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The purpose of the NLRB is connected to the investigation and prosecution of those who engage in unfair labor practices. The NLRB is designed to be completely fair, not taking sides. 


The National Labor Relations Board is an independent United States government agency that has responsibilities for enforcing United States labor laws in relation to collective bargaining and unfair labor practices.


National Labor Relations Board.

Shannon Tarr.

date of program:

July 5, 1935

Purpose of program

the NLRB is a workers reform.

nlrb purpose now:

The NLRB still exists to this day. There are currently five members with one with a term expiring later this year. President Donald Trump has appointed Phillip Miscimarra as the chairman of the board.

NLRB PURPose then:

The NLRB takes action to safeguard employees' right to organize and to decide whether to have unions serve as their bargaining representative with their employer

  • the NLRB was converted into a purely judicial body
  • On April 4, 2016, the NLRB marked one year since the implementation of its revised rules governing representation-case procedures.
  • Rules were designed to remove unnecessary barriers to the fair
  • Has only five members.
  • Has a general counsel.
  • Works through a secret ballot.
  • The board is charged with hearing labor disputes.
  • The NLRB’s general counsel investigates and prosecutes complaints.
  • The NLRB has no independent power to enforce its orders.
  • The decisions made by the NLRB have done much to shape American labor practices.


Unemployment rate ~decrease


Government Spending ~increase


GDP ~decrease


Confidence Building ~increase


Role of Government ~ increase


Effects on economy: