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i project im forced to do by reasoning that it is supposed to help get me into a college where i spend half my life trying to pay for a piece of paper that says i know what a computer is.......... fun

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campylabactor jejuni

the illness is spread through cross contamination. you can prevent it by not doing that.a couple foods you see it common in would be chicken and beef. for treatment you can take some counter medicine to assist in your pooping/vomiting or wait it out... you know the up to 2 weeks it last... and even with meds your still screwed.


a checmical hazard is when somthing in your food spoils... basically. so dont let food spoil. fridge it. a physical hazard would be like trying to eat bones out of your food... so dont do that. i know its hard but all you gotta do is not be an idiot.

chemical and physical hazards

direct     =     meat touching meat



Cross     =     meat touching surfaces then other meat touching that surface


so santitize and youll be fine

direct contamination and cross

clean verses sanitary

clean means you dont see dirt




sanitary means a microscpe dont see germs








my table was cleaned with a towel verses my table was cleaned with a wet wipe then dried

wash your hands whenever you poop, pea, or eat.

wash your hands when pooping, peeing, or done eating

this is how my dad does it and hes never wrong

danger zooooone, the place between 42 degrees and 140 degrees where germs build up most... what type of degrees you ask? well are we scientist? then ferinheight you nimwitted twat

When thawing frozen food, it's best to plan ahead and thaw in the refrigerator where it will remain at a safe, constant temperature at 40 °F or below. There are threesafe ways to thaw food: in the refrigerator, in cold water, and in the microwave.

  1. 1. To Handle Food Safely keep raw meat, poultry, and fish away from other foods so they don't contaminate them crossly
  2. 2. Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature dont touch it... its adavanced and you'll fuck it up
  3. 3. Store Leftovers and Perishable Food in plastic wrap in main part of the fridge
  4. 4. Storing Fruits and Vegetables in lower compartment of fridge
  5. 5. Storing Eggs fridge em neatly in egg box
  6. 6. Freezing Foods... if you buy it at the store frozen then put it in the freezer

preventing cuts


don't play with the knife


when washing the knife don't put it under non-visable pots of water


make slow precise cuts


don't get mad at your husband/wife


and use legos' to cut your steak (saw it on tv... no pun intended)





preventing ffires


you don't prevent ffires

they happen on accident not on purpose whether you like it or not



so always have baking soda on hand or sand to put out the ffire instantly



don't put any paper or tree products in the pan



and toss alcohol in the pan above the ffire on directly on top of it... meaning lift the pan up and pour

and just dont be old is the main point i guess

preventing falls???

electronic no nos

dont be dumb or you will likely die from shock


repeat dont be dumb


dont wash electronic stuff in the washer while its on even if the label tells you its washable... you gotta use common sense


dont be an idiot


unplug the god damn toaster when your done 


dont be a moron


and keep water jugs away from outlets... or do and just kys