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The Siege of Yorktown 

By Robyn and Lucas


      The Siege of Yorktown was one of the final battles of the American Revolution. It was fought not only by the British and the Americans but by the French as well. When you read this book you will learn about one of the greatest battles in the history of America.




     There were many things that led up to the Siege of Yorktown. One thing  was the British were making them pay too many taxes that made the Colonists want to break free. Another thing was the major conflict between Great Britain and America. Also The Americans wanted more land. So they wanted to take control of the Yorktown. But thats not all, the Americans wanted to capture the troops in yorktown, Virginia. Also the British were making them pay too many taxes that made the colonists want to break free.

What Led up to the Siege of Yorktown 

      The Siege of Yorktown started on September 28th, 1781. One of the first things that happened was that General Lord Cornwallis moved his army out of Wilmington ,Delaware. Also the Americans and French  circled around the town and pointed 50 cannons at the British solders. Guess who was the first to fire?  George Washington. But the really big thing was the Americans and the French dug trenches around the town and then the British could not escape.


The Beginning of the Siege of Yorktown.  



George Washington fires the first cannon. 


Continental solders attack the British. 

The beggining of the seige of yorktown

     At the end of the Siege General George Washington ordered Marquis De Lafayette to block the British General Cornwallis’ possible escape. Soon the British ran low on food. What could the British do? They could fight to their death, starve to death or give up. They were trapped and had to make their decision fast. On the morning of October 17 one British soldier held a white flag and the other drummed. After the battle was over, Cornwallis started crying. It was a sad time for the British soldiers.

The End of the Siege of Yorktown. 

     Many things happened after the siege. One thing was The American soldiers who survived the battle lined up on one side of the road to Yorktown. French soldiers lined up on the other side of the road. The British walked down the  middle of the road.  But after that war was over, Cornwallis and some other British Commanders were sent back to Britain. The other British soldiers would remain prisoners in America. But that was not all. Many other things happened. The slaves that had survived the siege were given back to their owners.



After the Siege 

This picture is of Cornwallis's surrender

      Many people had importance in the battle. One person was Charles Cornwallis. He was a British general. You could call him either General Cornwallis, or Lord Cornwallis. Why was he important? He was important because he was best remembered as the leading soldier. Also he was in the Seven Years War and the American Revolution. But most importantly, his soldiers ended the war.


     Another person who was important was George Washington. He was an American general. Why was he important? He was important because he was the one that led his soldiers into the Siege of Yorktown. Also he transferred the British soldier into Yorktown. But also, he was the main leader of the Continental Army. After the war he became Americas frist president


  Last but not least, was Marquis de Lafayette. He was a French comander and general. He was also one of the main commanders in the Battle of Yorktown. He led the French into the siege. He also followed orders when George Washington told him to stop Cornwallis from leaving Yorktown.


 People Who were Important

Marquis de Lafayette.

This is General Conwallis

Gorge Washington

Dear Aunt Annie,



      Today was the change of history for us. After all the  gunfire and death and blood we won. All our men had to fight in the Siege and finally we won. Why? Those British cowards ran out of supplies and Cornwallis was a coward and Washington was smart. We dug trenches around Yorktown and the British soldiers starved to death. Cornwallis could not escape. Also we had two armies on our side, the French and American, and they only had one. I can’t wait to see you.


 Your Proud Soldier Frederick

Patriot Point of Veiw 

Dearest Mother,


The Siege of Yorktown was terrible. The gunfire and smoke was so thick that you could not see the ships on the water. The traitors surrounded us and then they dug trenches around our town. The British are here to protect us and the traitors are killing them. If the traitors defeat us than we will have to leave the colonies because they do not have a good government and a civil war will start. They have already killed brother Jonathan. What are they going to do next? I hope the battle will end. Stay safe.


Love you,

       Sarah Phillips

Loyalist Point of Veiw

      That is the end of the Siege of Yorktown. But just remaber how many people fought this Siege. Some people died, some people lived, but every person played a big part in the Siege. And it changed history.  


Colonists-someone who lives in a colones

Cowards-A person that is not brave or a betrayer

Conflict-negetive acts or contact betwen one thing and another

Goverment-A group of people who make the laws for another group of people

History-a event that happend in the past

Revolution-a war for independence

Seven Years War-A war that was betwen the French and the Native Americans

Siege- A Battle where one side surround the other sides toun or fort

slaves- Africin Geting capterd and forced to do work

Taxes-the act of giving money to the goverment

Traitor-someone who left their leader or sided with their leaders enemys

trenches- A deep deep hole

Wilmington ,Delaware- A plce were Genral Cornwallis moved his army

Yorktown- A place in Virginia





   British 2,3,4,5,6,8

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   George washington 4,5,7,8

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   Marquis de lafayette 5,7,8

  Treches 4,10 

  Wilmington,Deleware, 3