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SHH Sports & Fitness Class Catalogue (v3.2)

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SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES by Simply Health Hub Sports Fitness Team Version 3 2

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PAGE 02 SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 04 05 05 05 06 06 06 06 About Us Summary Guide A B T Animal Flow Bbarreless Bootybarre Bowling Cardio Dance FightDo 07 07 07 07 08 08 08 08 09 Hatha Yoga HIIT 40 20s Inline Skating Kickboxing KpopX Fitness Lite Nirvana Fitness Outdoor Yoga Pilates Piloxing 09 09 09 10 10 10 10 11 Steel Combat Swimming Tabata 20 10s Postnatal Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Yin Yoga Zumba Contact Us

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PAGE 03 SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 ABOUT US Simply Health Hub SHH is a healthcare marketplace that started out with a simple goal To advocate for healthier living We provide as a comprehensive and accessible hub for all healthcare and medical related products and services so as to meet multiple and holistic aspects of the community s well being and healthcare needs As a healthcare companion we engage with medical institutions charity organisations corporates and individuals and have undertaken projects that subscribe to building respectful and long term relationships with our clients and partners creating promising opportunities in the advocation for health Our Sports Fitness Classes have been ongoing for the past 2 years with our corporate clients since January 2020 The sessions were held at physical venues prior to Covid 19 and moved on to virtual platforms according to safe distancing regulations

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PAGE 04 SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 SUMMARY GUIDE Muscular Strengthening A B T Animal Flow HIIT Tabata FightDo Kickboxing Pilates Steel Combat Building Endurance Animal Flow Bbarreless Cardio Dance HIIT Tabata FightDo Piloxing Pilates Swimming Steel Combat Zumba Enhancing Flexibility Animal Flow Bbarreless Nirvana Fitness Pilates Yoga Increasing Cardiovascular Strength A B T Cardio Dance HIIT Tabata FightDo Kickboxing KpopX Nirvana Fitness Piloxing Swimming Steel Combat Zumba Body Toning A B T Bbarreless Bootybarre Meditative Rehabilitative Animal Flow Nirvana Fitness Pilates Yoga Recreational Bowling Cardio Dance Inline Skating KpopX Swimming Zumba ESTIMATED CLASS INTENSITY SCALE 1 Lowest 2 3 4 Highest DISCLAIMER THE ABOVE INFORMATION ARE GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS AND SHOULD NOT BE TREATED AS DIAGNOSES OR PRESCRIPTIONS

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PAGE 05 SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 A B T ABS BUTT THIGH Lvl 3 Intensity Focused on strengthening one s abs butt and thighs A B T is a combination of strength training with high reps that shapes and tones one s lower body as well as builds muscles Its exercises target the common problematic areas to deliver a cardiovascular and organic regime designed to yield optimal results ANIMAL FLOW Lvl 3 Intensity Animal Flow is a ground based fitness system whose movements are designed to improve mobility strength and endurance of all ages It can also serve as a form of meditation and has gained popularity during the Covid 19 pandemic due to its visually pleasing nature It focuses on bodyweight poses flowing from one to another that encourages the idea of connection and communication BBARRELESS Lvl 3 Intensity Bbarreless is a fusion class of yoga pilates and dance which incorporates low impact moves in this evolution of classic barre Carried out in section blocks Bbarreless helps to tone one s body and muscles as well as improve posture and flexibility Suitable for both males and females Bbarreless recommends props such as the resistance bands dumbbells and soft balls to facilitate a more effective and dynamic workout experience CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

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PAGE 06 BOOTYBARRE SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 Lvl 2 Intensity Bootybarre is a fusion class combining the elements of ballet and pilates the flexibility of yoga and the conditioning of dance into a cardio format that encourages endurance strength and flexibility Routines follow the beat of the music and target the lower body muscle groups building and strengthening towards a toned body Props like a sturdy chair and soft ball or cushion are often used to assist a more effective and dynamic workout BOWLING Lvl 3 Intensity Bowling is an target sport and recreational activity in which a player rolls a ball towards pins in an indoor lane The sport focuses on technique form and discipline to achieve its desired results in a game as well as build up stamina endurance and concentration CARDIO DANCE Lvl 3 Intensity Cardio Dance is a fusion of musical rhythms and choreographed dance moves that creates a dynamic cardiovascular workout designed to sweat and have fun FIGHTDO Lvl 4 Intensity FightDo is a thrilling combination of boxing and martial arts in an imaginary fight against one or several opponents The class utilises punches kicks blocks and sometimes a skipping rope to provide a dynamic workout that helps to burn fat and tone up muscles potentially burning 600 800 calories per session CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

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PAGE 07 HATHA YOGA SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 Lvl 1 Intensity Hatha Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on physical poses breathing techniques and meditation to achieve better health and spirituality It is a path towards creating balance that helps to develop strength and flexibility HIIT 40 20S Lvl 4 Intensity High Intensity Interval Training HIIT is a cardiovascular muscle building and strengthening full body workout that utilises a time based interval routine to effectively burn fat and calories Its routine involves short bursts of powerful movements followed by regular short rest periods that raises and lowers one s heart rate repeatedly to boost metabolism INLINE SKATING Lvl 3 Intensity Inline skating is a multi disciplinary sport whose gear mainly consists of skates that are set in line for greater speed and maneuverability This widely loved activity helps to cultivate balance and form of the body as well as stamina control and endurance through the techniques learnt KICKBOXING Lvl 4 Intensity Kickboxing is a full body martial arts workout that engages every muscle group in your body through boxing and kicking moves to support faster reflexes build muscles and enhance cardiovascular strength With the rapidly evolving fitness climate Kickboxing can be done in both virtual and physical settings providing an equally sweaty and satisfying workout experience CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

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PAGE 08 SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 KPOPX FITNESS LITE Lvl 2 Intensity KpopX Fitness Lite is a Korean dance based workout that incorporates a variety of cardio and muscle movements to break a sweat and have fun grooving along to a range of popular Korean tunes The session intensity has the capacity to tailor to individual classes befitting the needs of its participants NIRVANA FITNESS Nirvana Fitness is an uplifting blend of yoga stretch pilates toning and breathing technique that flows in line with calming music It relaxes and strengthens one s body and mind with a variety of poses that follows a counting breath work to achieve a peaceful state of mind Lvl 1 Intensity Lvl 2 Intensity PILATES Pilates is a physical fitness system of repetitive exercises performed on a mat that promotes strength stability and flexibility The exercises advocate core strengthening benefits that help to improve posture and balance in one s everyday movements sometimes used in rehabilitation settings as well OUTDOOR YOGA Lvl 1 Intensity Outdoor Yoga is grounded in eco psychology and emphasises on the mindfulness one has with nature bringing one s senses to the here and now moment Apart from the mind body and flexibility benefits yoga practices provide the additional outdoor environment promotes mental and physical health and healing as well CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

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PAGE 09 PILOXING SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 Lvl 4 Intensity Piloxing is a non stop high energy cardio workout that blends boxing pilates and dance moves in intervals It is highly effective in building muscles burning calories as well as improving one s endurance and strength Suitable for both males and females this workout is typically conducted for weight management programs as well as a stress reliever activity STEEL COMBAT Lvl 4 Intensity Steel Combat is a new training combat fitness class that invites participants to an experience of unique sensations utilising selective techniques from many contact sports in the world Within the duration of the class one may expect to apply boxing and martial arts movements and routines to build muscular strength enhance cardiovascular health and improve endurance stamina SWIMMING Lvl 4 Intensity Swimming is a water sport activity where an individual requires the use of the entire body to move through water It trains one for endurance strength and technique toning the body and improving cardiovascular health TABATA 20 10S Lvl 4 Intensity Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT that is highly effective at burning calories and fat building muscles and strengthening the body through short bursts of powerful movement followed by regular short rest periods It is an intense cardiovascular exercise that aims to boost your metabolism CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

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PAGE 10 SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2 POSTNATAL YOGA Lvl 1 Intensity Postnatal or Postpartum Yoga focuses on recovery and restoration and helps to alleviate stress and depression after childbirth One can start practising this form of yoga a few days to a few weeks after giving birth depending on the delivery VINYASA YOGA Lvl 1 Intensity Vinyasa Yoga is a breath and movement synchronised form of yoga practice pacing through varieties of sun salutations and improving overall flexibility and strength physically and mentally YIN YOGA Lvl 1 Intensity Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga practice incorporating principles of Chinese medicine with poses that hold for an average of 3 to 5 minutes thus applying moderate pressure to one s connective tissues It is a meditative approach practice to create awareness of inner silence and mindfulness ZUMBA Lvl 2 Intensity Zumba is a Latin dance based class that combines several elements of fitness from cardio and muscle conditioning to balance and flexibility It incorporates a mix of low intensity and high intensity moves for an interval style and calorie burning session that allows room for self expression and freestyle CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

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PAGE 11 CONTACT US For general enquiries contact simplyhealthhub com For corporate customised enquiries corporate simplyhealthhub com Simply Health Hub LLP 7 Temasek Boulevard 12 07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987 www simplyhealthhub com SHH SPORTS FITNESS CLASSES V3 2