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Conor Gessner

The NRA was meant to increase jobs by eliminating "corrupt" competition from stores. 

The National Recovery Administration

"Bringing back business"




The NRA was established in 1933 as a 2 year program but was found to be unconstitutional in 1935 just weeks before it was to conclude.



The purpose of the program was to work with businesses to establish fair competition while protecting the labor force. This was a reform program directed at both employees and employers to create more jobs.

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The NRA was created by FDR in June of 1933 to help the US economy climb out of the great depression. The government worked to create an environment for fair business competition and to give protection and rights to workers in the labor force. The NRA combined industry, labor, and government in an effort to create a minimum wage and create codes for businesses to follow.

In May of 1935, 2 years after it was established. It was unanimously found unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. However, many of the business and labor provisions of the NRA were later individually enacted by Congress and continue in our laws today.

Why was it created?

Where did it go?

  • Born January 30, 1882, in New York.
  • The only child of James and Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt.
  • Was educated by tutors and governesses until he was 14.
  • Was taught at school to help the less fortunate through public service.
  • Graduated from Harvard.
  • Married Theodore Roosevelt's niece Eleanor Roosevelt on March 17, 1905.
  • Studied law at New York's Columbia University Law School.
  • Elected 32nd President in 1932 and was the only president to serve 4 terms.
  • Used a wheelchair due to polio having paralyzed his legs.
  • Died on April 12, 1945.

Facts about FDR