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This is a collection of six word short stories from famous authors and various forums. These should serve as inspiration for you to write your own six word short stories!

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A collection of six word short stories

The Shortest Stories

Mr. Fernandez's English 9

For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

Ernest Hemingway

Margaret Atwood

Longed for him.

Got Him.


My ex-wife. My brother. They eloped.

Sherman Alexie

You never let me finish my

Bill Spencer

I'm beside myself; cloning machine works!

Cliff Gray


I leave. Dog panics. Furniture shopping.

Cheap tattoo artist. Says "oops" frequently.

Mr. Fernandez

Man scarfs down apple. Doctor flees.

Mr. Fernandez

She waved only red flags. Colorblind. 

Mr. Fernandez

Cat; noun- 

Bed Hog, Dictator, Freeloader.

Mr. Fernandez

Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Atwood stories-

Colorblind test-

Tattoo Artist-