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ShutdownTurnaround Optimization Process

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Work Management Shutdown Turnaround Optimization ProcessTraining 919-947-8764 MAKE SURE YOUR SHUTDOWNS/TURNAROUNDSARE EFFECTIVE Call Us today

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ObjectivesBusiness ProcessesCommon DefinitionsINTRODUCTIONCOURSE OBJECTIVES &BENEFITSEnsure your strategy is rightCreate a countdown schedulethat worksLearn to select the right work tostay on budget Improve scheduling to minimizedowntimeExecution ManagementWhat information to capture andreportPreparing for the next eventRECOMMENDEDATTENDEESTRAINING OUTLINE STRATEGIC REVIEWShutdown driversDetermining optimum shutdownfrequenciesRisk Minimizing TechniquesShutdown organizationWORK LIST REVIEWThe Risk Based Work SelectionApproachRoutine vs. Shutdown workAnyone responsible for managing,planning, scheduling and executingshutdowns in industrial settings.Shutdown/Turnarounds and Outages represent a largeportion of maintenance cost and production downtime inmany industries. What is your strategy for minimizing downtime and costwhile maintaining a high level of safety?IDCON’s S-TOP training and implementation focuses onthe vital phases that ensure efficient execution, improvedsafety, minimized downtime, and maximum use ofresources. You’ll learn how to challenge the status quo, use riskedbased work selection, assign the right resources,planning strategies to reduce duration, how to integrateschedules, involving operations, and effective 919-947-8764

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PLANNING AND SCHEDULING REVIEWBest practicesUtilizing and managing contractorsShutdown safety practicesMechanical practicesOperations practicesPre-shutdown activities checklistShutdown procedures checklistStart up and Commissioning procedureschecklistIN-HOUSE TRAINING & ON-SITE IMPLEMENTATION IDCON can customize any of our training courses for your plant and provide thecoaching and implementation support to ensure your organization really uses theprocesses to garner the best results. Who should be involvedWhat agenda items should be includedRoles and responsibilitiesWhy it's important to do How to run the meeting effectivelyPreparing the reports and applying lessonslearned for the next eventEXECUTION REVIEWOperations role during executionDaily communications strategiesRecording delays and scope changesResource availability an use to impact executionCapturing and documenting informationREVIEW AND WRAP-UPCLOSEOUT REVIEW AND CRITIQUEWork Management - Shutdown/Turnaround Optimization 919-947-8764