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B Y :  S H E L B Y E  G I N G E R I C H  P H O T O 

2 0 1 6  W E D D I N G  G U I D E

I believe the candid moments are the ones that get framed. I believe in photos that are kept in frames and on walls for generations to come. I believe in capturing the beauty of your wedding day, exactly as you would remember it. I believe in light, airy, glows and moody black and whites. I believe that romance and adventure are best when they are kept together. I believe that simple can be extravagant, and that the details DO matter. I believe in the divine power of love between a husband and wife, and that it is not only one of the most powerful forces in this world, but that choosing to love another person unconditionally and forever is also one of the most beautiful acts that we get to witness on this side of Heaven. 


My obsession with cameras goes way back to family vacations when I was 8 years old when my mom bought my sister and me a twin-pack of disposable cameras. I used to wander off in Wal*Mart to the camera aisle and obsess over the next coolest looking camera I just HAD to have, and year after year I would end up with a different camera. The obsession just became more intense once I was in my teens and I began to get more acquainted in the ways of digital photography. I got my first point-and-shoot camera, and not long after that (at the age of 15) I had saved up my babysitting money combined with money from my job at a clothing boutique in downtown Weatherford, TX, and purchased my first DSLR: the Canon Rebel. That’s what I started my photography career with. I shot my first wedding with that camera at the age of 16. I taught myself Photoshop, how to shoot all manual, what RAW and JPEG meant, etc. My obsession with beautiful photography remains as strong today as it did back when I was 8 years old, and that love is the driving force behind what I do in this business every day.

S H E L B Y E  G I N G E R I C H

Owner/Operator/Photographer. Wife to Daniel. Mom to Shiloh. 

S G P  S T Y L E

“Classy” and “stylish” meets “laid back” and “earthy”. I love photographing couples who can get dressed to the hilt and then put on their hiking boots to climb the mountain they are getting married atop of. I love the beauty of wind blown hair, mismatched bridesmaids dresses, and barefoot brides. I consider every photo to be a work of fine art, and I try to capture that through airy, film-like editing, and moody black and white images. 

  • Give you some tips and pointers so you don’t look or feel awkward in your photos
  • Crack many jokes (some even slightly inappropriate if it gets you to laugh)
  • Make you kiss for the camera 
  • Show you back of the camera shots right there on-the-spot, and possibly compare a gorgeous photo to “butter”… because... BUTTER! C’mon!
  • Capture those formal photos that you may want to print on a “save-the-date” or a wedding announcement, as well as the ones you won’t be able to refrain from sharing on Instagram and Facebook. 

 My job and passion are to capture life as it happens naturally for you, all while ensuring that it actually looks “natural” once the image is taken. If you’re someone who is naturally a little camera shy, not to worry! I’m also really good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I  W I L L :

  • Make you do something that you wouldn’t do naturally just to get a “trendy” photo.
  • Ask you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or goes against your personal beliefs.

I  W I L L  N O T :

S U P E R   F A S T   T U R N A R O U N D 

B U T  W A I T ,  T H E R E ' S  M O R E...

There’s no limit to the amount of images you receive. I curate the photos taken to eliminate blurry, unfocused, or unattractive images (let’s face it… it happens to the best of us), and the rest belong to you.

I’m one of those people that stalk my friend’s Facebook profiles and Instagram hashtags a week after the wedding to see if their wedding photos have been posted yet, and I am usually met with disappointment until a month later. Good thing for you that it is my life’s mission to never leave YOUR stalker-friends and family members empty-handed. My goal is to have your photos to you by the time you return from your honeymoon, if not before. 

W H A T  Y O U  G E T 

The following is a list of what you’ll receive when you hire me:

  • Edited Digital Images from your Engagement and/or Wedding
  • A USB flash drive with your images on it
  • Personal use print release
  • Super-Fast Turnaround Time

B O O K I N G  D E T A I L S

A non-refundable retainer and signed contract are required to reserve your wedding date and is applied towards the purchase of your wedding package. The total package price must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to your wedding date.



I N S T A G R A M