the same, so it’s best to use text to inform people. Chinese language was one of the first languages to ever be spoken and has been around for the longest time (Lin).

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