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A Fresh Start for a New Year!
םיאבה םיכורב to ׳ה תרזעב another wonderful year of learning! A special welcome to the
16 new families who are joining Torah Academy. ׳ה ךורב over the past few years, we
have been zoche to tremendous growth, and ה״עק ,we are excited to greet 260 students
this school year וברי ןכ. .
Rabbi Shmuel Ochs,
September 11 Williston
Back to School Night
September 13
Hamilton Back to School
September 20-22 —
(Erev) Rosh Hashana —
No School
September 24 — Tzom
Gedaliya - Regular classes
September 25
Preschool Back to School
September 8, 2017
י‘‘עשת לולא ז‘‘ז
אובת יכ תשרפ
Thank you to Mrs. Cheryl Feuerstein for arranging
a very efficient lice checking.
Thank you to all our lice checkers:
Mrs. C. Feuerstein, Mrs. Forman, Mrs. Gelernter,
Mrs. Gluckin, Mrs. Kaplinsky, Mrs. Mermelstein,
and Mrs. Miara
Thank you to Mr. Berman for managing
installation of the Chromebooks in both buildings
Thank you to Mr. Coriat for the restructuring of
the Hamilton computer lab
Thank you to Mrs. Faibish for redesigning the
Thank you to all the administrators, office staff,
and faculty for ensuring that the students had a
fantastic first day.
Thank you to Rabbi Polter for supervising our 7-
8B minyan
The new school year always coincides
with לולא and הנשה שאר - the beginning
of a new Jewish calendar year. A Jewish
year is comprised of different םינמז -
moments in time characterized by latent
תוחוכ that are uniquely accessible during
these periods. חספ is a time of תורח and
הלואג, while תועובש is a ןמז identified with
הרות ןתמ. The dominant characteristic of
תוכוס is החמש. It behooves us to connect
with the essence of each ןמז and use each
force as a springboard to advance our
׳ה תדובע in that particular area. In the
same vein, the span of time lasting from
לולא through הנשה שאר is a period of
תושדחתה - renewal. During this time of
year, we are each given the opportunity
and תוכז to renew ourselves, reevaluate,
recalculate, and begin the year afresh.
How appropriate for the beginning of a
new school year! A new school year is a
fresh start, characterized by sparkling
classrooms, excited students, clean new
notebooks, and another chance for החלצה
and growth. May the ע״שבר bentch us all
with a successful year of ךוניח and may
we be הכוז to tremendous תחנ from our
precious children.
to Dr. David Soll and
his family on the
passing of his mother -
Mrs. Rose Soll ah.
Days of Learning
15 Elul sponsored by Dr. Shoshana Silberman in honor of
her dear son, Shmuel Silberman, on the occasion of his 50th
birthday. May he enjoy many blessings in the years to come.
16 Elul sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom & Esther
Leah Levine in honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Eli & Edi Dovek
17 Elul sponsored by Torah Academy in memory of Mrs.
Leah Aghion a"h, beloved mother of Mr. Maurice Aghion
and Mrs. Ginette Kodsi
Welcome to our new Torah Academy families:
The Bane, Bercuson, Davydov, Grosser, Kahn, Kamoun,
Kashnow, Kornbluth, Levin, Marcus, Markov, Mendelev,
Nulman, Rodkin, Schwartz, and Shapiro families.
We look forward to many productive years together.
Welcome new staff:
Rabbi Menchel - 6B
Rabbi Kamoun - 3B
Mrs. Brandt - 5B
Ms. Perdisatt - 4B, 6B
Ms. Stoller - 6B
Mrs. Gorden - Learning
Mrs. Benmergui - K
Miss R. Fireman - 6G
Mrs. Kornbluth -
Mrs. Laks - Pre-K
Mrs. Lifshitz - 8G
Miss Wilhelm - K
1. Rabbi Ochs greets
students on Wednesday
2. 1st grade boys
3. 4th grade boys
4. 3rd grade boys
5. 6th grade boys
6. 2nd grade boys
1. Kindergarten - 1
2. Pre-K-2
3. Pre-K-1
4. Kindergarten 2
5. 4th grade girls
6. 1st grade girls
7. 7th grade girls
8. 5th grade girls
9. 8th grade girls
3. 4.