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Siliconney's Journey Home!

                Siliconney lived a peaceful life in his plastic bag home. He and his siblings, Silicraig and Silicindy, lived with their parents, Siliconnor and Siliclaire together, making up a plastic bag. 

                They quietly waited in a store, waiting to be taken home by a nice human and carry their groceries. The store was always busy, and they were happy to be together every day.

                The day finally came for the Silifamily to do their job. A young woman with a child picked up their bag and filled them with groceries. “We’ve been waiting for this day!” Siliclaire said.

                “You kids will finally see how strong the Silifamily really is!” Siliconnor said.


                “I’m so excited!” exclaimed Siliconney.


                But Silicindy and Silicraigjust seemed nervous.

                The woman was finally finished filling the bag with groceries, and she picked it up. “Here we go!” thought Siliconney.

                But suddenly, the bag ripped! All of the groceries spilled onto the ground and Siliconney was ripped away from his family!

                “Mom, Dad! Help me!” he yelled.


                “Silliconney!” they all screamed.

                Everything went dark for Siliconney…

                When he woke up, he felt alone…and cold…and…smaller? Oh no, Siliconney was no longer a plastic bag, but a torn sheet of plastic! "What will I do?" he thought.

                “I have to get back to my family!” He thought to himself. “I have to make it home!” And so he began his journey home. He rolled down the aisle, trying to reach the door  to leave the store.