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Head Coach: Zach Ambrose Assistant Coach: Jen Nua
Madison Hollers 3 5’9” OH/OP Senior
Emma Tom 4 5’6” OH/DS Senior
Brianna Plunk 5 5’8” MB/OH Sophomore
Grace Engle 7 5’4” L/DS Senior
Kayla Tait 8 5’5” OH/DS Junior
Rhiannon Boddy 10 5’4” L/DS Junior
Abby Wilson 11 5’9” MB/OP Junior
Madison Guardado 13 5’6" L/DS Senior
Lauren Doan 21 5’9” MB/OP Junior
Amira Fann 23 6’0” S/OP Junior
Chelsea Feicco 30 5’5” S Junior
Kiley Hafermalz 35 5’6” OH/DS Senior
Grace Ferguson 41 6’2” MB Senior
Alexandra Klipfel 42 5’7” OH Senior
Chloe Nale 44 5’11” MB/OP Senior
Holly Piroli 67 5’1” L/DS Senior
Caitlin Liebe 97 5’11” OH Senior
Gabrielle Schiesser 99 5’7” S Senior
Madison plans to attend a 4 year college to study business
management or criminal psychology & continue her volleyball
career. “Be the best teammate possible because they will
become your family & best friends.” She would like to thank
her family for their never ending support & pushing her to do
her best. “I won’t remember the scores when I’m done playing
but I’ll remember the amazing people along the way.”
Emma has been a scholar athlete for the 3 years she has
been at Saugus. Her favorite memory was the team bonding
trip to the Santa Monica Pier & winning the scavenger hunt.
She plans to attend a university to double major in French &
Political Science. Emma would like to thank her parents for
always supporting her throughout the seasons & for their time
spent volunteering for the team. “Don’t worry, high school is
over before you know it.”
Grace has been a scholar athlete for 4 years & received the
Most Improved award her Freshman year. She plans to attend
a university, eventually nd a job or marry rich. Grace would
like to thank her brothers for raising her to be a girl who can
take a hit but never give up. Her favorite memory is playing
Kumcha with the girls before the games. “I love all of you.
Thank you for being there for me, even when you didn’t know
I needed help.”
Madison received Most Improved award her Junior year. Her
favorite memory is her senior year on Varsity. She would like
to thank her parents for pushing her & making her the person
she is today & all their support. Madison plans to attend COC
& then transfer to USC. “Thank you guys for the amazing
experience! This team will always hold a special place in my
Kiley was awarded MVP her sophomore year. Her favorite
memory was almost ushing her brand new jersey down the
toilet right before the rst home game. Kiley plans to major
in Political Science with a minor in French. She would like to
thank her parents for always supporting her. “Treasure the
years you have together because it will all be over before you
know it.”
Grace was awarded All Tournament Player in 2014 & Best
Offensive Player in 2016. Her favorite memory was getting to
play with her sister Morgan & best friend Gabby; couldn’t do it
without you. Grace plans on attended college. She would like
to thank her family & all the coaches at Saugus for helping her
get to where she is today. “Always be humble enough to have
an open mind & the willingness to improve.”
Alex won the Sammy Award her sophomore year but her
favorite memory was being awarded MVP freshman year. She
would like to thank her parents for devoting so much time and
support. Alex plans to study Physics at a 4 year university.
“Enjoy your journey & cherish the time with your teammates.”
Chloe received Most Improved award in 2015 & Coaches
award in 2016.Her favorite memory was being named player
of the game when Saugus beat Hart. She would like to thank
her parents for their support & getting up really early to driver
her to tournaments. Chloe will study television production&
become a professional videographer. “Don’t be afraid to go
after what you want no matter how impossible it seems.”
Holly has received Best Defensive Player award & made 2nd
team in foothill league. She plans to attend college to become
a physical therapist. Her favorite memory was making 2nd
team. Holly would like to thank her parents for always being
there and supporting her. “Enjoy high school while you still
can. It goes by so fast.”
Caitlin has been awarded Most Improved, MVP & The Sammy.
Her favorite memory was beating West Ranch. She will be
playing volleyball at Western New Mexico University. Caitlin
would like to thank her parents for always supporting her &
cheering her on when she is not doing well or in a slump.
“Thank you to my team for supporting me throughout the past
few years & for making my high school experience amazing.”
Gabby is a scholar athlete & has received the Coaches
Award. Her favorite memory was when she tried kicking a ball
but stepped on it & fell. She would like to thank her parents
for always getting her to her games & supporting her, her club
coaches for helping her know the game more than she knows
herself & Ambrose for giving her the opportunity to become
a setter. “Put everything you have on the court & don’t take
things for granted.”
Cassidy Charles 6 5’7” S Sophomore
Alanna Panganiban 9 5’4” OH Sophomore
Theresa Grijalva 12 5’2” L/DS Sophomore
Chloe Lambert 14 5’9” MB Sophomore
Amanda Davis 15 5’5” OP Sophomore
Nachi Chukwumerije 17 5’11” MB/OP Sophomore
Cara Hartung 18 5’3” L/DS Sophomore
Annalisa Lozano 24 5’9” MB Junior
Carleigh Johnson 27 5’4” OH Sophomore
Melanie Goeres 28 5’9” MB Sophomore
Jackie Ibarra 31 5’8” OH Sophomore
Makenna Ray 32 5’8” OP Junior
Carlise Dawson 40 5’4” S Sophomore
Alyssa Alcaraz 61 5’6” OH Sophomore
Jordan Formia 81 5’5” S Sophomore
Coach: Cory Nua
Logan Goldstein 16 4’10” DS Freshman
Juliana Felix 22 5’4” S/OH Freshman
Madison Giannini 25 5’9” MB Freshman
Lauryn Thompson 26 5’9” MB/OP Freshman
Kailynn Herrero 29 5’4” S/OH Freshman
Rieghly Ybarra 34 5’9” OH Freshman
Sharon Tomei 37 5’8” MB Freshman
Brianna Alvarez 38 4’10” DS Freshman
Katlyn Stradtlander 43 5’8” S/OH Freshman
Miranda Ogle 44 5’2” DS Freshman
Breeana Contreras 47 5’6” OH/DS Freshman
Francisca Figueira 48 5’9” MB Freshman
Isabella Embleton 57 5’2" S/OH/DS Freshman
Sophia Gannon 58 5’4” OH/DS Freshman
Coach: Jen Nua