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By Sophia Segal




  Fun facts about the food you love!



    fun facts about the food you love!

By Sophia Segal

This book is dedicated to all the cheese lovers out there


      Did you know there are over 1,800 different types of cheese in the world? And america produces the most of it. If you love cheese you are a turophile. After reading this book you will know why cheese is so delicious and you can't get enough.




The answer is France. Although the U.S produces the most cheese, France eats the most cheese in the world.

What country eats the most cheese?

The answer is at the bottom if you just have to cheat!

  • Italty
  • France 
  • U.S.A
  • Spain

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Here are some of the most popular cheeses in France

 FALSE. Believe it or not, mice accually don't love it. They even avoid it 


I hate It!

True or False?

 Mice LOVE cheese!

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The History Of Cheese

    Scientist believe that cheese was discoverd around 6000 B.C, 8,000 years ago according to the telegraph. Even the pilgrims ate cheese!













      The first cheese to ever be eaten was gorgonzola. Gorgonzola was made in Italy in the late 800’s.



      The first cheese in America was cheddar. Switzerland is known for some famous cheese, in fact the first cheese factory was built there in 1815. Then in 1868, Wisconsin farmers started depending on cheese and believing their future was connected to it. 






     From 1860 to 1998 cheese was being mixed with other products to make new food like cream cheese. Starting in the 1990’s 2 billion pounds of cheese were producing in factories all around the world! 



    The country that eats the most cheese would be France. The average person in france would eat 57.9 pounds per year! That’s a lot of cheese!


     China eats the least amount of cheese in the world. They barely eat a pound in a year!                  

     America’s most popular type of cheese is cheddar and swiss. The average person in the U.S. would eat from 9 pounds to 23 pounds a year since 1970.

    The most popular cheese for kids is string cheese. 86% of people eat string cheese by pulling the string.  





    Any of you lactose intolerant out there? If you are, don't be sad that you can't eat cheese, because you can! The softer the cheese is, the more dairy it has in it. However, the harder the cheese is, the less dairy it has.



    Just when you thought you knew everything about cheese, there are a few myths that you wouldn’t believe!

Myth #1: You can't eat cheese if you are lactose intolerant


      What is a mouse's favorite food? If you guessed cheese, you are incorrect. Like we said at the begining, not only do mice dislike cheese, but they avoid it. If you want to trap a mouse use seeds, not cheese.                        






     Have you ever heard that cheese makes you fat? The information is not 100% true. Most cheeses contain 70% fat in it. So cheese would be good for you if you want to gain wait. Some people believe thet cheese can even prevent you from having diabetes.


Myth #3: Cheese makes you fat

Myth #2: Mice LOVE cheese

     Scientist have proven that eating cheese before bed can help you sleep. It is a myth that cheese causes nightmares. Cheese has nothing to do with nightmares!  Also, eating cheese and other dairy products can improve your mood because of what is in it.

What Foods is Cheese Made Into?

     There is many different foods that cheese is made into. There is Macaroni and cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, grilled cheese, cheese fondue, mozzarella sticks, Nacho cheese, Eggplant parmigiana, french onion soup, and most importantly, pizza.


      People make cheese in many different ways. There is acid cheese, fresh cheese, and most cheeses like swiss and cheddar use rennate and have 103 calories in an ounce to 108 calories in an ounce.

       A traditional way to make cheese it to drain it. After the people has mixed the ingredients together, the farmers will wrap the mushy cheese it the cloth then squeeze it. All the extra water and milk would come out. After minutes of squeezing, the farmer would unwrap the cloth and get a fresh and ready piece of cheese.



Ways People Make Cheese

              Cheese around the world

Dairy Consumption Over the years