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SFR final project

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRO Intention Setting 03 ENDING FINAL PROJECTS INCLUDING BIOS Ashwin 04 Sharon 09 Fabian 15 Alaia with Alex 17 Brigette 20 Cesar 29 Anika 31 Alyssa 36 Natalia Kelvin 38 Starry 50 List of Demands 53 Thank You To Pod Leads Staff 54 Photos 55

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Intention Setting This summer the San Francisco Rising Fellowship cohort created 10 projects that showcase the significance of student debt through a variety of media such as poems spoken word photography and zines to form a manifesto Our manifesto is grounded in our canvassing efforts where we knocked on 1600 doors in the Bayview district of San Francisco and completed 114 surveys Our purpose with this manifesto is to exhibit the harm that student debt has on students by communicating the issues and actions needed to be taken through our stories struggles and achievements Every fellow explored and created a project from their perspective as a student and highlighted their truth regarding the burden of student debt Together we used forms of creativity to depict and uplift our stories to broadcast our values and unite in the fight to abolish student debt

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Orange Light Green Hi I imn Ashw About Me Hi My name is Ashwin Prabu and I am a rising sophomore at Stanford working with SFR through the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity I am originally from the DC Metropolitan Area DMV specifically Virginia During my free time I like to watch sports play tennis and meditate Letter to Self My letter to future self is supposed to show how I am struggling because the capitalist system makes it hard to pursue a career in public service It is supposed to expose how difficult it is pursue justice and equity when existing in the current system Zodiac Sign Aries

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Letter to Future Self Congratulations on graduating from Law School What an incredible achievement that is a testament to your hard work and dedication As you embark on this next chapter of your life you are going to have to decide how and where to best utilize your newfound legal skills and knowledge On top of that you need to consider the large amount of student loan debt that you are going to have to pay off This letter is aimed at reminding you of your journey passions and values Dear Ashwin Prabu

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Your Roots From an early age you rebelled against the stereotypes society placed on South Asian men When your South Asian peers went to the math science technology and medical fields you gravitated towards social justice work Your parents discouraged you at first Politics is messy and dangerous Your community discouraged you Politics is not meant for foreigners like you However throughout all that you stuck to your passion for public service In fact you believed in yourself so much that you converted your parents into full supporters of your mission

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Activist Energy At Stanford you continued to pursue your interest in public service You specifically became involved in social justice work around immigrants and workers rights You joined the Students for Workers Rights organization on campus and caught the organizing bug This moved you to then spend a summer organizing with San Francisco Rising where you joined a powerful activist community that was warm and accepting of you From the political education workshops at SFR you learned about the racial oppression embedded within our current capitalist system and the necessity for structural change From the 1 on 1 s and journal writing you discovered yourself and reclaimed your identity as a second generation Indian immigrant And from the mass actions and protests you found joy in being part of something larger than yourself Overall you found fulfillment in helping create a better world

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Remember Who You Are Social justice work is what makes you most happy Fighting the capitalist system that is creating this dilemma you are currently dealing with is what gives you your purpose Do not let debt be the obstacle that pushes you away from this life Capitalism maintains its power by creating conditions that make it very difficult to pursue careers that challenge it But it is not strong enough to stop you You got this Lots of love Ashwin Prabu Capitalism Creates Conditions That Maintain Capitalism

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Tan Green Hi I omn Shar About Me My name is Sharon Song and I am a first generation undocumented Latinx sophomore at the University of San Francisco majoring in Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Neuroscience I try to get involved with my community as much as possible since growing up my family relied on these resources heavily My hope is to make our community a more equitable environment for all through organizing and artistic outlets Zine I decided to make a mini zine on the student debt crisis and tried to convey a sense of empowerment and movement through things that are accessible to anyone such as music and self care I used common ideas and experiences to help spark at least some intereste in the reader viewer Zodiac Sign Pisces

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Favorite Color Green Army Hi I amn Fabi About Me Hi my name is Fabian he him I was a student at San Francisco state university where I graduated this summer with a degree in political science I am a Peruvian immigrant moved up to San Francisco from Orange County CA I am proud of my Peruvian roots they help to remind me that our struggle is international in dimension and not limited by colonial borders Screen Printing The purpose of Fabian s project is to provoke thought about the role of the university in capitalist society Zodiac Sign Scorpio

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Red Green Hi Ia m Alai Spoken Word Poem Spoken word poem by Alex and Alaia illustrating the experiences tied to living with the burden of debt in America This piece urges readers to see the vulnerable true of living with debt that s often not talked about This is due to taught narratives of shame that we need to resist against as we understand our relationship to debt is a predatorial one About Me Hi My name is Alaia and I m going into my last year at USF majoring in Critical Diversity Studies and minoring in Cultural Anthropology I was born and raised on Ramaytush Ohlone land spending my whole life between San Francisco and Contra Costa County In my free time you can catch me at the park in the sun or the kitchen cooking for myself and my people Things that are close to heart and identity include gender fluidity the Arab American experience being a student of decolonization and mostly cartoons Zodiac Sign Leo

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Light Blue Lavender Hi Ie mtte Brig Poem This is a poem and photographic project depicting students despair grief suffering and general well being in relation to student debt I had a lot of fun composing the poems and capturing the moments that embody the sensations implied of each written poetry About Me Brigette is my name I am a thirdyear Sociology major at San Francisco State University with a minor in criminal justice I m from Southern California but I ve had a great experience in San Francisco In my spare time I enjoy going on hikes swimming going to the beach painting and doing yoga I enjoy educating myself and advocating for others in response Several laws and regulations in California and in the United States of America require change or renewal I intend to contribute to the transformation of our American politics Zodiac Sign Taurus

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Brown Neutral Tan Hi I rm Cesa About Me Hi everyone My name is Cesar he him and I m a rising junior at Stanford I was born and raised on unceded Munsee Lenape land Queens New York but for right now I m living on unceded Muwekma Ohlone land Stanford for the fellowship Aside from social justice work I love to go thrifting and being able to explore my creativity through clothes Poster My project s intention is to humanize the fight for student debt cancellation through photography we often use statistics to stress the gravity of the situation yet we fail to see the stories and faces of the individuals who hold this burden and those who are actively fighting for student debt cancellation my project highlights our student leaders to commemorate their dedication and ideas Zodiac Sign Pisces

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Blue Sage Green Hi I am Anik Written Piece 1 My written piece uses both digital media and Chinese to tell my story about how I came to see food as ancestral healing for liberation 2 Radical reimagination and relationship building are key to our future for liberation As such I combined the two and created a visual to show the different ideas we all have About Me Hello hello I m Anika they she and I m going into my senior year at USF as a Critical Diversity Major with minors in Chinese Anthropology and Public Service Community Engagement I am a proud Pacific NorthWesterner raised on Cowlitz land Portland OR but am slowly finding community and comfort here on Ramaytush Ohlone land San Francisco I find joy in soaking up the sun sewing video editing petting cats nerding out building community and organizing Zodiac Sign Aquarius

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Pink Teal Blue Hi I sma Alys About Me My name is Alyssa Ultreras she her ella and I am a rising Sophomore at University of San Francisco USF studying critical diversity studies I was born and raised in Oakland CA and if I were a fictional character I would like to think I would be Olivia Pope because of her passion drive and independence I hope to become a human right lawyer and activist for social justice issues globally nationally and locally Acrostic Poem Alyssa wrote an Acrostic poem and used images that depict the affects of college debt in a variety of ways to show the significance of debt to one s life Zodiac Sign Cancer

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Red Gold Hi I m Natalia About Me Hello my name is Natalia Reyes My pronouns are she her I graduated in May 2022 from San Francisco State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Race and Resistance Studies Being born and raised in San Francisco I m excited and passionate about helping working class and marginalized communities fight for liberation and justice in my hometown Zine Natalia and Kelvin worked together to create a zine to uplift the voices of SFR fellows when it comes to student debt Zodiac Sign Leo

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Light Blue Purple Hi I imn Kelv About Me Hello my name is Kelvin I am a rising third year at UC Berkeley majoring in Cognitive Science I am from Oakland and enjoy playing volleyball basketball and hiking during my free time Zine Natalia and Kelvin worked together to create a zine to uplift the voices of SFR fellows when it comes to student debt Zodiac Sign Capricorn

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What do you think of when you think of debt Debilitating D in t n u a Burden g S tr V io le n t Expensive is l a t i Cap m Struggle ess ful H o r r ib R e s t r i ct i ve le

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How Much Is Our Community Struggling With

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What does our community envision without all of this debt

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This gentle calming and intentional San Francisco state student envisions a restructured educational system with no grades no punishments and tailored teachings

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This passionate hardworking and thoughtful USF student envisions a free college experience for all where everyone studies what they re passionate about without family and societal pressures

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this reserved chill and calm student imagines a stress free world with free college for all where students can focus on their learning instead of just finishing college

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this passionate curious and stubborn usf student believes students need access to financial and mental spiritual resources in order to be able to rest while pursuing education

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this passionate driven and headstrong sf state grad believes in a world with free college where more people are passionate about their jobs careers

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do you s e c r u so What re ur o y h c a e r need to rive h T d n a vision Peers and Friends ty COm m uni Centers Food Healthc are Supporting Community M en ta l Health and Spiritual R e so u r c e s Housing FUNDING

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Ocean Blue Jade Green Hi I rmy Star About Me Peace Greetings I m Starry I am from the East Bay the Band of Los Coyotes I graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in Race and Resistance I enjoy spending my time expressing myself through creative outlets such as fashion dancing drawing more I value the liberation and humanization of humanity and I strive to eternally share my knowledge and learn from others Drawing Starry utilized their magical drawing abilities for imagining a future world for their siblings through drawing them as star characters

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