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See the effect of your actions.

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The end of the lesson

take away #1

Aim to see the effect of your actions. 


take away #2

Observations should have a student focus, not a teacher focus. A teacher's effect in the priority. 

take away #3

An invitation to a student invloves feelings of respect, trust, optimism, and intention to learn. 

take away #4

A student-centered teacher is:

  • warm
  • trusting
  • empathetic
  • builds positive relationships

take away #5

Ask students to keep a work diary that explains what they think they are learning. Read it. Reflect what is actually being absorbed. 

take away #6

Formative and summative assessments refer to the time they are adminstered. 

"When a cook taste the soup, it is formative; when the guest taste the soup, it is summative."

take away #7

A lesson truly ends when a teacher reviews the learning through the eyes of their student.