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September 2023 Newsletter

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September 2023Lets catch up with some of the Hollr team!Hollr.siteCaysieThis month for Hollr, I attended & reported on Whitehaven Alive 2023!It was great to meet all of the other content creators in the medialounge, and to relive the event when I edited the footage for ourYouTube channel. I also had some great interviews with Joe and Chimfor our #GrowingUpCumbrian series that you can find on ourYouTube. ONSPOTLIGHT ONSPOTLIGHT ONSOUNDWAVESOUNDWAVESOUNDWAVE1Photo: Whitehaven Alivevisit Hollrs Youtube channelCONTENTS:CONTENTS:CONTENTS:-Updates from theHollr team-Be apart of the HollrPodcast-Arts Bids in-Session Updates-Look back atWhitehaven Alive-DisChord performs atPride by theHarborside sessions-New Patrons-Our sessionsUpdates

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I've been involved in Caysie's first episode of Growing up in Cumbriaas... by talking about my experience growing up as a part of theLGBTQ+ community in Cumbria. I'm not usually the first to put myselfin front of a camera but it's something I want to get morecomfortable with and I had so much fun filming it and it's amazing tosee the final product! Back in August, HOLLR recorded another episode of the podcast witha member of Ichi's Ghost as the guest. Again, I'm always wanting thechance to get more comfortable in front of a camera, or in this case, amicrophone. It was also great to meet Ichi's Ghost in person, I haddone some work with them virtually previously, so it was good tomeet them!In the future, I'm looking forward to meeting some more local talentand getting more stuck in with the 'front-of-camera' content. Whoknow's what we've got lined up- Hollrween is around the corner afterall! ChimBack in August, Chim brought Hollr to Solfest, giving opinions onsome of the acts from the bank holiday weekend. This month Chimreviewed Whitehaven’s, ‘Pride on the harborside’ event, and evenheaded down to Kendal to try ‘Pappy’s Taco bar’, saying the food‘won over’ their taste buds. Also during the past month Chim was interviewed alongside Joe forthe Hollr YouTube channels series, ‘#GROWINGUPCUMBRIAN.In August, Chim wrote all about festival season, sharing tips andguidance for how to prepare. You can read all of these on Hollrs site,which is linked on the previous page. Joseph2

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Recent Guestsinclude...Ichis Ghost, aelectronic rap groupfrom the northwestCumbria Movement,a free running groupfrom CarlisleOther episodeson..Growing up inCumbriaUk festivals, fromKendal callinglineups and Eskfestto the state of sometoiletsCatch up with Danfrom RosehilltheatreWork experience -getting involvedBe a Guest on the podcast!Do you have any thoughts on what is neededin the area? Anything to offer? Or just wantto talk about how it was to grow up inCumbria?The Hollr Podcast is a space for the Hollrteam - a group of young guests to cover allrecent and local culture, news and events.We’d love you to be apart of it!Join us on the podcast!Email: interestedListen to the Hollr Podcast on Spotify!#lakedistrict Tiktok

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DisChordWhitehaven Music ZoneThis month, DisChord have performed at ‘Pride on the Harborside’ inWhitehaven town Centre.Our Sessions are back! After the summer holidays all of our sessionsstarted back up. Hear about what some of them have been up tobelow!Session Updates3During the first half of the month, Whitehaven Music Zone wererehearsing for some of their performances at Whitehaven Alive.Towards the end of September, participants created a set forSoundwaves magic carpet videos.Arts Bid is in!Celebration all around! The bid for Soundwaves newdevelopment in Whitehaven has officially been submitted.Although the results announced until April 2024, we arefeeling very hopeful.LOOKING BACK ATLOOKING BACK ATSEPTEMBER PERFORMANCESSEPTEMBER PERFORMANCES

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On the Saturday atWhitehaven Alive, someSoundwave participants tookstage, warming up from themain acts later on.From 1-2pm, severalperformances took place,including solo performances,a couple duets and a groupperformanceDuring September, DisChordperformed at ‘Pride on theHarborside’ in Whitehaven.This festival was organised by‘Pride and diverse Cumbria’,bringing live music and stalls tothe local area to celebrateLGBTQ+ individuals.Pride on the HarborsideWhitehaven Alive4involved.participantswith all

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New Soundwave Patron:New Soundwave Education Escape Education Escape Education was set up in March2022 to support and mentor children inWest Cumbria through outdoor activities,such as; 121 eco-therapy, group forestryschool, ‘drawing and talking’ sessions,Sandplay, ‘Sound escaping’, Holiday clubsas well as mobile nature workshops.Sessions help to develop new skills,confidence and teach children about theirenvironment, by engaging in theirinterests. We would like to send a big Thank you to Escape Education for choosingto support us!Escape Education are currentlybased at Westlakes Sciencepark, in the same building asSoundwave! But work accrossmultiple sites.5

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Our sessionsOur sessionsOur sessionsEmail your interested in joining oneof our sessions, or just turn up!7