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September 2023

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SouthernIdahoKids southernidahokids www southernidahokids com ON THE COVER Brittany Bunker Photography HI I M ROCKY We are hidden gems and will be hiding around the pages of the magazine each month AND I M RUBY Did you know Idaho is nicknamed the Gem State More than 72 different types of gemstones are found here COME FIND US JULIE VASQUEZ PUBLISHER GRAPHIC ARTIST ADVERTISING julie southernidahokids com SHAWNEE BURT COMMUNITY EVENT SPECIALIST shawnee southernidahokids com KRISTEN FRANCOM EDITOR Southern Idaho Kids is a subsidiary of Limelight Design Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited Submitted editorial content or advertisements are not necessarily endorsed by or representative of the views of Southern Idaho Kids Southern Idaho Kids is not responsible for the reliability or timeliness of any content submitted Southern Idaho Kids is printed and distributed monthly 2023 Southern Idaho Kids All rights reserved NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Children s Dentistry 1 4 Page ChildreVne rstiDcaenl tistry of Twin Falls REIMAGINE PEDIAFTroRnICtiSe r 1 4 Page KIDS DESERVE TO BE HAPPY HEALTHY Vertical Same day visits Being cared for by people who really care Having fun at the doctor 1186 Eastland Dr N B Twin Falls 208 733 9331 CALL US TODAY 208 595 5095 Frontier Full 02 3 indd 1 9 2 19 11 17 AM 2 www southernidahokids com

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CELEBRATE WITH US 5 WE RE YEARS OLD Our magazine wouldn t be the same without our readers so cheers to both of us HERE S TO MORE YEARS OF READING AHEAD Seasons Dance 1 4 Page Vertical SUPER SAVPEioRneSer 1 4YOPUTaH SgAVeINGSACCOUNT Vertical Let s stir up a healthy nancial future for your child together Federally Insured by NCUA September 2023 3

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BACK TO SCHOOL CHECKLIST a good attitude a willingnes s to tr y new things kindnes s for your clas smates responsibility for your things respect for your teacher a love for learning Destress Relax Float Magic Your Rest Recovery Sanctuary 1 4 Page Vertical Gemstone 1 4 Page Vertical 152 2nd Ave S Twin Falls 208 933 2620 www FloatMagic com WWW GEMSTONECLIMBING ROCKS 4 www southernidahokids com

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BACK TO SCHOOL T I P S FOR A GOOD YEAR 1 Read a book before bed instead of watching TV 2 Create a homework plan and schedule to organize your time 3 Set goals so you can push yours elf to be a better student 4 Eat a good breakfast each day 5 Get a good night s rest by going to bed early SumNOmDiEtNDTAeLntal 1 4 Page INSURANCE We now have a savings plan for the whole family call us for details Vertical Kool Minds 1 4 Page Vertical 208 733 9999 285 Canyon Crest Drive Twin Falls ID www summitdentalsmiles com www koolminds com September 2023 5

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE RIDE TFT Twin Falls Transit A New Public Transportation Option A few years ago the population of Twin Falls crossed the threshold of 50 000 residents As a result of this growth the city is now mandated by federal law to establish and operate a public transportation system to serve its community Ride TFT is a new service that provides rides to people inside the Twin Falls city limits It s considered a microtransit which allows a flexible way to get from point A to point B similar to Uber or Lyft By using the app or making a phone call you can receive on demand transit and be picked up and dropped off at specific locations rather than a typical bussing system which runs via fixed routes Each ride costs 3 each way or if you are a senior citizen or have a disability it is 1 each way Service Hours Monday Friday 6 00 AM 9 00 PM Saturday 7 00 AM 9 00 PM Sunday Closed CLEARSOURCE PROVIDING EXCELLENT CARE TO THE PEDIATRIC POPULATION OF THE MAGIC VALLEY FCRMEPE B A C1K 4T OP aS gC HeO O L C O NVSeUrLtiTcAaTlI O N Bring your child in to meet our team and see our clinic Call to set up a 15 minute appointment with one of our specialists Offer Valid in September October 2023 392 FALLS AVE IN TWIN FALLS 208 749 3475 W W W C L E A R S O U R C E T H E R A P Y C O M How to Ride Request rides on demand using the RIDE Twin Falls app or by calling 208 974 7433 SCAN CODE TO GET 3 FREE DAYS AT GOLD S GYM THEIR KIDS KLUB Golds Gym 1 4 Page 2 4 H O U R FA C I L I T Y Vertical P O O L S A U N A H O T T U B GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES RACQUETBALL LARGEST EQUIPMENT SELECTION IN TWIN FALLS GOLDS GYM 1471 FILLMORE ST IN TWIN FALLS 208 733 4653 6 www southernidahokids com

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PODCAST HIGHLIGHT EPISODE 306 GUEST SPEAKER MIKA PERRY Creating Back to School Routines for a Smooth Transition Going back to school always feels like such a needed reset after a fun summer and in this episode one of my dear friends Mika Perry is going to help us with some ideas for how to organize ourselves and our homes in a way that will help us to honor our needs heading into a new school year 1 Create calm mornings with a solid night routine I love Mika s tip to envision and write out the morning that you want to have with your family and then work backwards What would you need to do the night before in order to have the peaceful morning that you visualize Make a list and try it for a few days This reminds me of what a former guest Crystal Paine said about her evening routine She said she thinks of it as serving her tomorrow self 2 Implement simple solutions for all the paper that comes home from school and remember that it s okay to throw some of it away What to keep and what to toss is such a personal decision but a few questions to ask yourself when deciding might be does this show a milestone Does it have a handprint or photo Does it spark joy when I see it or make me laugh And I love Mika s tip to start an Inbox where you can put all of the paper throughout the week and then just sort through it once a week to make your decisions Rachel Nielson is a mother and the host of a weekly podcast called 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms Each 30 minute episode features 3 doable takeaways for parents to try with their families that week Rachel currently lives in Hailey Idaho 3 Create zones in your home to help eliminate decision fatigue and create predictability Some ideas include a homework station a drop station with backpacks shoes and coats or a coffee or smoothie station This is also personal and will change depending on your needs your space and the age of your kids To listen to this episode or hear other experts share their best strategies for creating more meaning in motherhood visit www 3in30podcast com Now Accepting New Piano Students TF Derm 1 4 Page Vertical NOW ACCEPTING INSURANCE Laurel Krupski PA C MSW Bright Futures MV Piano Lessons In Twin Falls Bright Futures 1 4 Page Vertical Fun Engaging Lessons Unlimited Makeup Lessons Help Your Child Build Confidence Contact for a free intro piano lesson or 30 off your first month tuition 208 948 2824 info brightfuturesmv com brightfuturesmv com September 2023 7

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LOCAL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Richard Aldama Author of Freddy Wants to Be A Cowboy Little Rosie s Favorite Ride Richard Aldama and his wife Deborah are both retired and are parents of two adult children and have four grandchildren They moved to Twin Falls in 2015 to be with their son his wife and their grandchildren Many years ago Richard made up bedtime stories for his own children He would ask them for a character s name what they were human animal insect etc and what was happening to them or what they wanted to do The stories would develop from that basic information This tradition continued with his grandchildren It became an infrequent long distance tradition when his son and family moved to Salt Lake City for his son s graduate studies That long distance tradition moved to the Twin Falls area upon his son s graduation and subsequent job offer Several years later Richard and his wife moved to Twin Falls and days later his fourth grandchild was born Within a couple of years more stories were being told to his younger granddaughter with different characters and story lines Little Rosie s Favorite Ride is one of those bedtime stories Richard Aldama Local Children s Book Author Richard became determined to self publish the few stories that he had documented Self publication has taken off online which has provided the vehicle for Richard to realize his goal While searching online for illustrators in the Magic Valley the name Allanah Dyer came up He made the contact and in less than a year with his stories and her illustrations four books have been published Onyx 1 4 Page Vertical Acton Academy 1 4 Page Vertical 8 www southernidahokids com

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Richard has published his books in English and Spanish He sees the importance of providing reading materials to children that are Spanish speaking to help develop their reading skills and promote success in their education The books can also be used in bilingual programs Richard looks forward to publishing more of his stories Stay tuned All books are available at Amazon com or at the Arts Council in Twin Falls and DAP Bookstore LOCAL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT About the Books Freddy Wants To Be A Cowboy Freddy Quiere Ser Vaquero is a story about a young boy who finds a book titled Cowboys Of The Wild West in his bookcase He immediately decides that he needs to become a cowboy He takes various steps to become a cowboy but realizes there is one more very important thing he needs to do to actually become one He enlists his mother to help him achieve his goal but ultimately finds himself in a very risky situation Does that make him change his mind about being a cowboy Little Rosie s Favorite Ride La Atracci n Favorita de Rosita is a story about a young girl who sees a commercial on television about an amusement park One of the rides that is featured in the commercial really grabs her interest She brings up the amusement park at the family dinner table and mentions that they should all go there for a family vacation Her parents have a visitor at the door and she doesn t have the opportunity to say much about the park or the ride that she really wants to go on The decision is made to go to the park However other commitments come up for her sister and brothers She and her parents are the only ones who make it They all go on the ride that Rosie is excited about When they get off of the ride Rosie becomes very concerned about what her parents think about it They make a decision about the ride and later the entire family becomes involved This ultimately really affects Little Rosie HONEST ON TIME ON BUDGET Aim High 1 4 Page Vertical PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING FREE ESTIMATES 208 329 4037 www aimhighpainting com NOW OFFERING A DOCTOR SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM Lose 20 35lbs in 6 weeks with no drugs exercise injections pre packaged food Dr Jill or shakes More energy less pain less inflammation and less weight in 2023 We are here to support you 1 4 Page Call to schedule your no cost no obligation consultation today Vertical 788 Eastland Drive Ste B Twin Falls Idaho 208 734 3030 www drjillfamilychiro com September 2023 9

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HEALTH WELLNESS sponsored by sponsored by SPOTLIGHT Welcome back to school This is an exciting time for kids as they reunite with classmates they haven t seen but it also means back to recess where trips and falls can occur One of the most common orthopedic injuries in kids is falling with an outstretched hand that can cause a buckle fracture of the radius and or ulna right below the wrist joint Fracture care buckle injury A buckle injury of the wrist is a small area of compressed bone The bone will have a very small fracture which is so minor that it may be difficult to see on X ray The wrist may be tender slightly swollen and painful to move There is no deformity in the wrist which means the wrist will not be out of its usual shape Care at home Buckle injuries may be painful Although immobilizing the arm with a backslab or splint will help to reduce the pain additional pain relief e g paracetamol is sometimes needed Give the pain relief medication as required following the directions on the packet or as directed by the doctor Never cut or attempt to modify the cast and make sure you avoid getting it wet Follow up Because buckle injuries are stable and heal quickly without problems most children will not need a follow up appointment with the GP or hospital Further X rays or physiotherapy are usually not required Three weeks after their injury your child can stop wearing their backslab or splint After the backslab or splint is removed wrist movement may be a little stiff and sore at first Contact sports or rough and tumble play should be avoided for six weeks after the injury Take your child to your General Practitioner if Your child s wrist remains very painful or swollen three weeks after the injury Your child will not use their wrist hand or fingers within two to three days of the backslab or splint being removed Key points to remember A buckle fracture in the wrist is a small area of compressed bone Your child should wear a removable backslab partial cast or splint for three weeks A sling may help reduce discomfort Most children will not need a follow up appointment or x ray because buckle fractures usually heal quickly without any problems Avoid contact sports for six weeks after the injury 208 736 7422 OPEN 8AM TO 7PM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK www picctf com We ve moved across from Walmart in Twin Falls 10 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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FUNNY JOKES HA H A How do you talk to a giant Use big words Because they use honey combs Why do bees have sticky hair Why did the math book look so sad Because it had so many problems What do librarians take when they go fishing Book worms What kind of shoes do ninjas wear Sneakers What has hands but can t clap A clock Its Not too late to Register today Classes available for dancers 2 years old Tiny Tutus 2 3 year olds Demi Steps Pre k 4 5 year olds Demi Steps Kinder 5 7 year olds Petites 6 10 year olds Cottage Dance Boys Hip Hop conditioning Ballet 1 2 3 4 Beg Pointe Adv Pointe Technique Tumble Beg Int Avd 1 2 Page Competition Team Dance ages 8 Adult Ballet Wednesday evenings Horizontal 2152 Village Park Ave Suite 200 Twin Falls Idaho 83301 208 358 9309 Cottage Dance Academy Register at https cottagedanceacademy corsizio com 11 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE Pencil Experiments Hey kids back to school here we come What an exciting time to dive into learning and we have a couple of great activities for you to kick off your school year I m sure you ve done your school shopping for all your supplies and if you re like us you probably have a lot of 2 pencils on hand These activities will allow you to use those pencils for a fun and educational opportunity while still being able to put those pencils to work at school You will learn about engineering and science with these For the first game you will need ALL your pencils The goal is to stack them in a tower and see how you can engineer a way to stack them in a way that they won t fall over Here are three challenges you can use 1 Limit the number of pencils you can use 2 Don t use any binding agents tape glue etc 3 Tower must be xx tall you choose the height Wow what a challenge Were you able to come up with a design that worked If not how can you rethink the design for a more stable tower Get together with your friends and see if you can come up with the best design Send in your pictures to info cmmv org and we will share your engineered towers on our social media Your second activity is science based and learning about refraction Refraction is the change in the direction of a wave passing from one medium to another Your supplies will include 1 pencil a glass jar or cup and water Here are some questions to ask yourself What are my mediums as mentioned in the definition of refraction Can you break your pencil without touching it Source Adapted from www jenniferfindley com Communities for Youth 1 4 Page Vertical We re here High Quality Personalized Aeris Care By An Peds 1 4 Page Experienced Pediatric Team Vertical You Can Trust Jared Hansen MD FAAP Jimmy Roberts PA C Call today to schedule 208 391 5952 706 N College Rd Twin Falls ID 83301 12 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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Refraction Black Dragon Games 1 4 Page Vertical Want to try more pencil experiments Here s a link to a FREE download of these activities and another challenging one https jenniferfindley com wp content uploads 2019 04 STEM_Activities_with_Pencils pdf Balancing Pencil STEM Challenge Objective Balance a on a craft pencil stick vertically Materials 2 pencils Clothespins Pipe cleaners Craft sticks Tape Pr1o234 5 c TC CuaAcecAahbnhplfldootttasaaetethttaalullhlhraaleyeccreetnronenrhphsyscgugpp eitaenreeihinnngcdecetsstrhhflawdaocaoeefnetenrtpmhsdiandsgteetutihntpsew1cdoptcirkphpeiwidonliseni lpeoofittllecsot ithhtlltheeceeoowatalaledpbtitntcahhiiaeptthen hlraesaeselso hnrtsc Eupoahclaedsealefecaenropahnnceneetinpslsnatrdueueeapndfoxdlr acpoefbpiteuntl hoseonrtuietmnndwhrfcpeitatlshilhilhncpneeaateeenwsrpeptacdieidcetnlehnwknd2ac tiethnhihldeeaaaarlnf nndoTdhffe unsharpened JenniferFindley com PATIO COVERS DROP SHADES PERGOLAS AWNINGS Superior Patio 1 4 Page Vertical MENTION THIS AD FOR 5 OFF 208 420 5548 SuperiorPatioCovers com 13 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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HEALTH WELLNESS sponsored by HEALTHYHABITS Preparing Children for Emergencies Emergencies can happen when you least expect them It is important for families to be ready for emergencies and just as important for children to learn how to act Children can and should be taught emergency preparedness based on their age Education can begin as early as kindergarten As the child ages the education should change to fit their learning abilities When teaching emergency preparedness include everyone who lives in the household and these principles 1 Practice the plan Ensure everyone knows their role This will help identify areas that may confuse your child 2 Take it slow Only teach one subject at a time and make sure your child is ready before moving on to a new subject You might start with how to be safe in a thunderstorm Once the child shows understanding move on to the next subject 3 Be realistic Focus on emergency situations that are likely to happen in your area For instance Idaho doesn t have hurricanes so there is no need to teach how to act in a hurricane unless you visit areas at risk Make it fun Teaching children about being ready for an emergency should never be based on fear Using games is a fantastic way to teach young children about emergency response As a child ages a parent or caregiver can progress to a more serious education plan 4 Utilize resources The best way to prepare for an emergency is to have the tools you need before the emergency happens Use reliable resources for family emergency planning which includes making a home emergency kit having a contact list and ensuring you have easy access to important documents Reliable resources for emergency planning Plan Ahead for Disasters Ready gov Ready Kids Ready gov Youth and Emergency Planning FEMA gov How Families Can Prepare for Emergencies RedCross org familyemergencykitchecklist pdf cdc gov Trish Health St Luke s Accreditation Specialist Sponsored by 14 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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LEAD ANY AMOUNT IS TOO Idaho Dept of Health and Welfare MUCH Full Bleed There is no safe blood level for lead Educate yourself on the potential sources that may be around you In old paint contaminated soil old pipes hobbies old mine sites and others Test your children for lead poisoning Ask your doctor EDUCATE TEST PREVENT 15 Learn more at healthandwelfare idaho gov lead poisoninSge p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS sponsored by T U E S D AY S except Sept 5 Elementary STEM 4 00 PM 6 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Join us for hands on activities designed to get kids excited about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics WEDNESDAYS Music Movement 10 00 AM 11 00 AM Gooding Public Library FRIDAYS Craft Time 12 00 PM 3 00 PM Gooding Public Library The library will supply the space and supplies for a fun craft FRIDAYS Game Day 1 00 PM 4 00 PM Filer Public Library Come play some fun games FRIDAYS LEGO Build Time 2 00 PM 4 00 PM Filer Public Library The library will supply the space the LEGOs and the build sheet All you need to do is come build your masterpiece Free to the public SATURDAYS Movie Matinee 3 00 PM 5 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Enjoy a free movie at the library SATURDAY September 2 Home Depot Kid s Project 9 00 AM 12 00 PM Home Depot Head to Home Depot for a free kids project kit and tools provided TUESDAYS September 5 19 Reptile Revue 6 00 PM 7 00 PM Herrett Center CSI Campus Come learn about and see reptiles Children s clear vision pediatric eyecare vision therapy The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That 6 00 PM 7 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Idaho Public Television is bringing The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That to the library Elementary aged kids can come to the library to watch an episode of the show then use what they learned to build their very own boat SATURDAY September 9 Grandparents Day Celebration 10 00 AM 5 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library The library will have lots of activities for kids and grandparents to do together If grandparents are long distance no worries We ll have activities that kids can send in the mail or do over the phone WEDNESDAY September 6 SATURDAY September 9 Star Party Children s Clear Vision Children s clear vision pediatric eyecare vision therapy H U N D R E D S 1O F4 Page SpCoAnLsLorship FUN FRAMES Horizontal T O D A Y FLEXIBLE SPORTS FRAMES INFANT ADULT CHILD SIZES 568 Falls Ave Twin Falls 208 293 8580 www childrensclearvision com 16 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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Be sure to check out our up to date online calendar www southernidahokids com calendar 9 30 PM 11 30 PM Herrett Center CSI Campus Enjoy telescope viewing with weather permitting The time for Star Parties changes each month based on the time of sunset THURSDAYS September 14 28 Cooking for Kids 2 00 PM 3 00 PM Gooding Public Library THURSDAY September 14 Teen Cooking 4 30 PM 5 30 PM Twin Falls Public Library Learn how to make some fun smoothies Each person will get their own smoothie recipe book to take home MULTIPLE DAYS September 15 30 Disney s The Little Mermaid Production The Orpheum Theater Magic Valley Repertory Theatre is performing The Little Mermaid with multiple showtimes and dates Check their website for more details and ticket information SATURDAY September 16 Read To A Therapy Dog 4 30 PM 5 15 PM Twin Falls Public Library Kids come read to a therapy dog from the Pets Helping People Therapy Team Sign up for a 10 minute slot when you arrive Spots are first come first served SATURDAY September 23 Family Story Sharing 12 00 PM 1 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Join Patrick Mitchell for this storytelling workshop Parents caregivers will learn a storytelling method to enhance literacy at home This method also shows how to use storytelling to celebrate individual family and community history heritage and culture Then you your child will create your own family storyboard and get a take home activity for later Pizza will be provided for lunch MONDAY September 25 Elementary Minecraft Club 4 00 PM 6 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library The library will put out extra laptops so elementary kids can all play together on the library s very own private Minecraft server WEDNESDAY September 27 Puppet Show 4 00 PM 4 30 PM Filer Public Library Bring the whole family for a fun puppet show STORYTIMES Yoga Storytime Gooding Public Library Mondays except Sept 4 10 00 AM Toddler Time Twin Falls Public Library Mondays Thursdays except Sept 4 10 30 AM Baby Lapsit Storytime Twin Falls Public Library Tuesdays 11 00 AM Storytime Buhl Public Library Wednesdays 10 00 AM Preschool Storytime Kimberly Public Library Wednesdays 10 00 AM Little Reader Storytime Filer City Public Library Thursdays 10 30 AM Storytime Wendell Public Library Thursdays 10 45 AM Sign Language Storytime Gooding Public Library Fridays 10 00 AM Preschool Storytime Twin Falls Public Library Fridays 10 30 AM 17 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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DID YOU KNOW 8 Fun Potato Facts 1 Potatoes are grown in all 50 of the United States with Idaho being the largest producer 2 A potato is about 80 water and 20 solids 3 Over 1 billion people eat at least 1 potato each day 4 In October 1995 the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space 5 There are 100 edible potato varieties 6 There are more than 63 ways to cook or prepare a potato 7 Blackfoot Idaho is home to the Idaho Potato Museum 8 The largest potato grown was 7 pounds 1 ounce DUNK The Dentist Clearwater Dentistry 2152 Village Park Ave Twin Fa1lls I2D Page HorizonJtoainlour community block party Fun for the whole family with 208 735 5599 prizes food and games Call today to schedule your 99 Back to School cleaning exam and X ray September 22nd 5 00 8 00 2152 Village Park Ave Twin Falls ID 83301 18 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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DID YOU KNOW Will Work for Potatoes After farmers harvest their fields there are usually crops or produce that are left behind whether it is due to size too small to be sold or they were just missed or left behind by the harvester In Idaho we are lucky to have so many potato fields surrounding us Many farmers are more than willing to share some of their harvest by allowing you to glean their field Gleaning means picking up the dropped or fallen crops or produce left in the field after the farmer has taken all that they planned to Keep in mind that you need permission to do this from the farmers in advance Trespassing on any land without consent is illegal Miller Research a Rupert based company is hosting its annual Potato Day on Saturday September 23rd starting at 8 00 AM The community is invited to come glean any potatoes left in the field This is a great opportunity for kids and their families to learn Free Potato Day at Miller Research Saturday September 23 8 00 AM 1 00 PM 250 N 400 E Rupert ID more about the farming industry and get their hands dirty by gleaning their own potatoes that they can take home free of charge Bring some work gloves and boxes for the potatoes They encourage donations of non perishable items which will be donated to the Open Hearts Food Pantry Dig down to your Idaho roots literally and come enjoy a day with your family Working for free potatoes will just be an added bonus to a fun day in the dirt IDAHO ALL STARS COMPETITIVE CHEER Idaho All Stars NON COMPETITIVE 1 2 Page CHEER Horizontal TUMBLING CLASSES MENTION THIS AD AND GET A DISCOUNT FOR MORE INFO CALL OR TEXT 208 421 5360 OR 208 539 0818 WWW IDAHOALLSTARCHEER COM 19 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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COLORING CONTEST WINNERS Coloring Contest Submissions Here are our some of our submissions for the summer coloring contest If you submitted your coloring page but left no contact info please email julie southernidahokids com to claim your prize Keep your kids SHARP this school year with these fun EDUCATIONAL GAMES Beat the Back to School Blues at Toytown 1 4 Page Vertical 20 ofF ENTIRE PURCHASE EXCLUDES HOBBIES 1236 BLUE LAKES BLVD N TWIN FALLS EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 30 2023 Orange Leaf 1 4 Page Vertical BOGO 50 OFF Offer expires September 30 2023 Present this coupon for a discount Valid at Orange Leaf Twin Falls only Valid one per person Cannot be combined with any other offers 725 Blue Lakes Blvd N Twin Falls 208 944 9276 20 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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COLORING CONTEST WINNERS This year s coloring page was selected from local Kimberly Idaho artist Alannah Dyer s coloring book The Ultimate Alphabet CANYON FOOT ANKLE FEBRUARY 2021 DIGITAL ADS 02 08 21 Canyon Foot 1 4 Page Vertical Smart Mouth 1 4 Page Vertical 21 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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MV Cancer Full Bleed 22 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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MV Cancer Full Bleed MV Cancer Full Bleed 23 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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an annual community event an annual community event an annual community event Come Unite Idaho HEAD TO OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS AND A SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WWW MV911 ORG Monday September 11 5 00 8 00 PM Program starts at 5 30 PM Twin Falls Visitor Center A 10 Flyover 21 Gun Salute First Responders Health Clark Band Food Vendors SCAN CODE FOR MORE INFO OR TO DONATE IDOT 1 4 Page Vertical CSI 1 4 Page Vertical https shift idaho org child passenger safety 24 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS Summer is done and now it s time to get back to school Here are some great school themed books for different ages If you or your child would like more suggestions come see us at the Twin Falls Public Library any time Recommending titles and connecting the right book with the right reader is our favorite thing to do Preschool VIP Very Important Preschooler by Cindy Jin In this fun rhyming story follow five special VIPs on each day of the school week as they highlight all the reasons why they re a very important preschooler as well as the importance of being kind to your friends doing the right thing and being a good leader 4th 6th grade Welcome to Stubtoe Elementary by Travis Nichols Vampires mummies and gelatinous balls of goo oh my That s right monsters are real and they ve settled down on the quiet island of Creep s Cove It s a pretty typical place houses stores portals to various nightmarish parallel dimensions and a school for the kiddos Meet the crew Vlad a fame thirsty vampire Allie a stuffed animal dissecting alien Lizzie a short tempered kaiju and SO many others K 3rd grade All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold Lovely illustrations and simple rhyming text introduce a school where diversity is celebrated and songs stories and talents are shared 7TH GRADE Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes Anika is one of the most popular girls at her school She can t stop thinking about school outcast Logan McDonough He is fascinating troubled and off limits So Anika must choose ignore her feelings and keep her social status or follow her heart and risk becoming a pariah Which will she pick And what will she think of her choice when an unimaginable tragedy strikes changing her forever Garbage Bin Cleaning Bin Bath Commercial Residential Pressure Washing 1 8 PageOne Time Horizontal locally owned operated Monthly or Quarterly Cleanings thebinbath com 208 731 0601 Talking with your family about quitting can be hard Project Filter Project Filter is here to start the conversation 1 8 Call 1 800 QUIT NOW or visit PageProjectFilter org for more information on quitting smoking chewing or vaping for you or a loved one Horizontal September 2022 Yo u d e c i d e w h e n P r o j e c t F i l t e r w i l l s h o w y o u h o w Boba Blast 1 8 Page Horizontal Epic Shine 1 8 Page UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPS STARTING AT 20 MO MULTI CAR VETERAN DISCOUNTS Horizontal OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 221 POLE LINE RD E TWIN FALLS W W W E P I C S H I N E C O M 25 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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PUZZLES GAMES B U S M A Z E FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH THE SCHOOL BUS Twinkle Toes 1 2 Page Horizontal 26 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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EYESPY PUZZLES GAMES FIND AND CIRCLE THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES PICTURED BELOW IN THE WORD PUZZLE BELOW Se Habla Espa ol Smiles 4 Kids 1 2 Page Horizontal 208 734 7415 1411 Falls Ave E 1000C Twin Falls www smiles4kidsidaho com All insurances welcome including Medicaid No referrals needed Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentists 27 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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FOR MORE DELICIOUS THINGS TO MAKE VISIT www ohsodelicioso com THREE CHEESE MAC CHEESE INGREDIENTS 12 oz penne or macaroni pasta 1 cups milk cup butter melted teaspoon ground white pepper teaspoon salt 8 oz American cheese cut into inch cubes 2 cups sharp cheddar cheese shredded cup mozzarella cheese shredded 20 Ritz crackers crushed INSTRUCTIONS 1 Preheat over to 350 degrees 2 In a large pot cook pasta according to directions to al dente but reducing cooking time by 1 minute Drain and return to pot 3 Add milk butter pepper and salt Stir in cheeses 4 Transfer to a greased 2 quart casserole dish 5 Bake uncovered for 15 minutes Carefully stir mixture Sprinkle with crushed crackers and bake 5 more minutes or until crackers are browned and mixture is heated through Don t overcook or mixture will curdle 6 Let stand 5 minutes before serving WELCOME BACK IT S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR Ward 1 2 Page The American Association of Orthodontics recommends children be seen by age seven Early orthodontic care can help prevent serious problems from developing and often reduces the overall duration of treatment Call Ward Campbell Orthodontics today for your complimentary exam 208 734 4314 wardorthodontics com Horizontal W O wardcampbellortho wardorthoidaho TM WARD CAMPBELL ORTHODONTICS 28 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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PRINCIPAL OF THE MONTH Brandee Sabala Principal Gooding Elementary Gooding 16 Years in Education What is your favorite part about being a principal I love working with amazing kids teachers educational staff and the community each and every day to provide students with a great place to learn Something your students might not know about you One of my favorite things to do in the summer is white water rafting A word of advice It s so important in school and all areas of our life to show up and try our best be willing to keep learning be openminded to new ideas and experiences and push ourselves to be better each day Nominated by Jess Patton Mrs Sabala is our GES principal She is very kind and makes fun activities throughout the year that the students look forward to As a parent I appreciate her organization and efforts to make things like reading fun for the children These activities usually have a challenge that motivates the children to academically grow We sure appreciate Mrs Sabala The Principal of the Month will receive a Sodamix gift card and a cookie platter To nominate a teacher visit www southernidahokids com nominate your teacher xxBxuy a 24oz drink SponsgoertPaagFeREE COOKIE HorizontalExpires September 30 2023 1553 Washington St North Suite 100 Twin Falls 208 613 1771 30 w w w s o u t h e r n i d a h o k i d s c o m

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PHOTO CORNER DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN OUR PHOTO CORNER Submit your photo online at www southernidahokids com submit photo Family Health 1 2 Page Horizontal 31 S e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 3

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GET MORE CLARITY WITH LASIK EYE SURGERY MENTION OR BRING IN THIS COUPON FOR 2LA0SI0K ROiROvePrFRvKieFw Laser EYE SURGFEuRlYl Bleed Offer expires December 31 2023 No w o ff e ring L A SI K s u rg e r y i n o u r Tw in F alls Su rger y Center performed by one of our local surgeons Contact Dr Klingler s office at 208 734 8934 to schedule a free screening exam to see if you are a candidate 32 1 4 1 5 P A R K V I E W D R T W I N F A L L S I D A HSOe p t e m b2e0r 82 07 2334 8 9 3 4