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This is my creative representation on the lesson 'Show Gratitude" - "it's about how you live your life" Pg. 157 in the form of a Children's book

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Show Gratitude

By - Carter Conlon

               This is a Small Childrens book representing my take away from the lesson "Show gratitude". "Go out and do for others what somebody did for you." This lesson is to show thanks for those who have effected your life in a positive manner. And to take pride in helping others but not for the reward but for being a Good character. I chose this lesson because it is a very basic lesson but a important one at that. The lesson reminds you to say thanks to others while you can. And to return the favor and help others find gratitude. This is a Ten Page Childrens book showing the story Of a Son helping his father with there farm. The son asks for a Reward knowing his father could do it. At the Harvest of the fields the father gives the Boy a book with a ending that shows the meaning of gratitude.

Indroduction Paragraph

At a far away land there was a Father who ran a farm all by himself. One  day he asked his son to help him with this years Field from seed to harvest.

The Farm being a Gaint task to maintain the Son Agreed to his Fathers request aslong, as he got a Big cash reward at the end of the harvest. Knowing his Father could provide it.

The Son was suprised by His Fathers answer. Not knowing what to take away from it. 


So the Father and son went to work on the farm. Begining to plant the years harvest.

The father replied " If you help me, ill show my gratitude.

The Father and son worked together on the farm for days. Both taking care to do the best job they could for each other

The son helped his father through the warm sunny days that he seemed to enjoy

The son also helped his Father through the tough rainy days that seemed to come when they least expected them

Finally the Father and Sons work paid off with fields rich with crops

The Father Replied "You helped me, I will show my gratitude."

After his father sold the harvest the son asked. "I helped you will you hold your end of the deal?

The next day the father Thanked his son for all his Hard work and Handed him the Reward of a Book

The Son was furious with his father. After all his hard work he thought he deserved more than just a plain book. The son was very angry and left in a rage.

As he was going through his fathers things, the son found the old book his father gave him all those years ago.



He was very uneasy as he opened the hard back novel

Years later when the Boys father had passed he returned to his farm

As he opened the novel it read   "Go out and do for others what somebody did for you."

At that moment a Bank note signed by his father for a Large amount of money fell on the floor

The son then realized that there is more to helping others than just a reward. He learned that the Gratitude and appreciation of other was more valuable than a cash reward could ever be. He then set out to Help others to show them the lesson of gratitude.

This Book is to show readers the lesson of Gratitude. To take pride in helping other, not for a reward but for good of heart. And the appreciation others will have for you if you can effect there life in a positive manner. This is also to show the reader to be thankfull for the people and opportunities in there life.