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Wedding Style Look book

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Centrepiece Ideas - to save on florals you could use vines and leaves for garden tables or moss is a pretty yet effective option for creating a 'garden' effect without having to splurge. Vintage books (great selection at Lunatiques in Alexandria) also make a very cute centrepiece or visual display. 

Fairy lights can be an excellent space filler but can also transform a garden wedding into a very glamourous and elegant afffair. A fairy light back drop can make a beautiful setting for a first dance and is an easy D.I.Y option which does not require too much effort but looks like it did! Another simple yet gorgeous option to light up a garden wedding is a fairy light canopy (above right) or these old style lanterns with fairy lights inside which can be dotted around the marquee or garden area. 

Flower-less options - On the left is a D.I.Y ceremony wreath or decoration (could also be hung from a tree)made using a hoola hoop and foliage. Great if you want to cut back on flowers and also do something a little different...


Distressed rustic frame on left for fun guest photograph ops and sweet moss D.I.Y frames on the right to adorn trees in garden...

'Secret Garden antique keys would add a sense of childlike wonder to a outdoor wedding and easy D.I.Y signage on the right (again just a distressed frame with a pen used for writing on glass) 

Another simple yet beautiful flower-less centrpiece otiion for garden tables - a wine bottle with succulents. Perfect for winelovers and a garden wedding!

Special touches - wildflower seeds or seedling party favours in keeping with the rejeuvenating nature of the garden. An antique typewriter holding the couple's (or bride's) favourite page from 'The Secret Garden' book or a special note or moment between the couple (Typewriters for hire from May Rose Styling, Sydney or can be purchased at most antique shops)