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why communication

is important in the work setting 

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Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work.

In my placement it is very important to communicate effectively for example when it comes to children and young people we sing songs so in my role i had to help the children learn the songs and the actions for the songs as it was a lot of new words for the nursery to learn.also i always you eye contact to know that i am talking to my role in the morning i read to the children that get to school early to help them with getting to grips with understanding words and it helps the children to connect with me and it builds a good relationship between me and the children.when doing circle time with children it is important to make sure the children understand that they are have to take it in turns and show good listening skills an listening to the other children as they hold the teddy and say what they want to say.on placement praise is important as when we praise a child it shows that we have acknowledge their good work or good behaviour. playing CD helps child to learn songs also on placement CD's are used to relaxes the children while in class as they will behaviour and learn work is useful as it teaches children about the way in which to talk to other children and how to behaviour around other children while working together .

Although i haven't actually had a meet and greet with the parents and carers at my placement i have watched what the teacher has done and how she has acted around them and she always give eye contact when talking to them so they knew she was talking to them.they discuss things like their child's learning ability or if they need to bring in more of a certain type of medication for example on placement there is a child with cesc fabregas and all the teachers had to sign a booklet saying that they read all the information and agree to what she needs to have to keep her safe and everyday she bring in tablets that she needs to take.teachers may also talk about upcoming trips for example the trip to loggerheads to meet mrs claus in December nursery letters are given out every day with information about school and what they have been up to so the parent or carer is kept up to date with whats going on.if a teacher has a concern about a child then the teacher will sometimes email the parents or care about that issue so that the parent or carer knows about it straight away.on placement the teachers use an app called dojo app where they give green dojo for good behaviour and red for bad and parents can have a look to see if their child has gotten any green or red dojo so it makes the parents and cares more aware of what is going on at school and can work with the teachers to fix any problems.


  The medical staff at my placement have the role to if a child is injured to write a detailed report about what has happened so that teachers are aware and if a child is injured to tell the parents so that the parents know of what 

has happened.also you may talk to medical staff if their is a change in medication for example if the child with cesc fabregas needs to go on a higher amount of their medication the staff and are aware of it.

       Other professionals may come in to placement for example could report progress of a child to their teacher so the teacher is kept up to date.also they might come in for meeting and parents evening as they can have a conversation with the parents to see home the child is doing at home and if they need to do more at home.also if they need to discuss moving that child onto the next step so they are ready to progress onwards and don't need as much support.