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Cultural Sensitivity Project:


Cuba and 


The United States



By: Shealy Blackman

Greetings: Cubans shake each others hands. Mens hand may linger in a handshake. Friends and close aquaintences kiss on cheek.

Communication Style: Cubans are louder and more direct than the average American

Personal Space: Cubans stand closer to people they know and further from people they dont when talking. There is a fair amount of touching when communicating.

Eye Contact: Cubans are more for direct eye contact than indirect eye contact. Eye contact shows that you are interested and respectful.

Views of Time: Cubans care more about people and relationships than schedules. They arrive late to parties and functions all the time.

Gestures: Cubans speak quickly and loudly, use hand gestures, and use their body for emphaisis when talking. They point at people by puckering their lips up in that persons direction

Gender Roles: Woman can have a variety of jobs and are expected to do housework and take care of the kids when they get home.

Taboos: In Cuba you should avoid spitting, blowing nose, littering, and taking pictures of people without their permission.

Law & Order: In Cuba there is no legal drinking or smoking age. You just have to be 16 to purchase alcohol.



Greetings: American shake each others hands. It is common to give a hug to a family member or close friend.

Communication Style: Americans are known to speak in a more informal manner. It is best to avoid topics about politics, religion, sexuality, etc. It is considered rude to talk about how much money someone makes. Americans usually offer more generous compliments thna europeans.

Personal Space: Value personal space and usually stay 2-3 feet away from each other when having a conversation. There is little to no touching in conversations.  Amnericans only hug close friends or family members.

Eye Contact: Direct eye contact is valued during American conversations. It is considered respectful and a sign of interest. Staring should be avoided and is considered rude, especially in larger cities.

Views of Time: Punctuality is valued by Americans and they expect thigns to be done on time. Americans expect people to show up on time for appointments and other functions. "Time is money".

Gestures: Whisling at performance means appreciation. Waving is a greeting and a sign for goodbye. Raising middle finger is highly offensive.

Gender Roles: Americans value equality. Most families have dual income from both man and woman working.

Taboos: Race is a vewry sensitive topic in America. Avoid offending anyone. Spitting is unacceptable as is raising your middle finger.

Law & Order: Drinking age is 21 while smoking age is 18-19. These laws are heavily enforced.



Dress: Men dress in a guayabera shirt and some nice slacks. Women can wear a nice pair of pants and a shirt.

Titles and Business Cards: Ms., Mrs., Mr., You should have one side of a business card translated in Spanish and hand the card to the person recieving it with the Spanish side up.

Negotiations: They value relationship building and harmony.

Gift Giving: Gifts are not brought to the first meeting. Cubans give modest gifts.

Meetings: Arrive on time, small talk 5-15 minutes. In Cuba it is considered acceptable to interrupt someone who speaking.


Dress: Men usually wear a business suit to interviews. Women usually wear a dress, a business suit, or a pantsuit.

Titles and Business Cards: Mr., Mrs., or Miss. There is no specific protocol for giving or recieving gift cards.

Meetings: Arrive on time or a few minutes early. There is little small talk and there is usually an agenda to follow.

Negotiations: Business deal or contract is seen as more important than personal relationships. Final decisions are made from top to bottom.

Gift Giving: Gifts are not usually given at meetings. When going to someones house it is common to have a gift for them.


Class Rules: Dress codes are casual.Students can wear shirts, shorts, tank tops, and jeans. Grades are given on a 0-5 scale. 3 is the minimum passing grade. Students must greet teacher by standing until they are told to sit.

Socializing: Considered rude to be overdrunk in public, most students drink socially. Are highly advised to have safe sex and use condoms.


Class Rules: Dress code is casual, plagiarism is seen as a horrible offense and can get you expelled, Grading is A-F, F being the worst and an A+ being the best.

Socializing: Drinking plays a large part in socializing, students socialize at parties, bars, etc. Campuses offer a variety of clubs with free memberships.