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C HIROPR ACTIC S ER VICES CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES Our Doctors are healthcare professionals who focus on the musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions and the impact they have on a person s overall health Emphasis is placed on alleviating pain in the back neck and joints to correct conditions that cause this pain BENEFITS OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE No pain medication needed Personalized treatment programs Non invasive treatment options Treatment at the source of symptoms Provides powerful pain relief All natural therapy CONDITIONS TREATED BY CHIROPRACTIC CARE Sciatica lower back pain Neck pain Headaches Scoliosis Sports injuries Herniated disc Car accident work related injuries Spinal ligament injuries PATIENT TESTIMONIAL Great place Receptionist and doctors are always very friendly You can tell they really care about their patients Dr Chris Efthimiou DC CIME Spinal Decompression Machine Relieves back pain through motorized traction 8323 East Market St SE Howland OH 44484 P 330 609 5533 F 330 609 5553 info oprmedical com oprmedical com

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BAC K SPINE NECK S URG ERY BACK SPINE NECK SURGERY From acute injuries sprains and strains to arthritis our specialists provide conservative nonsurgical and surgical care for any type of orthopedic and musculoskeletal problem Cervical disc replacements Microdiscectomies Neck pain and cervical spine surgery Lumbar spinal surgery Sacroiliac joint disease Scoliosis Spondylolisthesis Minimally invasive spine surgery Spinal stenosis Failed back surgery repairs Surgical services are provided at nationally recognized hospitals such as St Vincent Charity Medical Center and outpatient surgery centers Surgical consult available within two weeks Dr Robert McLain MD St Vincent Charity Medical Center Surgeon President of the Mid America Orthopedic Association PATIENT TESTIMONIAL The best two doctors around Thank you so much for helping me to get better and to get my life back I m so grateful for both of you 8323 East Market St SE Howland OH 44484 P 330 609 5533 F 330 609 5553 info oprmedical com oprmedical com

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P HY SIC AL OCCUPATIO NAL TH ERAP Y PHYSICAL OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Our team of physical therapists make treatment as efficient painless and convenient as possible with physical therapy treatments like our AllCore360 The AllCore360 physical therapy and core strengthening machine allows patients seniors athletes and everyday people to train over 50 core muscles to recover faster improve fitness and enhance physical performance We also utilize the Graston Technique which is a form of manual therapy known as soft tissue instrument assisted mobilization used to treat soft tissue and orthopedic injuries Our occupational therapy services help patients develop recover improve and maintain the skills needed for daily living and working Our occupational therapists enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and prevent or live better with injury illness or disability BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY BENEFITS OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Helps manage pain Assists in avoiding surgery Prevents future injuries Improves mobility and balance Manages diabetes and vascular conditions Improves physical functioning Creates a health plan with activity modifications Helps those recovering from injury regain skillsets Support for elderly experiencing physical decline PATIENT TESTIMONIAL The physical therapy they performed on me helped relieve my pain and aches Thank you Ohio Pain Rehabilitation 8323 East Market St SE Howland OH 44484 P 330 609 5533 F 330 609 5553 info oprmedical com oprmedical com

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M ASSAG E TH ERAP Y MASSAGE THERAPY Massage therapy is a manual manipulation of soft body tissues such as muscle connective tissue tendons and ligaments to enhance a person s health and well being We have licensed massage therapists on staff to care for our patients needs There are a variety of conditions that massage therapy can treat including but not limited to Anxiety and depression Back leg and neck pain Dislocations fractures and edema Headaches Sports injuries Arthritis and Tendinitis BENEFITS OF MASSAGE THERAPY Reduces stress anxiety and relaxes muscles Rehabilitates injuries and reduces pain Promotes overall physical mental health and wellness PATIENT TESTIMONIAL This is the best doctor I ve ever seen They helped me with my lower back pain and within two visits it was all gone Thank you Dr Chris 8323 East Market St SE Howland OH 44484 P 330 609 5533 F 330 609 5553 info oprmedical com oprmedical com

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AU TO W ORK INJURY TH ERAP Y CARE AUTO WORK INJURY THERAPY CARE The most important thing to do in the days immediately following your accident is to visit us so we can evaluate your condition and ensure that your auto work injury does not go undiagnosed and untreated Our approach to auto and work injuries ensures that the injured worker gets the best possible care while eliminating the financial waste associated with mis diagnosis inappropriate treatment and inefficiencies of the healthcare system As a member of the Smart Injury Doctors Network our team focuses on diagnosing and treating spinal ligament injuries Spinal ligament injuries like whiplash cannot always be detected using standard imaging techniques which means many doctors miss or delay diagnosis leaving patients with long term pain PATIENT TESTIMONIAL Dr Chris helped ease my neck and back pain after I was in a car accident I could barely move my neck without a lot of pain and I ve now gained a lot of mobility My lower back feels almost back to normal too 8323 East Market St SE Howland OH 44484 P 330 609 5533 F 330 609 5553 info oprmedical com oprmedical com