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Ways to keep our body strong and healthy

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Ways to maintain our







1.Eating healthy food



2.Exercising regularly



3.Having a balanced diet



4.Turn of electronics and


get active



5.Don't eat junk food

Eating healthy food



If we eat healthy food,then our body will be strong and heathy.


Healthy food is really good for our body. We should eat healthy


food like carbohydrates,vegetables,fruits,minerals and


etc. If we won't eat healthy food, then we will have a stomach


ache or tooth ache. Some times, we even won't be alive. Every


day we have to eat atleast 2 serves of  fruits and 5 serves of


vegetetables/veggies. If we don't want to eat fresh fruits or


vegetables or something that's pure or seen,then we could drink


milk or juice because,they have vitamins, minerals, fruits and a lot


more healthy food.








Exercising regularly


We should exercise regularly. If we exercise regularly, then we'll be healthy.


Exercising  regularly will maintain our health. We shouldn't exercise only one


day because, one day is not enough for us to be healthy or whatever good


things exercising regularly can do to us, we have to exercise every day.


Exercising every day won't only make us healthy. Suppose, if we're obese,


then if we want to become thin, then we have to exercise everyday. Some people


think that, I want to become healthy, so I'll go and exercise, because most of the 


people say we have to exercise, so I'll go and exercise. So after that, that person


will go to exercise for only 10 minutes, and that person won't exercise the next


day. That's what some  people do, but they/we shouldn't do that, we should


exercise every day like 1 month or 1 week. We should atleast exercise for 1 week.






Having a balanced diet


We have to have a balanced diet every day. A balanced diet is like eating nutrients which are like, 


minerals or vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and etc, and eating healthy food which are like fruits,


vegetables, and other kinds of healthy food every day. A balanced diet is really helpful to our body,


especially to the digestive system. The digestive system absorbs all the nutrients in the food that


we eat, and sends it to all the other systems, so that they could do their work. After the nutrients go


into the other  systems in our body, the other systems will become strong for them to function. 


The Digestive system won't only help the other systems, the other systems will also help the


Digestive system. So, we could understand that a balanced diet is like eating healthy food only.


But, don't involve junk food in a balanced diet. If we/you eat junk food every day instead of healthy


food, then we'll become too much fat, and nothing will happen correctly in our body. So, don't


avoid junk food in a balanced diet. Okay then, remember to eat healthy food every day.













Turn of electronics and get active


Turn of electronics and go outside to exercise or to play. If you see electronics for


a lot of  time, then you'll get sight, or your eyes will pain, or any kind of negative


thing could happen to you. This is especially for kids and teens. Kids and teens


shouldn't play games with electronics or see movies or cartoons in electronics


like TV more than 2 hours. While your seeing movies, cartoons or playing


games with electronics, you shuldn't eat anything like meals or something. If 


your eating meals while playing games or seeing movies and cartoons, then


you'll become obese. So, instead of playing games or seeing cartoons and movies


on electronics, go outside and exercise, play games(not on electronics), and do


many more things to be active.


Don't eat junk food


We shouldn't eat junk food. If we eat junk food, then we'll become obese. Obese


means too much fat. If we eat junk food, then we'll not only become obese, we'll


also have a tooth ache or stomach ache. Some times, after we become obese,


then only we'll have a stomach ache. Sometimes only we'll have a tooth ache


after we become obese, but not most of the times. Sometimes, if we become


obese, then we can't do anything, so we need to go to the hospital. If we eat


junk food, then every single organ or system in our body won't function in our body.


If every single system or organ won't function in our body, then we'll have a


problem with our body, or we'll not survive. We shouldn't eat junk food because, 


there aren't any nutrients or healthy food in junk food. This is why we shouldn't eat


junk food, and this is why the food that are not healthy are called junk food. So, if


you can't remember all this, then just remember that you shouldn't eat junk food.