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Simply Homespun's Christmas and Holiday catalog features beautiful, hand-made treasures with the spirit of the Holidays for sale. Shop from your electronic device, and we will ship it to you in time for Christmas!

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Inside, you will find our wonderfully hand-crafted Christmas and holiday treasures... perfect gifts for EVERYONE on your list. Shop in your own comfort; we'll ship our wares to your doorstep!

Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail, and orders MUST BE PLACED by December 18, 2015 for Christmas delivery. To place an order, click the house icon below.




Simply Homespun's Holidaze




$45.00 + shipping and tax

FOUR different choices:

    a. Forest green mottled silver sparkle blocks, burgundy, green, eggnog plaid & present blocks; tan 4" Christmas lace; muslin back; tied with gold floss


 b. Hunter green, shiny silver lame blocks, white/mint/silver pointsettia blocks & piping; white calico back; tied with green floss


c. Cream calico with Santa & white flakes, white satin, red/white/green holly & mistletoe calico blocks, 3" ruffle & back; tied with red floss


 d. Hazelnut gingerbread pattern blocks, tan calico with hazelnut swirls & blue flakes blocks, blue/white gingham blocks; 4" fabric ruffle of tan calico with hazelnut swirl and flakes with hand appliqued hearts; plain muslin back



52" Diameter Christmas Tree Skirts  

a. b. c. d.

B.  Penguin & Snowman Families Wall Hanging. Hand quilted with tabs on reverse for hanging Approx.  25" x 40" $49.95 + s/t

A. Angel Advent Calendar. Quilted with tabs on reverse to hang. Approx. 36" x 24"  $39.50 + s/t

Festive Wall Hangings

C.  Primitive Christmas Log Cabin Block Sampler. Quilted with tabs on reverse for hanging. Approx. 25" x 40" $39.00 + s/t

Christmas Stockings

Toed and Heeled Stockings:

  c. Beige/ moss green/ red country snowmen & gold stars $7.50 +s/t



d. Blue snowmen & silver flakes $7.50 + s/t



e.  Navy blue Victorian angels with blue satin $7.50 + s/t

Hand Quilted, primary colors:


     a.  Snowmen & Santas red

      check border $7.50 +s/t



      b.  Santas & Angels white

        border  $7.50 + s/t

& Mittens

Crocheted, Hangable Mittens

D. Red Tree $12.00 + s/t

E. Purple snowman $12 + s/t

F. Apple green flake $12 + s/t

A        B     A     C


G. Burgundy woodland snowman & moose with white & burgundy flakes toe and bib $12 + s/t


H. Cream, pink, burgundy & gold poinsettias and bulbs with white holly calico toe & bib $12 + s/t


I. Christmas Cows with green and black gingham toe and bib $12 + s/t

A. REVERSIBLE quilted black poinsettia stocking with eyelet lace on fold-over bib  (both sides shown) $18 +s/t


B. Quilted red  with gold holly stocking with Aida cloth bib $18 + s/t


C. Quilted navy poinsettia & Santa stocking with Aida cloth bib $18 + s/t


Holly Hobbie Baby Quilt and Matching Bib    

A.  Traditional Holly Hobbie baby quilt, approximately 48" x 36".  Premium, washable cottons. $45.00 +s&t


 B.  Matching bib wraps around Velcro closure. $4.50 + s&t


C.  Buy both together for a savings of $2.00! $47.50 +s&t

A. Merry Christmas Songbook


B. Silly Willy's Favorite Day!


C. Night Before Christmas


D. Treasure Bears


E. I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown


F. Paddington Bear


G. Pooh's Rise and Shine to Bedtime


H. Sleeping Beauty


I. Blue Jean Teddy


Machine wash & dry


$14.00 each

Fabric Baby Books

All sweaters are machine wash & dry.  

Hand Knitted Sweaters

A. Green, brown, cream variegated

D. Green, cocoa, tan camouflage variegated

B. Green, grey, cream variegated

E. Dark turquoise blue with brown stripe

C. Natural and brown stripe

F. Red with burgundy stripe

Sizes are all Mens medium or Ladies large.

$63.99 each +s/t

G. Natural with tan stripe  mock turtle neck

J. Pine waffle knit with crew neck

H. Cocoa cable knit

K. Blue, burgundy, green, gold variegated cable and waffle knits

I. Burgundy cable knit

A. 10" Santa gourd $7.15 + s/t


B. Collapsable maple leaf basket (maple wood) $45.00 + s/t


C. Beeswax votive candle $2.75 + s/t


D. 10" Snowman gourd $7.15 + s/t


E. 3D wooden pine tree $9.00 + s/t


F. 2D wooden pine tree $7.15 + s/t


























6"   Slates


G. Amish buggy slate "The road to a friend's house is never long" $8.00 + s/t


H. Lake sunset slate "Today's moments are tomorrow's memories" $8.00 + s/t



     ORNAMENTS (below)

                  I. Glass bulb $4.50 + s/t


                  J. Wood wreath cabin

              $5.00 + s/t


                  K.  Scottie Dog $3 + s/t


                  L. Woodland Animals

          (variety; our choice) $2 + s/t


          M. Paper piece star $3 +s/t


     N. Blue Victorian Santa $1 + s/t



Old fashioned mittens... like Grandma used to make!

Child sizes: $7.15 + s/t

     F. Brown sz 7-8

     G. Purple/white sz 5-6

     H. Teal sz 5-6

     I.  Green/white sz 5-6

     J.  Lavender/pink sz 2-4

Toddler/NB Sizes: $5 + s/t

     K.  Burgundy sz 2-4

     L. Mint/pink sz NB

     M.  Mint sz NB

Adult size: $10.00 +s/t

     A. Teal

     B. Purple

     C. Green/gold

     D. Mint/lavender

     E. (not pictured) Navy

Hand crafted Christmas cards


     A. An assortment (our choice) of 5 for $15.00

Simply Homespun will also gift wrap your purchase and/or ship your purchases to an

alternate address as an out-of-town gift.  Just designate on your order form!

To order anything in this holiday catalog, simply click on the house icon on the front page.

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                                       January 1, 2016



 Merry Christmas from Simply Homepsun!

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