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All products are 100% Paraben free (an ingredientlinked to cancer) All Products are Sodium Laureth Sulfate-Free (apotential carcinogenic, petrochemical latheringagent known to strip hair color)We love animals! All our products have never beentested on animals.Recyclable bottles or better yet, reuse your bottlewith our refill programWater Soluble and biodegradable in our rivers andoceansGiving Back: Sidlab donates money and resourcesto various women's and animal charities. Money Back Guarantee: No risk. Highly concentrated to allow for mixing and bringingdown the cost per dayInclude essential oils for therapeutic benefitsp.H. Balanced for skin and hairAll products are designed to be mixed to create acustomized "cocktail" for your individual hairtexture, thickness and your environment.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

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HAIRCOUTUREmade by stylists, for stylists, and we’re dedicated tosupporting stylists; after all, who knows a client’s hairbetter than their stylist? By giving you a line designed to becocktailed, we let your creativity free so you can createthe perfect formula for any style, hair type, or environment.(cou-tur)-noun: Designing andcreating customtailored hair productsto each individual’s‘hair formula’Everyone’s hair isdifferent. From the textureto the density to theenvironment in which youlive and play, your hair is uniquely you -- so why take a one-size fits all approach tohair care?At Sidlab, we believe your hair product should be asdistinctive as your style and so our highly concentrated line is specially designed to be mixedand matched. Like your favoritebartender shaking up the perfectcocktail, Sidlab products can becustomized specifically for you!Styling meets mixology. Sidlab was

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lathereverydayshampoodelicateultra careshampooFOR:Dry, colored and overly styled hair. Greatfor over processed hair, thick unruly hair,and ethnic hair.. Adds shine andmanageability. WHAT'S IN ITSilk Protein: Rebuilds hair strengthEssential Oil Blend: Citrus,Cedar, Spruce,Birch, and Tea Tree essential oils. Protects, promotes moisture, andrejuvenates hair and scalp.Coco Glucoside: Derived from renewableraw materials such as coconut oil and fruitsugars. Completely biodegradeablepH level averages 5.5FOR:Daily use for all types of hair. Color safe.WHAT'S IN ITMega Moisture Complex: imparts moisturewithout weight. Coco Glucoside: Derived from renewable rawRice protein: powerful and proven moisture regulator thatweather proofs the hair against extreme humidity. pH level averages 5.5Essential Oil Blend: Citrus blend and Ylang Ylang materials such as coconut oil and fruit sugars. Completely biodegradeable

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rinseeverydayconditionerFOR:For daily use. Light, color safe and perfectlybalanced to promote manageability. WHAT'S IN ITRice protein: Weatherproofs the hairagainst extreme humidityMega Moisture Complex: Imparts moisturewithout weightEssential Oil Blend: Citrus blend and YlangYlangsilk ultracareconditionerFOR:Great for detanglling, restoring shine andluster, preserving color and repairing dry andoverstyled hair. WHAT'S IN ITEssential oil blend: Citris,Cedar, Spruce,Birch, and Tea Tree Essential oil blend: Citris,Cedar, Spruce, Birch, and Tea Tree Rice protein: Protects the hair, improves tensile strength and providesbody and texture.Silk Protein: Natural protein fiber that balances moisture levels andincreases strength for smooth and vibrant hair.

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trilogy3 in 1 shampooFOR:For those who want a single everyday product. Three products in one. Vitamin rich blend of stimulants promotes circulation, as well as controloils to promote healthy hair growth and condition. Scalp will tingle andfeel cool and refreshed. WHAT'S IN ITMenthol and other essential oilsEucalyptus Citriodora Oil: antisepticessential oil that reducesinflammation of the scalp creating theoptimal environment for hair growthPeppermint Oil: Gives a cooling effectto the head and removes dandruffand buildup and stimulates the scalp.(FORMERLY CALLED MASCULINE)

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FOR:sleeksmoothingsystemEssential oil blend: Sage, Cedar Leaf, Sweet Grass, Lavender, andCitrusRice protein: balances moisture levels and increases strength forsmooth and vibrant hairCoco Glucoside: Foaming agent derived from renewable raw materialssuch as coconut oil and fruit sugars, it's completely biodegradable. Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate: A naturally derived sugar. Givesconditioning after-feel, brings enhanced aesthetics, gives immediateviscosity and body, reduces greasiness and imparts a smooth andvelvety feel.Dehydroxanthan Gum: A natural polymer gelling agent that providesunprecedented hold under highly humid conditions without being tackyor flaky. Helps create a light, fluffy texture that is airy and non tacky.Breaks down the curl to create stick straight hair. Smooths and locksin shine. 3 step system. Not just for those with curly hair. Also workswell for those with fine or thin hair as well as those with damaged hair. Sleek Three smooths the cuticle not just the curls.WHAT'S IN IT(FORMERLY CALLED HAUTE)

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raindropsargan oilmendrepairingtreatmentFOR:Ultra deep restorative therapy. Createssoft, shiny and healthy come-hither look. Repairs and nourishes hair and returns it toits natural pH. Use weekly. results. Cocktailwith Raindrops with heat to open up thecuticle for maximum results.WHAT'S IN ITEssential Oil Blend: Lavender conditions and strengthens thehairRice Protein: Protects the hair, improves tensile strength andprovides body and texture.FOR:Condition the hair from the inside out andprotect, smooth and add intenseshine while eliminating frizz and fly aways.WHAT'S IN ITArgania Spinosa Kernel Oil: An anti-oxidant, argan oil adds shine andsoftens hair. (5-6% argan oil)Vitamin E: Natural UV protectorCyclopetasiloxane: Combats friz and adds intense shineSilk Protein: Soft and lustrous, natural protein fiber that balancesmoisture levels and increases strength for smooth and vibrant hairJojoba Seed Oil: Non-greasy, deep moisturizing humectant moistureand returns hair to its natural pH balance.Lecithin: an antioxidant and emollient,leaves hair soft and more manageablewithout weighing it down

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fabrictexturizerFOR:Adds incredible shine and definition. Worksgreat on super fine hair. More hold thanfabric.WHAT'S IN ITCastor Oil: Good lubricity andbiodegradability. Beeswax: Emulsifier that increases volume,gives hair softness and adds gloss.ultraintensetexturizerFOR:Provides shine and separation perfect forrunway style mobility. Adds volume, separteslayers and smooths styles. WHAT'S IN ITCastor Oil: Good lubricity andbiodegradability. Beeswax: Emulsifier that increases volume,gives hair softness and adds gloss.

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Canadian Glacial Clay: 100% natural product with trace mineralsincluding sodium, which is a natural cleanser and aids hydration,magnesium which acts as a toner and helps retains moisture, potassium with has anti-bacterial properties, sulfate which works withpotassium to aid in maintaining healthy skin.Castor Oil: Good lubricity and biodegradability. An attractivealternative to petroleum derived lubricants. Beeswax: Emulsifier that increases volume, gives hair softness andadds gloss.claytexturizerblendcocktailtexturizerFOR:Use to sculpt, tame andcontrol. Adds shine andseparation, shapes anddefines.FOR:Shaping and texturizing with super stronghold. Allows you to shape and manipulatehair while providing a hellacious hold and asuperb matte finish.WHAT'S IN IT

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curlistacurl geldesignerthickening&volumizingsprayFOR:Thickening and volumizing spray that createsimpressive volume, adds shine and controland helps define hair texture. Works on thecuticle level. Can be used on thin hair tocreate volume and thick hair to protect andheal the hair shaft. Good for sensitive skin. Rice Protein: powerful and proven moisture WHAT'S IN ITdl Panthenol (pro vitamin B): Penetrates the hair shaft impartingflexibility and elasticity to thicken hair and repair damagesAllantoin: Heals, moisturizes and soothes the scalp. Keratolyticwhich helps heal the skin to heal more quickly and to bindmoisture more effectively. Also helps protect the skin against regulator that plasticizes hair, improves tensile strength andprovides body and textureFOR:Encourages and enhances waves. Ingredients makes curlscome to life, adds shine and weighs down frizz and fly-aways,and protects the hair from heat. WHAT'S IN ITRice Starch: Naturally derived from rice, it gives hair a naturalhold and feel, expands the hair and protects it from humidity. PVP Carbomer: Key ingredient to an explosive curl. Keratin Amino Acids: Integral hairnutrient, replenishes hair by providingstrength, body and luster.irritants, and is preferred by people withsensitive skin.

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pacificasea saltspraysatinshinesprayFOR:Smoothing, shimmer and shine. Perfect fortaming fly-aways and frizz, heat protectionand detangling. Oil free. Speeds up dry time.WHAT'S IN ITdl Panthenol (pro vitamin B): Penetrates thehair shaft imparting flexibility and elasticityto thicken hair and repair damagesPhenyl Trimethicone: Anti-foaming, hairconditioning, heat resistance, add gloss andsheen.FOR:Redefines beach hair. Adds a sexy, salty,crisp texture. WHAT'S IN ITPolyquaternium-69: Fixative polymer with enhancedstyling benefits, more durable and elastic hold,increased shine and luster, reduction of frizz, excellenthigh humidity curl retention and low flaking. Quarternium 22: increases hair body, suppleness andsheen. Improves texture of already damaged hair. Prevents buildup of static electricity. Magnesium Sulfateepsom and sea salt.

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chichi 2.0firm holdspraychic 2.0 stylingsprayPanthenol: (Vitamin B5) swells the hair shaft, which helps to give your hairmore bodySodium PCA: enhance the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing hairbody, suppleness, or sheenFOR:WHAT'S IN IT5 products in one. Use to flat iron, curl,volumize, build mass, add shine and protectfrom heat. Protect from humitity and neverflakes.Firm hold hairspray provides the perfectamount of hold needed for couture hairstyles Measures 8.5 on the hold scale. Adds shine and will not flake. Triethyl Citrate: (Citric acid) acts as aplasticizer to hold the hair's shape.magic dryshampooPerfect for days you don't have time for traditional shampoo. A simpleapplication renews and revives hair giving your fuller, more voluminous bodyand movement. Magic removes oily patches around the hairline anddisappears effortlessly with your natural color. Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate: Starchderived ingredient that absorbs excess oil.Clay: Naturally absorbs excess oilsIsopropyl Myristate: an emollient that addconditioning without a greasy feel.Cyclopentasiloxane: Combats frizz and addsintense shine.FOR:WHAT'S IN ITFOR:WHAT'S IN IT

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cocktailmixes andtricksTangled Up: Use "Satin" to detangle damp hair, as a cutting spray andprotect from the heat of styling tools. Lightweight for all hair types and willprotect from UV rays. Sea Breeze: Conditioned hair can feel soft and lifeless. Use "Pacifica" ondry hair to add a slaty, gritty, texture to hair. Straight, Clean and Sober: Use "Sleek" 1, 2 and 3 to cleanse, detoxnourish and break down the wave. Use as a 3 step program.Rinse Cool: Always rinse condition out with cool water to close down thecuticle and add shine.Chic: Use a small amount of "Raindrops", then "Chic" to lock in the flat ironor curlMudslide: Mix "Blend" with "Pacifica" for a gritty, piecy look. Great onshorter hair. Parched: Layer "Silk" and "Mend" on extra processed hair aftershampooing.Straight Up: Use "Designer" at the roots with your round brush, and "SleekThree" all over for huge, weightless body. Twist: Twist "Fabric" and smallamount of "Raindrops" into curl or wave, wind or twist curls, air dry andshake out (for fine hair use "Ultra"S&C: Add Satin to Clay to add shineRehab: Use Mend repairing treatment with heat to "bake" in the protein andmoisture on dry and over processed hair. Cover with a plastic cap.Tex on the Beach: Mix "Pacifica" and "Designer"for an extra gritty, thick and voluminouscreation. Tidal Wave: Use a pump of "Sleek Three" and a small amount of "Curlista". Bring those waves to life, while smoothing thecuticle for reduced frizz and humidity resistance. Finish with "Raindrops".

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about uswhat's in aname?So how was the name Sidlab born? Well, rumor has it the founder wanted toname it, “Baldis”, with a bald, Mr. Clean type guy as the icon. He was, forobvious reasons, quickly voted down by the partners. It was such afantastically bad name, though, that they just couldn’t get it out of theirheads, so they turned it over, spun it around, looked at it upside down, andfinally Baldis became Sidlab…which is Baldis backwards. True story… opportunity we were looking for. The brandhas a strong following and loyal clientele ofsalons and stylists who can’t wait to gettheir hands back on the product. Moreimportantly, it’s a brand that’s of and for thePacific Northwest and it has a feel and ethosthat speaks to Portland. Inspired by the localculture of artists, chefs, fashion designers,tech start-ups, and mavericks of every kind;Sidlab embraces everything that’s uniquelyPortland. We’re a small, independent,boutique brand designed to support you inbeing, well, you! Shannen and Jesse are Portland locals andserial entrepreneurs. We are active in thecommunity and believers in supporting localbusiness. Having previously launched a nowthriving salon, a hair product line was a naturalnext step and Sidlab was exactly theBut when you really think about it, Sidlab is amazingfor your hair, so maybe it was just a joke all along; likehow you might call a huge guy, Tiny. Whatever theorigin, the products work great and that’s whycustomers and stylists love it.We bought the company in 2019 because theproducts had such a strong reputation and loyalfollowing and we wanted to see the brand thriveagain. We considered a complete relaunch withnew branding and a new name, but then we discovered the name had "character".Our dog Mochi

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www.sidlabhair.com503-358-0782Warehouse:1553 11th St.West Linn, OR 97068GLASS BOTTLES NOW AVAILABLE FOR REFILLS