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My Grandpa


         My Grandpa Jose Lopez was born in Zacatecas in Mexico he moved to the United States when he was in his teens. His childhood was pretty boring as he dropped out of school to work. 

         He worked in a farm in California near Los Angles. He worked there with his two brothers Milo, and Angel. He Married my grandma years later and he had too quit working because he found out that he had cancer. He had it for 3 years but it went away

he was is was the best thing to happen to him since moving to the United States, Now he lives in Santa ana, California with my Grandma.

        He still makes cups and sales them at a store he owes in california. 





Campos, Milo. Telephone


     Interview. ? Dec. 2016




Campos, Trinidad. Telephone


     Interview. ? Dec. 2016




Lopez, Maria. Telephone


     Interview. ? Dec. 2016

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