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September 2016 Old hat ..... always fav LOOK BOOK

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September 2016
This collection is all about Winter Warmth with a twist of stylish fun but it came a bit late
so it is also the sent of spring in the air
Air-Am Clothing
Canvas Jacket with hand felted
wool inserts and leather trim
Unique Fashion Clothing for
women that LOVE to feel
fabulous every day!!!
….. Lets get down to business
clothes give me their energy
Hemp Wool and Coated Cotton Coat
My body breathes in Organic cotton knit
Hand felted
Hand knitted with silver linen trim
Hoods are separate
…. Clothes
give me
Organza turtle shell top
Crazy Snakedrop crotch pants !!!
i dress for me…. i believe in me
give me
Linen culottes with silk long under shorts
Pleated skirt with band at the bottom
Satchel hand felted from New Zealand merino wool
give me
Natural fibers breath
Organic cotton knit drop crotch pant and t
Air-Am Clothing
Black frills
Clothes give me
their energy…
New Zealand Merino Wool Jumper
Back Pac hand felted form New Zealand
Merino Wool and Pig Skin Leather
New Zealand Pig skin Leather Skirt Belt
Come dance through life with me
New kinda cape
Thank You
all clothes are available @