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September 2022

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September 2022 F R E E C O V E R S P O NS O R E D B Y

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J U L I E VA S Q U E Z PUBLISHER GRAPHIC SouthernIdahoKids ARTIST ADVERTISING julie southernidahokids com southernidahokids www southernidahokids com S H A W N E E B U RT ON THE COVER Jaxton Brooklyn Brighton of Twin Falls HI I M ROCKY COMMUNITY EVENT SPECIALIST shawnee southernidahokids com AND I M RUBY Did you know Idaho is nicknamed the Gem State More than 72 different types of gemstones are found here We are hidden gems and will be hiding around the pages of the magazine each month KRISTEN FRANCOM COME FIND US EDITOR Southern Idaho Kids is a subsidiary of Limelight Design Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited Submitted editorial content or advertisements are not necessarily endorsed by or representative of the views of Southern Idaho Kids Southern Idaho Kids is not responsible for the reliability or timeliness of any content submitted Southern Idaho Kids is printed and distributed monthly 2022 Southern Idaho Kids All rights reserved Twinkle Toes 1 4 Page Vertical C A L L 2 U S www southernidahokids com T O D A Y

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My name is Age My school grade this year My teacher s name is When I grow up I want to be Something I like about myself is This year I am most excited about Jump 1 4 Page Vertical Title One 1 8 Page 1411 Falls Ave East Suite 1131 Horizontal 208 933 2650 TitleOneCorp com Epic Shine 1 8 Page Horizontal UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPS STARTING AT 20 MO MULTI CAR VETERAN DISCOUNTS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 221 POLE LINE RD E TWIN FALLS WWW EPICSH INE COM September 2022 3

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My favorites Color Book Food Candy Bar Song Animal School Subject Hobby TV Show This is me Movie Dr Jill 1 4 Page Vertical Kool Minds 1 4 Page Vertical Dr Jill Adepoju DC 30 OFF FIRST VISIT EXCLUDES MEDICARE AND MEDICAID 788 Eastland Drive Ste B Twin Falls Idaho 208 734 3030 www drjillfamilychiro com 4 www koolminds com www southernidahokids com

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COMMUNITY ARTICLE Can you fit through an index card Supplies 3x5 index card scissors 1 2 3 Fold the index card in half lengthwise Make two slits one on each end starting from the folded edge Don t cut all the way up to the top Make sure to leave some at the edges still intact Next make alternating cuts spacing each around 1 8 to 1 4 inch apart Tip The closer you cut together the larger the hole at the end For the second cut turn the paper over and cut from the non folded side down to the fold Then turn over again and cut from the folded side to the ow small your ou Kn feet Did Y re to unfold h 20 we stretc u If you would ind yo ne it at rem intesti ight th ent m m ri w e Ho exp long x card r inde of you 4 5 non folded side Go back and forth like this until you have reached the first slit that you originally made Remember to not cut all the way to the end or the chain will fall apart Next you will slide the scissor into the loops that you have made on the folded side and cut Don t cut the first or last loop Carefully pull the notecard open Source Adapted from messforless net NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS THEATRICAL Jump EDUCATION 1 4YOUTH PageIN FOR 2ND 12TH GRADE Vertical VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR UPCOMING SHOWS WORKSHOPS AUDITIONS JUMPCOMPANYTWINFALLS JUMPCOMPANY WEEBLY COM TF Dentistry 1 4 Page Vertical Children s Dentistry of Twin Falls 1186 Eastland Dr N B Twin Falls 208 733 9331 September 2022 5

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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Importance of Outdoor Play Studies show benefits of outdoor time far outweigh the risks Children today are exposed to fifty percent less outdoor time on average than a child in the 1980 s Often screen time now replaces those minutes Benefits include Worldwide Facts Sunshine vitamin D a crucial vitamin to many body functions Exercise and muscle strengthening utilizing both large and fine motor skills Executive function the ability to plan prioritize trouble shoot negotiate and multitask Risk taking exercises When given the opportunity children will engage in healthy risk taking Example jumping to the ground from a cut tree stump Social skills Appreciation of nature and the world around them In Denmark where most communities have at least one nature preschool studies show that kids enrolled in outdoor schools suffer eighty percent fewer contagious illnesses such as colds sore throats and ear infections Studies in Germany have found that kids are less aggressive and suffer fewer injuries overall More than 300 of these so called forest kindergartens now exist in Denmark Reynolds 2007 Everybody in the vegetable patch Maclean s January 22 2007 Claire McCarthy 2020 Proponents of nature based preschools cite their many benefits for children s overall development Preschools with an outdoor learning component offer opportunities for students to develop handson reasoning skills such as scientific inquiry and Beat the Back to School Blues at REIMAGINE PEDIATRICS Frontier Peds 1 4 Page Vertical CAN YOU IMAGINE Same day visits just walking in to get help Personal service from locals you consider friends Top notch quality care for your child Kids actually having fun at the doctors office At Frontier Pediatrics Partners we are Reimagining Pediatric Excellence Orange Leaf 1 4 Page Vertical CALL US TODAY 208 595 5095 BOGO 50 OFF Offer expires September 30 2022 Present this coupon for a discount Valid at Orange Leaf Twin Falls only Valid one per person Cannot be combined with any other offers 725 Blue Lakes Blvd N Twin Falls 208 944 9276 6 www southernidahokids com

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EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION hypothesis testing Europe has utilized nature based programs for years The United States has now started to expand and see an increase in the use of these programs Additional Benefits of Outdoor Play Less sick time Connection with nature and others Create lifelong learners who are engaged with their world Less disruptive behavioral issues Good physical cognitive and mental health Advance in creative and child driven problemsolving skills Understand their place in the world community and self better Crystal Tverdy College of Southern Idaho Early Childhood Education Graduate CANYON FOOT ANKLE FEBRUARY 2021 DIGITAL ADS 02 08 21 HONEST Canyon Foot 1 4 Page Vertical ON TIME O N BU D G E T Aim High 1 4 Page Vertical PROFESSIONAL EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING FREE ESTIMATES 208 329 4037 www aimhighpainting com September 2022 7

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Sunday September 11 2022 2 7 PM Twin Falls Visitor Center an annual community event A 10 Flyover 21 Gun Salute Armed Forces Display Health Clark Band Food Vendors Base Jumpers Come Unite Idaho IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SCAN CODE FOR MORE INFO TO VOLUNTEER OR TO D O N AT E 20 OFF for teachers and homeschooling parents OFFER EXPIRES SEPT 30 2022 Acton Academy 1 4 Page Vertical Toytown 1 4 Page Vertical 1236 BLUE LAKES BLVD N TWIN FALLS 208 736 6728 8 www southernidahokids com

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Where were you when you first heard about the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 How did it change your life What do you do to remember Have your kids ever asked about it Do they know what happened That day forever changed the course of American history Those who witnessed the horrific events will forever remember feelings of fear and uncertainty They will also remember the unity love and the honor of what it means to be an American To serve help and love each other to come together in times of crisis We created this memorial to share these feelings with our children and our community Our goal is to unite together in remembrance of what was lost and how we as Americans rose from the rubble to become more We are honored to have so much support from local city government and military officials to provide an opportunity for all of us to come together to remember learn and honor those who lost their lives that late summer morning We invite you to join us this September 11 2022 on the 21st anniversary of that fateful day After an inspiring memorial ceremony all in attendance will be invited to join together on both sides of the Perrine Bridge to wave American flags that were generously donated by Pioneer Federal Credit Union one flag for each life lost that day We look forward to having you with us as we strive to strengthen community teach children and promise to never forget God bless America Love Angela Larae Founders of Magic Valley 911 Memorial WELCOME BACK IT S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR The American Association of Orthodontics recommends children be seen by age seven Early orthodontic care can help prevent serious problems from developing and often reduces the overall duration of treatment Call Ward Orthodontics today for your complimentary exam 208 734 4314 wardorthodontics com Ward Ortho 1 2 Page Horizontal TM wardortho wardorthoidaho September 2022 9

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s p on s or ed b y HEALTH WELLNESS HEALTHYHABITS Good Hygiene to Keep Children Well Returning to school can be a very fun and exciting time for our kids Unfortunately it also comes with more exposure to germs and a higher chance of getting sick We often see a rise in sick visits within a few weeks of the start of school Our skin provides a great protection against germs unfortunately our mouths noses and eyes are not so good at blocking them Here are some ways to keep germs away from the face While some germs can pass directly to another person through droplets with coughing or sneezing most are passed to the hands then to other people or to surfaces then to other people There are several things we can do to help prevent how frequently this happens so less children get sick Remember many colds and other illnesses can spread germs before the child even starts feeling sick and many times for weeks after they are better Teach your child to cough and sneeze into their sleeve or preferably a tissue Children who are old enough should be taught to blow their noses directly into a tissue Tissues should be thrown away immediately People should avoid sneezing into their hands as this will put germs onto the hands which will then be spread Teach kids to avoid sharing cups utensils straws water bottles etc Wash hands with warm water and soap frequently throughout the day especially before eating Nail biting nose picking and frequent wiggling loose teeth are all habits that will make children more likely to get sick more often No amount of hygiene will completely stop germs from spreading but with as many children following good hygiene practices as possible we can significantly reduce how many kids get sick at school Sponsored by Dr Andrew Monson Pediatrician St Luke s 10 www southernidahokids com

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SUBMIT YOUR POEM POETRY CONTEST Do you love to write Or want to try something new We are looking for poems written by local kids ages 4 18 Let your imagination soar and write a poem about anything feelings pets family friendship school nature etc Prizes will be awarded for each age category All poems will be showcased in our November 2022 issue of the magazine 8 writing prompts T H AT M AY H E L P Y O U G E T S TA R T E D 1 A particular color 2 An event that changed you 3 Something that makes you laugh 4 Growing older 5 Being underwater 6 Getting lost in a book 7 A place you d like to visit 8 Someone you love To submit your poem email it to julie southernidahokids com Deadline October 4 2022 Poetry can be written in any poetic style and on any subject Only one poem per person can be submitted Contest entries must have at least three lines but cannot be longer than 16 lines The poem must be an original work written by you not someone else Your poem will be disqualified if it is plagiarized Se Ha bla Esp a o l Smiles 4 Kids 1 2 Page Horizontal 208 734 7415 1411 Falls Ave E 1000C Twin Falls www smiles4kidsidaho com A l l i n s u r a n c e s w e l c o m e i n cl u d i n g M e d i c a i d N o r e f e r r a l s n e e d e d Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentists September 2022 11

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sponsored by CALENDAR OF EVENTS Children s clear vision M O N D AY S pediatric eyecare vision therapy Stem Make It Monday STORYTIMES Jerome Public Library Join the library for a free STEM activity each week corn tractors old trucks and more More info at tubbsberryfarm com T U E S D AY S F R I D AY S Baby Lapsit Storytime Twin Falls Public Library Tuesdays Elementary Club 11 00 AM 11 30 AM 4 00 PM 6 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library Storytime September 9 23 LEGO Club Fun for elementary age kids September 6 Lego Club September 13 Art Studio September 20 Minecraft Club September 27 Free Build Jerome Public Library Wednesdays Fridays 10 00 AM 11 00 AM Toddler Time T U E S D AY S September 6 20 Twin Falls Public Library Thursdays Reptile Review 10 30 AM 11 00 AM 6 00 PM 7 00 PM Herrett Center CSI Campus Preschool Storytime Craft Come learn about and see reptiles Filer City Public Library Thursdays Twin Falls Public Library Fridays except Sept 2 September 10 Grandparents Day 10 00 AM 5 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library 10 00 AM 9 00 PM Tubbs Berry Farm S AT U R D AY Enjoy some fall fun with sunflowers a pumpkin field with a pumpkin carriage corn field broom 10 30 AM 11 00 AM S AT U R D AY Sunflower Festival September 9 10 Preschool Storytime The library will supply the space the LEGOs and the build sheet All you need to do is come build your masterpiece Free to the public There will be a time machine photo station crafts for kids and grandparents to do together or for kids to give their grandparents the next time they see them F R I D AY S AT U R D AY 1 00 PM 2 00 PM 4 00 PM Filer Public Library Children s clear vision September 10 Bands at the Bridge Children s Clear Vision HUNDREDS 1 4 OF Page Sponsorship CALL T O DAY FU N FRAMES Horizontal pediatric eyecare vision therapy F L E X I B L E S P O RT S F R A M ES I N FA N T A D U LT C H I L D 5 6 8 F a l l s A v e Tw i n F a l l s 2 0 8 2 9 3 8 5 8 0 w w w c h i l d r e n s c l e a r v i s i o n c o m 12 www southernidahokids com S I Z E S

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CALENDAR OF EVENTS Magic Valley 9 11 Memorial Event 6 00 PM 8 00 PM Twin Falls Visitor Center An annual gathering for spreading hope and awareness while offering resources and information on help for mental health struggles Twin Falls Visitor Center 2 00 PM 7 00 PM Come unite Idaho and build community as we remember the events of September 11 2001 There will be displays from military and first responders a beautiful memorial service and other aweinspiring events Please park by the surrounding malls and walk to the visitor center S U N D AY September 11 Courageous Kids FREE Climbing Event Gemstone Climbing 1 00 PM 3 00 PM This is a FREE event for anyone with special needs physical or developmental including visually challenged hearing impaired etc T U E S D AY September 13 MV Kids Market Class 6 00 PM 8 00 PM Twin Falls Public Library S U N D AY September 11 Come learn the ins and outs of Rapids 1 4 Page Vertical LITTLES ACADEMY FOR AGES 3 5 YOUTH ACADEMY FOR AGES 5 8 WITH LOCAL WEEKDAY GAMES EMAIL US AT RAPIDSSC GMAIL COM OR FIND US ON FACEBOOK banking with your kids at the Magic Valley Kid Market Banking 101 class held in the Library Program room COMPETITIVE AGES 10 18 L E A R N M O R E O R R E G I S T E R AT WWW TWINFALLSRAPIDS COM T H U R S D AY S AT U R D AY September 22 24 Lights and Lasers 2022 Remix 6 00 PM 10 00 PM ICCU Legacy Fields Filer This event is the family friendly glow party of the year Vibrant lights lasers and animations will be choreographed to a dynamic mix Lots of family fun you won t want to miss Food and drink vendors and several kids activities including laser tag bounce houses petting zoo and axe throwing will be there for an additional cost Summit Dental NO DENTAL INSURANCE 1 4 Page Vertical We now have a savings plan for the whole family call us for details 208 733 9999 285 Canyon Crest Drive Twin Falls ID www summitdentalsmiles com September 2022 13

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MV Pediatric Cancer Coalition Full Bleed

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MV Pediatric Cancer Coalition Full Bleed

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PRINCIPAL OF THE MONTH Principal Sawtooth Elementary M i c key C o m b s Twin Falls 2 8 Years in Education What is your favorite part about being a principal Getting to know an entire building full of students and doing all I can to give them the best education possible Something your students might not know about you My husband and I love dogs We have a springer spaniel named Lucky who is our best buddy A word of advice Always try to start your day fresh and new so the problems and worries from yesterday don t weigh you down Nominated by Mary Hunter I remember talking with Mrs Combs a few years ago She told me how she would stand in the cafeteria and practice the students names so she would know them all She s fantastic for a multitude of reasons but I have always appreciated knowing she put forth so much effort to know my kids individually The Prinicpal of the Month will receive a Pick Me Up gift card and a cookie party To nominate a teacher visit www southernidahokids com nominate your teacher save 10 OFF DRINK COOKIE COMBO Expires September 30 2022 1879 Addison Ave E Twin Falls 208 410 4019 16 213 Cheney Dr W Suite 100 Twin Falls 208 410 7394 www southernidahokids com

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sponsored by SMART MONEY How to Save Money When Buying Toys and Treats You ve been working hard all summer saving your allowance doing extra chores and maybe picking up a job working for neighbors to make some money Now you want to spend it Maybe you re looking at buying a new toy the latest video game or you want to get yourself a yummy treat You deserve it for all the hard work you ve done Before rushing to the store gas station or asking your parents to buy it online stop and think There might be a way to save some money when buying whatever you have your heart set on What is Comparison Shopping Prices for everything are not the same from store to store At one store a toy might be a dollar or two more than it is at a different store The same is true for a candy bar A chocolate bar might cost 2 at the gas station but 1 at a grocery store Comparison shopping is looking at prices from several stores and finding the one with the best price For something small like a candy bar the differences might be minimal When comparing the prices of more expensive toys or video games you could find big differences resulting in saving you ten or twenty dollars With your parents help check prices at different stores using their websites Then when you find the place with the lowest price buy it there It might take a little extra work but can save you money Wait for a Sale Even at a single store prices change all the time If a toy is older or not as popular they might try selling it for less money If you wait for a sale on a toy you could save a lot of money This might mean going to the store week after week and checking on the price of your item but at any moment it might go on sale and that s when you get it Some popular sale times include Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving and December Split the Cost with Another Kid If something is too expensive but you really want it one option is to split the cost and item with another kid who could be a sibling or friend This will help you both save money while still getting what you want The only hard part is that you have to share the item equally For example if you want to buy a new video game that costs 70 but only have half the money and your friend has the other half you could split the game You both get the benefit of playing the game and learning to take turns sharing By comparison shopping waiting for a sale and splitting the cost with a friend you can save money when buying toys games or treats These are all good practices to help you save your money for future purchases or goals in the future you can save money when buying toys games or treats so you can save for other purchases in the future Federally Insured by NCUA Membership required Build a healthy financial future for your child SUPER SAVERS Federally Insured by NCUA September 2022 17

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s p on s or ed b y s p on s or ed b y HEALTH WELLNESS SPOTLIGHT Ear Infections What is an ear infection Ear infections can affect the outer ear canal or the middle ear The infection can be from a virus bacteria or both When is it an Ear Infection Ear Canal Infections One type of outer ear infection is called otitis externa or swimmer s ear This happens when water sits in the ear for too much time and is commonly seen in children who swim a lot A common symptom is pain in the ear when pulling back the ear Middle Ear Infections Doctors call this acute otitis media AOM A typical middle ear infection in a child begins with either a viral infection such as a common cold or unhealthy bacterial growth Sometimes the middle ear becomes inflamed and causes fluid buildup behind the eardrum Once the infection takes hold it s harder for a child s body to fight than it is for a healthy adult s The symptoms of an ear infection may be hard to detect A child who constantly tugs or pulls at the ear could be giving a signal that their ear is causing pain Other symptoms can include More crying than usual especially when lying down Trouble sleeping or hearing Fever or headache Fluid coming out of the ears Doctors can use special instruments to see if an infection is present How are ear infections treated Treatment for swimmer s ear is usually with antibiotic drops prescribed by your doctor Middle ear infections caused by a virus usually go away on their own and do not benefit from antibiotics Bacterial infections may not need antibiotics in many cases because the body s immune system can fight off the infection without the help from antibiotics but sometimes antibiotics are needed Symptom Relief There are ways to relieve symptoms associated with ear infections like ear pain whether or not antibiotics are needed Consider using acetaminophen Tylenol or ibuprofen Advil to relieve pain or fever Ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist what medications are safe for your child to take Antibiotics such as amoxicillin are used to treat severe ear infections or ear infections that last longer than 2 3 days If your child has a fever of 102 2 F 39 C or higher discharge or fluid coming from the ear symptoms are much worse or symptoms last for more than two or three days for AOM you should contact your healthcare professional If your child has symptoms of ear infection for more than one month or hearing loss contact your healthcare professional https www cdc gov antibiotic use community for patients common illnesses ear infection html https www healthychildren org English health issues conditions ear nose throat Pages Ear Infection Information aspx https babygooroo com articles 7 home remedies for ear pain Jesse Bradshaw Jesse practices family medicine in Burley ID He has a wife and children Jesse practices family medicine and has found a passion for helping people feel better He has a bachelor s degree from Arizona State University and received his master s in Physician Assistant Studies from Idaho State University OPEN 8AM TO 7PM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 208 736 7422 18 www picctf com We ve moved across from Walmart in Twin Falls www southernidahokids com

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BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS Summer is done and now it s time to get back to school Here are some great school themed books for different ages If you or your child would like more suggestions come see us at the Twin Falls Public Library any time Recommending titles and connecting the right book with the right reader is our favorite thing to do Preschool The Pigeon Has to Go to School by Mo Willems Read about our favorite bird as he gets ready for a new adventure The pigeon must go to school but frets about math learning the alphabet heavy backpacks and what the teacher and other birds will think of him 4th 6th grade Real Friends by Shannon Hale This book is based on the author s own experiences in elementary school It follows a group of friends from kindergarten through sixth grade It covers lots of topics related to elementary age friendships including bullying popularity and standing up for yourself K 3rd grade If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen Imaginative Jack describes the kind of school he would build one full of animals with tubes to transport students directly to their classrooms and library books that come alive 7TH GRADE Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson respectively are both students a Sherringford a Connecticut prep school They are rivals but they eventually team up like their ancestors before them to solve a murder mystery TAKE IT SLOW Many kids move to the next car seat too soon IDOT 1 4 Page Vertical YOUR COMPLETE WELLNESS RECOVERY CENTER Float Magic 1 4 Page New Service Vertical We are so excited to announce that we are offering salt therapy also known as halotherapy at Float Magic Come in and spend some time relaxing in our new salt cave and enjoy benefits that include improved respitory and skin health as well as stress and anxiety reduction NHTSA Shift Idaho org ChildSafety NHTSA gov TheRightSeat 152 2nd Ave S Twin Falls ID 83301 www floatmagic com September 2022 19

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RESTAURANT GUIDE FREE Great Harvest GIANT COOKIE 1 8 Page Horizontal Expires 9 30 22 Valid at Great Harvest Twin Falls ID www twinfallsid greatharvestbread com 727 Blue Lakes Blvd N Twin Falls ID 208 329 6253 Bread The way it ought to be BUY AN KetchumENTREE Burrito GET A 1 8KIDS Page MEAL FREE Horizontal 1520 Fillmore St Tw i n F a l l s I d a h o 208 733 5194 Best place to hangout in Twin Falls ONE GET TBUY Time ONE 1 2 OFF 1 8 Page B O B A T EHorizontal A S S P E C I A LT Y D R I N K S ON ALL SODA BASED DRINKS OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE 822 BLUE LAKES BLVD N TWIN FALLS 208 933 2777 Offer expires 12 31 2022 Present this coupon for a discount Valid one per person Cannot be combined with any other offers FRIED RICE FujiXpress FRIED NOODLES 1 8 Page HorizontalSOUP LOCATED INSIDE 2ND SOUTH MARKET w w w k b s b u r r i t o c o m 2 1 0 2 N D AV E S T W I N FA L L S Great Harvest 1 8 Page Horizontal B UY O N E C O MBO GE T O N E 1 2 O FF 1886 Addison Ave E Twin Falls 208 733 7171 www daisystwinfalls com best part of the workout is the recovery firsstt boo FREE orange c booster smoothie 330 cal BUY A CLOWN SUNDAE GET ONE 1 2 OFF BUY ANY SMOOTHIE OR BOWL AND GET A KIDS SMOOTHIE FREE At Jamba Twin Falls only no other discounts apply EXPIRES 9 30 2022 E Q U AL O R LE S S E R VALU E 1 2 8 8 B L U E L A K E S B LV D N T W I N F A L L S BUY ONE GET ONE 50 OFF OFFER EXPIRES 9 30 22 1778 HARRISON ST TWIN FALLS 208 734 2977 Download the Jamba app to order ahead or for delivery 2020 Jamba Juice Franchisor SPV LLC All Rights Reserved September 2022 21

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Clearwater Dentistry 1 4 Page Vertical Grocery Outlet 1 2 Page Horizontal 25 minimum purchase valid September 1 30 2022 5 OFF Twin Falls 2318 Addison Avenue East 208 734 0293 8am 9pm Every Day TwinFallsGroceryOutlet 22 excludes alcohol gift cards tax state bottle deposit Valid at Twin Falls Grocery Outlet only One coupon per person Not valid with any other offer Duplicated coupons will not be accepted Offer valid in store only Valid September 1 30 2022 www southernidahokids com

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PHOTO CORNER DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN OUR PHOTO CORNER Submit your photo online at www southernidahokids com submit photo CLEARSOURCE CSI 1 4 Page Vertical Clear Talk 1 4 Page Vertical COME SEE US AT O UR N EW L O C AT I O N FORMERLY KNOWN AS 392 FA L L S AVE I N TWI N FA LLS 208 749 3475 W W W C L E A R S O U R C E T H E R A P Y C O M September 2022 23

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Opening Fall 2022 WOMANS CLASSES Reformer Pilates Barre Dance Conditioning Ashtanga Yoga Cottage Dance 1 4 Page Vertical YOUTH DANCE CLASSES Classes Ages 3 18 Ballet The Nutcracker Jazz Technique Conditioning Competition Ages 8 2152 Village Park Ave Suite 200 Twin Falls Idaho 83301 Cottage Dance Academy FHSID ORG CARE THEY NEED Family Health CARE YOU CAN AFFORD MEDICAL DENTAL BEHAVIORAL PHARMACY 1 2 Page SICK VISITS Horizontal I MMU N I Z A T I O N S DENTAL SERVICES WE L L C H I L D E X A MS SPORTS PHYSICALS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH TWIN FALLS BUHL JEROME KIMBERLY BURLEY RUPERT BELLEVUE FAIRFIELD Follow us southernidahokids