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Introducing the SEE Light a sterile and hands free LED light emitting diode device that can be easily mounted on any surface in the clinical field This innovative product was created in response to the dimly lit conditions in many healthcare settings ONE OF A KIND Perplexed by the constant problem of insufficient lighting a working nurse invented the SEE Light since nothing else was available This small device solves the problem of dimly lit care rooms and procedure sites that make safe practice more difficult THE RIGHT TOOL Poor lighting can affect healthcare workers ability to perform accurate visual exams or care in clinical settings Due to environmental factors healthcare providers often have no control over ambient light and must rely on improvised sources like penlights flashlights or cellphone lights However these sources can compromise visual exams due to poor color balance brightness variability reliability issues and unsanitary conditions The SEE Light can solve these problems by providing high quality medical examination lighting with precisely balanced color and light intensity It can be used hands free and paired with an EKG pad By improving lighting sources healthcare workers can reduce infections prevent sterilized items from going to waste and improve patient privacy Discreet lighting can also improve patient comfort by preserving their sleep and avoiding bright disruptive room lights SEE LIGHT FEATURES Small portable and accessible Comes sterile in sterile pouch package Consistent discreeet lighting with a 6 hour battery life Light is tuned to international medical exam light standards IEC 60601 2 41 Reliable instant on and off Offers a hands free light when attached to enclosed EKG pad Safely adheres to most surfaces within the WstIeNrGile field re positionable ULTIMATELY THE SEE LIGHT IS A WISE INVESTMENT FOR ANY HEALTHCARE FACILITY AS IT CAN PAY FOR ITSELF MULTIPLE TIMES

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13 793 The average estimated cost to each U S hospital to treat a hospital acquired urinary tract infection UTI Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 13 000The average annual patients deaths from hospital acquired UTIs in the U S CDC reports UTIs made up the highest number of hospital acquired infections 560 000 in 2020 The hospital acquired UTIs mortality rate was 2 3 1 2 The number one reason for the breach of practice was a traumatic catheter insertion Number two was a traumatic removal 2005 study NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information 60 000The number of patient deaths every year in the U S from complications from pressure ulcer and injuries Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 17 000 The average annual number of lawsuits related to pressure ulcers It is the second most common claim Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 112 991Mean malpractice indemnity award from hospital acquired UTI lawsuit 2005 study NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information THE VALUE OF PROPER LIGHTING IN THE HEALTHCARE SETTING IS IRREPLACEABLE WHEN CONSIDERING THE COSTS OF CARE ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY SEE Light LLC 901 S Main Street Stillwater OK 74074 seelightus com 1 405 334 6587 IMPROVE CLINICAL OUTCOMES SEE EVERYTHING EVERY TIME WING

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