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About meHello, I am Marko and I have been doing web and graphic design for over 3 years. I have been blessed with satisfied & steady clients over all those years that allowed me to make a progress and get new opportunities.Welcome to place where your desire meets my hobby. WiX is my powerful tool. As a digital designer, I am here to make you stand out in the digital world. The combination of my passion for design and your vision will ensure a great end result. My task is to give you and your business the best digital presence possible. I commit to making your passion my passion.

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3Epsilon XTTo enhance engagement, I integrated tasteful animations that not only captured attention but also conveyed the company's commitment to cutting-edge solutions.This endeavor successfully positioned EpsilonXT as a leader in their industry, elevating their brand's visual identity and digital footprint, while also enhancing user interaction and engagement.I collaborated with EpsilonXT, an innovative company based in Israel, to transform their brand identity and digital presence. The project encompassed a comprehensive rebranding effort, including a sleek and modern logo design that encapsulated their forward-thinking ethos.For their website, we focused on minimalism, ensuring a clean and intuitive user experience. Leveraging responsive web development, we ensured the site looked impeccable on both desktop and mobile devices.SERVICEDesign and website developmentIsrael2DAYSLOCATION

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5Crosspoint OneOn the web development front, we ensured a tailored approach to cater to the client's specific requirements. This customization extended to integrating interactive graphs and data visualization elements, enhancing the website's functionality and user experience.By closely collaborating with the client, we achieved a website that not only met but exceeded their expectations. It not only showcased their offerings effectively but also provided a seamless and engaging experience, underscoring Crosspoint One's commitment to innovation and excellence.My partnership with Crosspoint One, a prominent company in the USA, centered around a comprehensive brand and web development initiative. We embarked on a journey to revamp their digital presence to align with their unique vision and objectives.The project commenced with a brand design overhaul, which included creating a distinct and memorable logo that reflected Crosspoint One's values and aspirations.SERVICEDesign and development USA21DAYS LOCATION

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7Diesel SailOnce the design was finalized, I built the website using the WiX platform. The final result is a modern, professional website that effectively communicates the company's value proposition and highlights their services and case studies. The site is also responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience on all devices.Overall, the project was a great opportunity to enhance the online presence of Diesel Sail Consulting and effectively engage with their target audience.For this project, I worked with Diesel Sail Consulting to completely redesign their website. The previous site was outdated and not effectively showcasing the company's services and expertise.Working closely with the client, I first conducted a thorough analysis of their target audience and competitors to inform the design direction. I then created wireframes and mockups in Figma to explore different design concepts and gather feedback from the client.SERVICERebranding and website developmentAustin, Texas14DAYSLOCATION

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9Morningside ScholarsUsing the established branding elements, I designed and developed a website that effectively communicates the company's services and showcases their expertise. I also designed business cards for the client, ensuring consistency with the overall brand aesthetic.The final result is a professional and cohesive brand that accurately represents Morningside Scholars and helps them effectively engage with their target audience. The website and business cards are an important part of the company's marketing efforts and will help them establish a strong online presence."For this project, I worked with Morningside Scholars to create a brand new website and establish a cohesive brand identity. The client provided content for the site, but did not have a logo or defined brand colors.I began by designing a logo for Morningside Scholars that reflects the values and mission of the organization. I also created a brand style guide with a color palette and typogra-phy recommendations.SERVICEDesign and website developmentTokyo, Japan9DAYS LOCATION

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11Nandy5Develop a new website from scratch, incorporating the new branding and design elements.A fully functional and visually appealing website that effectively showcases the client's products and brand.A user-friendly interface with an animated menu navigation on scroll.Integration with the client's external app for selling products.Comprehensive testing and debugging to ensure a smooth user experience.Overview: The client, Nandika8, approached us with the need for a complete overhaul of their existing website. The old website had an outdated design and did not effectively showcase the client's products or brand. The client wanted a new website that was modern, user-friendly, and able to sell products through an external app.Design a new branding and visual identity for the client's website, including color scheme, typography, and imagery.SERVICEShop and website developmentLjubljana, Slovenia25DAYSLOCATION

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13India CompliancesThe client was very happy with the final result and appreciat-ed our attention to detail and ability to complete the project efficiently. Overall, this project demonstrates our ability to migrate websites from one platform to another, ensuring that all of the client's content and features are preserved in the process.For the INDIA COMPLIANCES client, we were tasked with replicating their existing website from the REACT platform to Wix. We successfully transferred all of the content from the original site, ensuring that the new Wix version was an exact replica of the original. SERVICEMigration Ardee, India6DAYS LOCATION

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Reliable partnerLooking for a reliable partner? Pay attention to my work. I have significant experience working with different clients. The results of my work will pleasantly surprise you.My main activity is the creation of creative, simple and functional sites with WOW effect. From simple landing pages and blogs to Wix stores and corporate portals.

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