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"I believe God grants man wisdom to create miracles in the natural realm that we dwell in."

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I firmly believe that my God is a healer, and my immediate intention was to find a doctor lead by the Lord.  One that spoke of prayer, faith, and believed anything was possible, so I began this journey dedicated to praying for His specific instructions. In shock, I guess I needed a minute to hear from God.  This required "time out" from all of the noise being spoken.  The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:7 "We Walk by faith, not by sight." Up until this point my husband and I had trusted God for everything in our lives; ministry, anointing, and provision, and we began to realize this was no different.  "God has the ability to work this out!" I said. 


An attitude of faith, not fear is the key. I told myself I must not listen to the Prince of Darkness.  Even though the enemy kept whispering in my ear, I had to keep my mind, and everyone around me concentrated on prayer.  I entertained no negative thoughts.  My life was on the line.  No time for pity or grief. I did not even tell my immediate family.




My first thirty days of faith for healing was initiated and during this time, I refused any medical treatment. I wanted to hear from God.  Of course, a first natural reaction is to respond in fear, but my husband and I decided that we were going to operate in full agreement and listen as God directed us in what to do. We knew that it was going to take aggressive faith united wit others that shared our belief and reached out to our friends at Maricopa prayers partners.  Together we began pulling on the healing anointing of our Lord Jesus Christ, and prayer meetings became our new norm.


Ironically, my computer became my point of contact for streaming faith into my life.  Every night I played miracle services through various outlets listening to testimonies of others who were healed.  If it happened to them, it could happen to me as I listened to each miracle service, I would reach out in faith.  I could tell God was exercising my faith, building it up and teaching me to rely upon the Word of God to heal me.  I required God as my physician to walk with me through this test, and I began to repeat the verse in Isaiah 54:17, " No weapon formed against me shall prosper."




Thanks for spending time with me...

All you need is in Him!