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  and the 4 Step Siblings

  Long, long, ago, well not that long ago, in a faraway


land lived a women named Elizebeth. She was


married to a man named Henry. They had one child


named Ella. Her nickname was Cinderella. The


family lived in one of the 4 largest castles in the





 One day Cinderella went for a stroll in the forest. Her


mother told her to stay on the path . . .  Although she


never listened to her parents orders. It was the middle


of winter, and of course Cinderella didn't follow


directions. Once again she got lost. Her father took his


horse Phillipe and searched for her. a storm started to


occur. Henry couldn't leave his 8 year old daughter in


the forest, especially in the middle of a storm. He looked


and looked. Still no where to be found. 


Then he found Cinderella


hiding in her old tree house


she built a few years back.


Henry took Cinderella out of


the tree house and placed her


on Phillipe. They slowly made


their way back to the palace


and when they were near the


end of the path there was a big





   Henry went to go check


it out. All Cinderella heard


was another big









Cinderella  went to go check out her father to


make sure he was okay. When she got there her father


was dead. He got blasted with confetti. Suddenly, he


gasped. He woke up, he ended up getting a concussion.


When they got back to the end of the path it was the


WORST storm that ever happened in


 Apple ~ Lochwood."Where did Phillipe go?" asked


Cinderella. "I don't know." replied Henry. 

All of a sudden Phillipe rushes by and trampled Henry. Cinderella ran for help, she brought her mother. By the time they got there it was too late. Years past and they started there new lives. 

By the time Cinderella was 19 years old, her mother was


married to a man named Samual. With Samual he


brought his 3 stuck up daughters and a shy son. The 4 of


them were quadruplets. Their names were Anastasia,


Drizella, Blue Bell and Lemington. Unfortunatally, their


birth mother died giving birth to them in the hospital.


Anastasia, Drizella and Blue Bell were always mean and


picked on Cinderella. Lemington would always there to


cheer her up and make Cinderella feel better.

Elizebeth and Samual


were invited to a ball at


King Eric's palace. The


children really wanted


to go but couldn't.