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Monty Oum was born on june 22, 1981, providence, RI and died on February 1, 2015, Austin, Texas. In 2009 Monty Oum joined Rooster Teeth and worked on "Red vs. Blue" for many years and in on its 14 season when is based on The Halo video game seires. But he moved to his own anime-style show called RWBY. Which is going to have its 4th season on october 22. He made his name on a self-relesed cideo call Haloid, a mash-up using charactors from halo and metoird in 2007


I chose Monty Oum becasue he was the lead animator to RWBY, my favorite show, be for he died at 33. He was a self-taught animator and produced several crossover fighting video series. This caught the eye of Roosyer Teeth The 4 th most subscibed youtube show chanel and 94 th top subscribed to chanel. He know as the wizard, the king, the knight, and pawn rolled in to one to milllions.

Monty Oum

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