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Nervous and circulatory:

The circulatory system sends oxygenated blood to the organs in the digestive system to use the oxygen for energy. Then they use that energy to turn waste into poo.


Circulitory and respiritory:

Digestiveand circulitory:

The nervous system sends messages constantly to the heart to pump blood throughout the body. In return, the circulatory system pumps blood back to the brain to give oxygen and nutrients. These two systems work together very well.

Circulatory and excretory:

The main function of the excretory system is to get rid of nitrogenous wastes, which are toxic to the body. Kidneys filter the blood brought to them by the circulatory system. We get rid of nitrogenous waste through urine and sweat. This helps us maintain homeostasis (stable internal environment


Nervous and skeletal:

The skeletal system protects organs and it produces blood cells. Bones provide nutrients to the nervous system. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord from injury. Sensory receptors in joints between bones send signals about body position to the brain.


Requirement 6:

Nutrients (digestive) plus oxygen (respiratory) will give you energy. Add CO2 (respiratory) and Nitrogenous waste (excretory).

The respiratory system gets oxygen by breathing it in. Then deoxygenated blood (blood that cells throughout the body has already gotten blood from) is pumped by the heart to the lungs so the blood can carry oxygen throughout the body. The oxygenated blood goes back to the heart and gets pumped to the rest of the body

Science Project

By: Lauren and Parker


Circulatory and respiratory: